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The theme of the lesson is ''My room''

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Pupils should know about furnitures in their houses

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«The theme of the lesson is ''My room''»

The outline of the lesson plan


Subject: English


Theme: “My room ”

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: Improving speech abilities on “ My room”.

-Improving listening skills.

-Activating grammatical construction There is| There are.

-Improving lexical and phonetic skills.

Developing: The development of phonemic hearing.

-Development of attention.

-Development of memory

Up-bringing: Improving collaboration skills in the work as a pair, the class.

Communicative: Pupils should know to ask and to talk about position. To learn them to differ directions, to determine position, to be communicative. To use the new words connected with the new theme in pupils’ oral and written speech.

Form of the lesson: Traditional lesson

Type of the lesson: combined lesson

Methods of the lesson: Explanation, demonstration, consolidation, asking and answering, presentation, exercises.

Visual aids: pictures, table, post cards, placard with the new words.

Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Practical grammar.

The procedure of the lesson.

Stages of the lesson

Teacher`s activity

Pupil`s activity


I Introduction

  1. Greeting

  • Good afternoon children.

  • Sit down, please.

  1. Talking to duty

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent today?

  • What date is it today?

  • What day is it today?

-Good afternoon teacher

I`m on duty today.

- All are present

-Today the


II Checking up of the home task

  • O’k very nice! What was your home task?

  • Are you ready?

  • Who wants to answer?

  1. Ok, let me to check up your copy books

  1. Come to the blackboard and start

-Yes, we are ready

  1. Our home task was Ex…

  2. To learn by heart the dialogue e.t.c

III Presentation

Open you books at p.126 we have new theme “ My room”. As you see we are going to have an interesting lesson today. We will talk about the house, make up dialogues, read texts, ask and answer questions, act out and so on. I hope you will get good grades at the end of the lesson. Let`s start. Good luck to you!

Pupils listen to the teacher

IV Phonetic drill

Our large family

Has a nice flat

We live there happily

With a kitten and a cat.

V Vocabulary presentation

-Now, children open your vocabulary-books and look at the blackboard. We have some new words.

A hall [h l]- зал

Hooks [ huk]-

Several [ sevr l ]- бірнеше

Mirror [mir ]-айна

Enough[in f]-жеткілікті

Need [ni d]-қажеттілік

-Teacher reads new words

-Teacher reads new words again

-Teacher asks them to read new words individually.

Ok, children, now I’ll give you post cards with these new words. You must copy out them and to learn by heart.

Pupils listen to the teacher

Pupils repeat them in chorus

Pupils read

P-1,2,3 each pupils a word one by one

Pupils copy out new words in their vocabulary

VI Vocabulary practice

Ok, boys and girls look at page 126. There is Ex1. Interview your friend.

Is there a table in your room?

Is there a desk…?

Is there a bed…?

Is there a chair…?

Is there a carpet on the floor?

Is there picture on the wall?

Is there a fire in the room?

Are there chairs in the room?

Are there armchairs …?

Are there plants…?

Ex: 2, page 126.Read.

Asel: Are there any pictures on the wall?

Dmitry: Yes, there are some pictures on the walls.

Asel: Are there any pillows on the sofa?

Dmitry: Yes, there are some pillows on the sofa.

Asel: Are there any chairs in the room?

Dmitry: No, there aren’t any chairs in the room.





VII Grammar presentation

Предлогтар: on (үстінде), in (ішінде), under(астында), over(артында), near(жанында),next to (), in the middle of the room(ортасында), in front of (қарама-қарсы), between(арасында).

1.Some болымды сөйлемдерде қолданылады. There are some apples on the table.

Сұраулы сөйлемдерде, біреуден бір нәрсе сұрағанда немесе біреуге бір нәрсе ұсынғанда қолданылады.

Can I have some tea?

Would you like some coffee?

2.Any болымсыз сөйлемдерде қолданылады.

Is there any water in the glass?

I haven’t got any sisters and brothers.

3.There is болымды сөйлемдердің жекеше түрінде қолданылады.

There is a sofa.

4.There areболымды сөйлемнің көпше түрінде қолданылады.

There are sofas.


1.Жалпы сұрақтар (Yes, No questions )

Is there are a table?

Are there tables?

2.Арнайы сұрақтар:

What (не?) is there in the room?

How many (қанша?) tables are there in the room?

Who(кім?) is there in the room?

Зат есім ағылшын тілінде саналатын (countable) және саналмайтын (uncountable) болып 2 топқа бөлінеді. Кейбір зат есімдерді санауға болмайды. Мысылы: Rain







Need- етістігі негізгі етістік ретінде, бірдеңені қажет еткенде қолданылады.

Pupils listen to the teacher.

VIII Grammar practice



Look at the ex: 13 at page 129. Look at the pictures, read the words. Listen to the questions and answers.

a)What is there near your house?

There is a shop near my house.

b)How many shops are there near your house?

There is one shop near my house.

Ex: 15 p.129

Ex: 16 p 130

Look at the ex: 4 at page 126. Read the text and draw a plan of Carol’s house.

-Teacher asks pupils to read the text individually

- Teacher asks pupils to translate the text

Ex: 5 p 127. Listen and read.

Ex: 8 p 127. Make a list of the things that you need for your room.






Pupils read the text one by one

Pupils translate the text

IX. Conclusion

Ex: 10 p 128. First read the text, then write about your plan.

-Teacher asks pupils to read the text individually

- Teacher asks pupils to translate the text

Ex: 11 p 128. Look, read and point.

Pupils read the text one by one

Pupils translate the text

X Home task

Learn by heart the new words and a poem. “ Home”

Home is the nicest to be

With Father and Mother and Me

With Rex, the dog, and Murka, the cat

Oh, no place could ever be nicer than that.

XI. Evaluation

So, boys and girls! Our lesson is over. Thanks so much for your actively participating during all my lesson.

P-1 : You are the best one who worked hardly today. Your English is very good and I put excellent.

P-2: You are work good but you have some mistakes today. I put mark good.

Stand up, please! Good bye, boys and girls!

Good bye teacher!

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The theme of the lesson is ''My room''

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