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Урок для 1 го класса

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урок предназначен для 1 го класса. на уроке упот,числи, цвета

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«Урок для 1 го класса»

The ABC Party”

Aims: 1. to review and practice our knowledge

2. to improve speaking, writing, reading skills

3.to keep the interest in English languages.

I. Organization moment.

Good afternoon children and dear guests! Welcome to our “ABC party”.I want to greet pupils from 5 th grade who are going to take part in this game. You are laerning English language first year and it is your first compitition where you can show your knowledge. Try to be active! Good luck!!!

The compitition consist s of four rounds. 1) Telling the poems 2)Counting 3)Active vocabulary 4) singing a song(My flag)

I. Teacher: Now pupil will tell as their poems

P1: Aa is for apple tree.

You can see apples on the apple trees.

P2: Bb is for books and for bookcase.

I have many books in my bookcase.

P3: Dd is for dog and for doggy.

I have a dog, not a doggy.

P4: Cc is for cat. My cat is grey

And with me it likes to play.

P5: Ee is for eight and for eleven.

How much is eight and eleven?

T: Can you count? How much is 11+8=

Children: 11+8=19

P6: Ff is for flowers: red and blue,

White and yellow and rosy too.

P7: I am the letter Gg.

G is for girl and also for a garden.

P8: I am the letter Hh.

H is for hand.I have two hands.

This is a way I clap my hands.

Ch: sing the song “Clap your hands”.

P9: Ii is for I.I am a boy and I am ten.

I like to play with my brother Ben.

ỈI. Now we’ll see who is the best in Maths.

There are many tasks are given for every group. You have to chose and count them. Be quikly!

13+4= 17+2=

12+6= 20+5=

15+5= 10+10=

20-3= 15-9=

40-6= 12-6=

III Active vocabulary

T: Match the words with their definitions

1. Sofa- 1. Window-

2. living room- 2. Chair-

3. carpet- 3. Kitchen-

4. plants- 4. Door-

5. picture- 5. Sink-

6. cupboards- 6. Dishwasher-

7. fridge- 7. Plates-

8. nice- 8. Cooker-

9. niece- 9. Parents-

10. uncle- 10. Nephew-

IV. Sining a song (My flag) Arrange lyrics

My flag

T: Well done.

T: Dear boys and girls! Our lesson has come to an end. You were active at the lesson and you get good marks. You showed us how well you know English.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 1 класс

Урок для 1 го класса

Автор: Азимбаева Арайлым Асылбековна

Дата: 21.01.2019

Номер свидетельства: 496553

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