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Урок для 7 го класса

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урок предназначен для  7 го класса, на уроке исполь, аудио, схемы 

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«Урок для 7 го класса»

Lesson - 14


The theme of the lesson: Have you got a camera?

The aims of the lesson:

1 To. develop pupils pronunciation in English.

2. To develop their skills and habits in reading, writing, speaking and thinking.

3. To create an interest in studing the English language.

Visual aids: English book-5, Active board; pictures, cards.

Type of the lesson: Introduction of the new theme.

Form of the lesson: Combined (individual, pair work, group work, work with class).

Course of the lesson.

I. Organization moment: .

Greeting pupils.

Good morning, pupils.

Good morning teacher!

I`m glad to see you. Sit down, please. I`m glad to see you today because, today we have an unusual lesson.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today

II. Warm-up: To sing a song .

Where is my bag?

III. Consolidation of the last lesson's theme. a) Answer the questions

  1. What`s a this? 1. What colour is it.

It`s a _____. It is ______.

2. What`s a this? 2. What colour is it?

It`s a _____. It is ____.

3. What`s a this? 3. What colour is it?

It`s a ______. It is ______.

b) Task (to find the words)

Red Yellow

Yellow Green

Green Red

Now pupils today we`ll be acquaint with the new theme “Have you got a camera ”. The aim of the lesson is – as usually we shall acquaint with new words and structures and to use them in practical way.

a) Open your vocabulary notebooks and write down there new words.

A camera – [ `kәemәrә ] - фотоаппарат

A computer –[kәm`pjutu: tә] – компьютер

A bike – [baik] – велосипед

A watch – [wәt] – қол сағат

A radio – [`reidiәu] – радио

A television – [teliviзәn] – телевизор

A walkman – [wэ:kmәn] – кассеталы плейер

V. New grammer. Audio . Listen to the grammer.

Have got етістігінің жіктелуі

I, you I have got a calculator .

(+) We, they We have got a book.

He, She, It He has got a calculator.

(-) I, you I have not got a calculator .

We, they

He, she, it He has not got a calculator.

(?) Have I, you got a calculator?

We, they got a book?

Has She got a calculator?

VI.Checking of the understanding. Work with the book. a) Ex.2 p 52( read a dialogue).

Colin: Hi, Omar.

Omar: Hello, how are you?

C: Not bad, thank you.

O: Have you got camera?

C: Yes, I have. Have you?

O: No, I haven`t. Have you?

C: Sure.

O: Thank you, Colin.

C: You`re welcome.

1. / oil

2 Notebook / rubber

3. Computer / cat

4. Pencil / pen

5. Book / ruler

6. pen / pet


a) Find ten more places in the word-square.

1) - radio

2) - walkman

3) - watch

4) - camera

5) – bike

b) Write colours for numbers in the pictures

1) Yellow

2) Green

3) Blue

4) Beige

VIII. Ending the lesson

a) marks.

----- good for the lesson

------ ex. for the lesson

b)Home task: Ex.9,10 p 50

Today we were very active, attentively. Thank you very much. I think we understand the new lesson about films. Good buy!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс

Урок для 7 го класса

Автор: Азимбаева Арайлым Асылбековна

Дата: 21.01.2019

Номер свидетельства: 496559

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