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Разработка урока на тему "A day at school"

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      The theme: A day at school.

Aims: to compare educational system in our school.
Educational: to receive topical vocabulary, to compare the facts on the theme and  practice it
Developing: to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills;
to develop students’ interest in research works.
Brining up: to interest in learning English, in learning education system  in our country.
The type of the lesson: group work, individual.
The method of the lesson:
Visual aids:  an interactive board

The plan of the lesson


a) The greetings.

b) Conversation with pupils and guests.

T-G: dear guests I’m very glad to see you. You are welcome

T-P: boys and girls, we have unusual lesson because we have many guests today, and I hope you can show your knowledge and what you can done. As always we begin our lesson with org. moment
I. Organization moment
Teacher -duty

- Who is on duty today? – I’ m on duty today

- What is your name? – My name is ….

- How are you ? – I’m fine

- Who is absent today? -. is/are absent. Or all are present today

- What date is it today? Today is the 11th  of  December.

-What day is it today? – Monday   

- What was your home task? –it was ex 6 p9. Well, let’s checking up your home task. Please by the chain read question and answer.  Good Luck!

II. Checking up the home tasks

1.  Do children usually go to nursery schools? Yes, but not all children

2. At what age is education compulsory in the USA and your country? In the USA at 5 years old, in our country at the age of 6

3. What different kinds of secondary school are there in the USA and Kazakhstan? in the USA students can choose subjects, in Kazakhstan all pupils  study same subjects by curriculum plans. 

4. Are there many private schools in the USA and Kazakhstan? in the USA only 3 percent, in Kazakhstan about 5 %

5. Do you specialize in certain subject at school? Which ones?  In Kazakhstan many schools specialize in different subjects but  our school doesn’t specialize subject.

6. Did you take any exams? What were the results?  Yes, children who finished school for excellent marks didn’t take any exams, all other take exams usually in two subjects. I took my exams for good marks.

7. Are different kinds of secondary schools mixed?  No, there are different kinds of secondary schools mixed.

8. When do you have holidays? We have holidays in  autumn, winter, spring and summer.

9. How long are they? In autumn one week, winter about 10 days, spring about 10 days and summer three month.

10. Do you do a lot of home work at school? Sometimes

11. Do the pupils of your school behave well at school? Yes, of course

Well, thank you I see you all have done your home task, I’m glad.. It is very good.  We continued our work

Now it is a time to begin our new lesson. Open your copy book and write down the date and the theme The theme of our lesson is A day at school.
 Our president N. A. Nazarbayev said: “Every person in our country must know three languages: Kazakh as a state language, Russian as a language of international communication and English as a widespread language in the world, as a language of business and new technology”.
And our pupils know these languages well and now they show us their knowledge

Task 1 ex 1 p 92 read the text than put some question each other for checking your understanding

T-P some question

  1. When Debbie doesn’t go to school? On Saturday and Sunday
  2. What time does she have mid-morning break? – at 11 o’clock
  3. How many lessons after break? There are more three lessons
  4. What time lasts the break for lunch? – about an hour
  5. What do play  English girls in winter and summer?   - English girls play hockey in winter and tennis summer
  6. What time does school finish? At 4 o’clock

Good I see you understand this text. Can you put some question.

Task 2  ex 4 p 94 Speak about a day  at your school  I’ll give you a level work

Task 2 you have 2 minutes for  prepare to  retelling

Speak about your school day

I am going to tell you about my school. My school is old  but comfortable  and I like it very much. It has two  floors. The classrooms are light and spacious. There are classrooms for different subjects, such as English, History, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology Literature etc.

There is a computer class in our school. We study computer science here. The computer class has the most modern equipment and the Internet access.

We’ve also  hall, which is situated on the second floor, there are some aquarium with different fishes. We haven’t  assembly hall but we hold an event in the gym. We prepare different performances for all holidays. We sing songs, recite poetry, dance, and participate in theatre performances.

The teachers in our school are very skilled and kind.  They try to give us all their knowledge and awake our interest to their subjects and to self study. Besides the school subjects, our teachers tell us about everything, about different problems of our world, such as ecology, nature protection, climat changes etc.

There is a good tradition in our school. Every year people who graduated our school come here to meet their teachers and classmates.

I think that school years are very important for every person. It’s a period of becoming adult, achieving knowledge, and choosing your way in life. Often school friends remain your friends for all your life. So I’ll never forget my school, my teachers, and my classmates.

Task 2 make a dialogue using this question.

1. Is your school large or small?

2. How many floors does your school have?

3. What subjects do you study?

4. Do you wear a uniform?

5. What is your favourite subject?

6. Do you like your school?

7. How many lessons do you have?

Task 2 answer the question

  1. When do you get up? I get up______________________
  2. How do you get to school? I get to school by  ________________
  3. What time does your school start? ________________________
  4. How many lessons have you got every day?__________________
  5. What are they? _______________________________________
  6. What do you do at this lesson?_____________________________
  7. Describe your school____________________________

Task 3 grammar Modal verb must and have to

Must носит более личностный характер. Must используется для выражения личных чувств и ощущений. Have to носит без личностный характер. Have to используется, когда речь идет о фактах, а не о личных ощущениях.


must study well. —

I must leave now
I have to wear uniform

We have to go to school on Saturday.

Task 4

Поставьте must, have to.

  1. It’s a secret. You. tell it to anyone.
  2. You. respect your parents.
  3. She is not very rich. She. go to work.
  4. This party isn’t free. You. buy any tickets.
  5. You. be on time for the exam.
  6. We aren’t going to the restaurant, so our mother. cook tonight.
  7. You. forget to turn off the light before you leave.
  8. Tom. take a bus because his dad busy this every morning.
  9. We. tidy up our room because our sister did it yesterday.
  10. Children …… follow the school rules

If we have free time we do ex 6 p 94
IV. Conclusion.
1. Do children go to school on Saturday?

2.  When does school start?

3. How many years do pupils study at secondary school?
4. What school subjects have you got at your school?
5. How many year of study are compulsory in our Republic?
6. What holiday do you have every year?
7. How long does every lesson last?
8. How many lessons have day every day?
9. How many years do pupils go to school in Kazakhstan?

V. Result.
VI. Homework
VI. Giving marks. Saying good – bye! Thank you for your attention. Our lesson is over.

See you the next lesson, good - bye!

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