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Олимпиада для учащихся 10 класса по английскому языку

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Работа готовилась и подбиралась как сборник заданий для олимпиады по английскому языку в 10 классе. Но мне кажется, её можно использовать и в качестве подготовки к написанию ЦТ, ведь есть задания и по грамматике и по навыкам работы с текстом. 

Вы уже знаете о суперспособностях современного учителя?
Тратить минимум сил на подготовку и проведение уроков.
Быстро и объективно проверять знания учащихся.
Сделать изучение нового материала максимально понятным.
Избавить себя от подбора заданий и их проверки после уроков.
Наладить дисциплину на своих уроках.
Получить возможность работать творчески.

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«Олимпиада для учащихся 10 класса по английскому языку»

Олимпиадная работа для учащихся 10 классов

Часть 1

  1. FILL IN some OR any.

A: Have you got 1)... brothers or sisters, Franco?

B: Oh yes. In Italy 2)... people have very large families.

A: Really?

B: Yes. I have six brothers ad two sisters.

A: You are kidding (шутишь)!

B: No. How about you?

A: I don’t have 3)... brothers or sisters, but I have 4)... cousins.

B: How many do you have?

A: Two.

B: Well, I have thirty-six!

b) 1. There are … pens on the desk.

2. Do you have … apples?

3. Does she have … oranges?

4. They have … chairs in their garden.

5. There are … books in my schoolbag.


1. a day, a lorry, a minute, a year, a month, a week

2. a fly, a ladybird, a bird, a butterfly, a bee

3. at the cinema, at school, at home, in the forest, at night

4. a chair, a sofa, a friend, a bed, a cupboard, a table

5. a fork, a knife, a cup, a car, a glass, a spoon, a plate

6. milk, a nut, an apple, jam, water, a camel, bread, a lemon

7. a cap, trousers, stockings, a mouse, a hat, a dress, a shirt

8. a cat, a pig, a cow, a snake, a puppy, a dog, a hen

9. a puppy, a kitten, a chicken, a dog, a duckling

3. Match the words.

1. animals a)сохранять

2. phenomenon b) изобретать

3. subject c)недостатки

4. insects d) любимый

5.mammals e) насекомые

6 country f) предмет

7.to protect g)явление

8. favorite h)млекопитающие

9. to invent i) страна

10.disadvantages j)животные

4. Test.

1. It is …….right answer

a) a

b) the

c) -

2. The book of my father. My ………..book.

a) father , s

b) fathers

c) fathers,

3. He was ... than the day before.

a) good

b) the best

c) better

4…….. are starving in the world today.

a) Thousands of people

b) Thousands people

c) Thousand of people

5. These sweets are very tasty. Could you give …….. to me, please?

a) it

b) them

c) they

5. Choose the right variant.

1 Where ... Tom from?

a. are b. is c.am

2 Robin and Misha ... students.

a. am b. is c. are

3 “Are you a pilot?” “Yes ...”

a. I am b. I’m c. I’m not

4 What nationality are... ?

a. her b. they c. their

5 ... favourite subject is History.

a. she b. he c. her

6 There are two ... in my schoolbag.

a. pencil b. pencils c. pencil’s

7 his birthday is .. June. a. at b. in c. on

8 “Is Maths your favourite subject?” “No ...” a. is it b. it is c. it isn’t

9 Look at that man. What’s ... name? a. he b. his c. their

10 Mr. Simpson is ... teacher. a. we b. our c. ours

11 Is that ... father? a. your b. yours c.you

12 Rob ... have a car, but he has a bike. a.does b. don’t c.doesn’t

13 This isn’t Tim’s camera. It’s.... a. mine b. my c. our

14 ... old is Mrs. White? a. when b. how c. what

15 This car isn’t.... a. we b. our c. ours

16 Mary and Stuart ... a dog. a. has b. have c. can

17 “... is Pedro from?” “Spain.” a. where b. what c. who

18 “What is this?” “... a hamster.” a. he is b. that is c. it is

Часть 2

5. Read Jane’s story. For questions 1 -7 and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D./ Прочитайте рассказ Джейн и выберите к вопросам 1-7 правильные варианты ответов.

During the baking hot months of the summer holidays my mother and I used to escape to one of the scattered lakes north of Prince Albert. In its magic surroundings we used to spend the long summer days in the open air, swimming and canoeing or just lying dreaming in the sun. In the evening the lake was always a bright, luminous grey after the unbelievable sunset colors had faded.

The last summer before we returned to England was particularly enchanted. For one thing, I was in love for the first time. No one will ever convince me that one cannot be in love at fifteen. I loved then as never since, with all my heart and without doubts or reservations or pretence.

My boyfriend Don worked in Saskatoon, but the lake was ''his place'' – the strange and beautiful wilderness drew him with an obsessive urgency, so I suspected it was not to see me that he got on his motor-cycle as many Fridays as he possibly could, and drove three hundred-odd miles along the pitted prairie roads to spend the weekends at our place.

Sometimes he couldn't come, and the joy would go out of everything until Monday, when I could start looking forward to Friday again. He could never let us know in advance, as we were too far from civilization to have a phone or even a telegraph service. Three hundred miles in those conditions is quite a journey. Besides, Don was hard up, and sometimes worked overtime at weekends.

One Friday night a storm broke out. I lay in bed and listened to the thunder and the rain beating on the roof. Once I got up and stood looking out over the treetops, shivering. I tried not to expect Don that night hoping he would have enough sense to wait until the storm ended. Yet in my frightened thoughts I couldn't help imagining Don fighting the storm. His motorbike, which had always looked to me so heavy and solid, seemed in my thoughts frail enough to be blown onto its side by the first gust that struck it. I thought of Don pinned under it, his face pressed into the mud.

I crawled back into bed, trying to close my throat against the tears. But when my mother, prompted by the deep sympathy and understanding between us, came in to me, she kissed my cheek and found it wet.

"Don't get upset, Jane,'' she said softly. ''He may still come.''

When she had tucked me in and gone, I lay thinking about Don, about the danger of the roads. You couldn't ride or walk along them safely after heavy rain; your feet would slip from under you. The roads in Northern Canada are not like the friendly well-populated English ones, where there are always farmhouses within walking distance and cars driving along them day and night.

It was hours later, that I suddenly realized the sound of the roaring engine were real. The storm was dying.

1. Every summer Jane used to spend

    1. in the camp

    2. by the sea side

    3. near the lake

    4. in the village

2. The last summer was particularly fascinating for Jane because she

  1. spent it in the magic surroundings.

  2. had a lot of fun in the open air.

  3. enjoyed unbelievable sunsets by the lake.

  4. fell in love for the first time.

3. Jane believes that love at fifteen is

  1. a sincere deep feeling.

  2. associated with doubts.

  3. full of reservations.

  4. connected with pretence.

4. Don traveled three hundred-odd miles every weekend because he was

A. desperate to see the author before she left.

B. fond of riding his motorcycle.

C. attracted by the beauty of the lake.

D. fond of spending weekends with his friends.

5. Sometimes Don didn't come to see Jane and her mother on Friday because he

A. thought they were too far from civilization.

B. had given up hope of seeing the author.

C. worked to make some extra money.

D. hated traveling in exhausting conditions.

6. Mother came into Jane's room during the storm because she

A. felt Jane was afraid of the thunder.

B. felt Jane was worried about Don.

C. heard Jane walking in the room.

D. heard Jane crying in her bed.

7. According to the author the roads in Northern Canada were

  1. slippery.

  2. muddy.

  3. lonely.

D. busy.

Часть 3

6. Writing

Write e letter for your pen-friend. Her name is Amanda, who has just finished her exams. In your letter:

  • tell her about your hobbies;

  • ask three questions about her best friend’s party .

Write 100-140 words. Remember the rules of the letter writing.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 10 класс

Олимпиада для учащихся 10 класса по английскому языку

Автор: Грачаникова Мария Сергеевна

Дата: 05.11.2016

Номер свидетельства: 355627

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