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Первая медицинская помощь при остановке сердца

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Первая медицинская помощь при остановке сердца»

At the job interview

Good morning, sir. Take a place, please.

Good morning! Thank you, ma’am.

So, you applied for a position of a chef-cooker. Is it right?

Yes, it is. Last week I sent my CV and my cover letter. I am very interested in this job.

Well, I read your CV, you have some experience.

Yes, I had a similar position in two restaurants.

Don’t you work right now?

No, madam, I don’t.

Ok, you are unemployed. But what can you say about your last employer?

Oh, that’s ok. I guess you are interested in a reason. My family and I moved to this city last month, that’s why I change my job.

Well, I’d like to know more about your experience. Did you have any courses?

Yes, I was sent for two months courses in France. I studied cooking skills from the best chef-cookers.

This sounds great. What is a main quality of a good chef-cooker in your opinion?

I think he should be friendly and now I explain why. Firstly it helps to cooperate with the whole cooking team. Secondly cooking is a creative process and many dishes become delicious because they are cooked in a good mood.

Can you call yourself in such a way?

Actually, I am.

Ok, you gave whole information about your previous work in your CV. I’m looking through it again. That’s why now it is my last question. When could you begin to work?

I can begin on Monday.

That’s good. Now I suggest you to meet our manager of a restaurant. You can discuss your salary and other details of your work. Also you get an opportunity to ask your questions if you have.

Ok, madam.

Follow me, please.

Expressions for waters

This way, please. – Сюда, пожалуйста.

Follow me, please. – Следуйте за мной, пожалуйста.

May I show you the table? – Могу ли я показать вам столик?

Here you are! Вот, пожалуйста!

Smoking or non-smoking? – Курящий зал или зал для некурящих?

Are you ready to order? – Вы готовы сделать заказ?

Can I take your order? – Могу я принять заказ?

What would you like to start with? – С чего вы бы хотели начать?

What would you like for dessert? – Что бы вы хотели на десерт?

How would you like your steak? (rare, medium, well done) – Какой прожарки вы хотите стейк? (с кровью, средней прожарки, полностью прожаренный)

May I advise you a salad? – Могу ли я посоветовать вам салат?

Do you want vegetables with it? – Хотите овощей к этому (блюду)?

What kind of dressing? – Какая заправка?

Would you care for something to drink? – Хотите ли что−то выпить?

Would you like another cup of coffee? – Хотите еще кофе?

Would you like to order a dessert? – Хотите ли заказать десерт?

Would you like anything else? – Будете что-то еще?

Would you like a vegan / vegetarian / pescetarian / halal / kosher menu / dish?

Would you like a dish without dairy products / nuts? – Хотите ли блюдо без молочных продуктов / орехов?

Диалог “At the restaurant”.

A – Andrew, W – Waiter.

A: Waiter! I’d like the menu, please.

W: Here you are, sir.

W: Are you ready to order?

A: Yes, I am. Can I start with tomato soup? Then the salmon and steak, please.

W: What steak would you like: rare, medium or well — done?

A: Medium, please.

W: And would you like vegetables or salad?

A: Vegetables, please.

W: Would you like any wine?

A: Yes, white, please.

A: Waiter! Can I have the bill, please?

W: Here you are.

A: Is service included?

W: Yes, it is.

A: Can I pay by credit card?

W: Yes, of course.

— May I take your order?

— Yes, please. For the appetizer, I'd like the shrimp cocktail.

— And what kind of salad would you like?

— I'll have the spinach salad.

— And for the main course?

— I'd like the baked chicken please.

— What side dish would you like with that?

— Hmm. I think I'll have rice.

— Would you care for some dessert?

— Yes. I'll have some apple pi

Waiter: May I take away the dishes?
Customer: Yes, please. And could you bring us the bill?
Waiter: Yes, of course. How would you like to pay: in cash or by credit card?
Customer: By credit card. Here you go.
Waiter: Ok. Here is your bill.
Customer: Thank you. Is the service included?
Waiter: Yes, it is. Have a good day!

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Предмет: ОБЖ

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 11 класс

Первая медицинская помощь при остановке сердца

Автор: Коваленко Сергей Витальевич

Дата: 11.02.2020

Номер свидетельства: 539268

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