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The Earth

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The theme of the lesson: The Earth

The aims of the lesson:

                            Educational: encourage pupils to express their owh thoughts                                        tased on the reading materials to teach grammar

Modal verb «Should»

                           Developing: to develop critical thinning, to develop communicative activity of the pupils.

                           Brinping up: to teach the pupils to share their opinions, to speak about the environment

The type of the lesson: compined.

Methods: question – answer; full the diagram, reading, speaking

Visual aids: an interactive board, cards, pictures.

                             Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment
  1. Good morning, boys and girls and our guests

I’m glad to see you here today.

         You are welcome

-Who is on duty today? Who is absent?

-Whish season is it now? Which month is it now?

-What is the day today? What is the date today?

II. Phonetic drill

  1. Fill the poem and read: starts, hear, winter, see, belong, moon, blowing, woods, gay, grass.

Many wonderful  things to…, to…

…. to you,…. To me

The sun, the trees, the ….,the sky

The yellow … that’s passing by

The… wind, the birds, that sing

Bright autumn …., … flowers of spring

The cold long …., with snow so white

The running rivers, the… of night


-How do you think what this poem is about?

-This poem is about nature, environment?
III. Check up the home task.

 At first I’ll check up your home task your home task was to learn the now words by heart.

А)а? терісі                 F)жанармай ??йып алатын бекет

     В)тері                         D) топыра?

С) ластау                   H)?арату

     D) ластау                   J)жол, шоссе

Е) фабрика,зауыт

  1. Presentation  of the new theme:
  1. The theme of our lesson «The Earth»

Look at the picture this is things around us the parts

            All the things around us are parts of our environment. Some  of these things are snow below.

            Draw a circle around anything that is made by people that may change our environment in a harmful way.

-Are these sentences trute or false.

1)People are faced with the problems of pollution

2) Water is polluted

3) Air is polluted

4) Food is healthy

5) Soil is polluted

6) Wide use of the natural resourses  upsents  the biological balance of the environment.

2) Grammar Modal verb ‘Should’

 Should is used for advise

      Should+т?йы? етістік (Inf-ve) to ?олданылмайды

      Should барлы? жа?тарда бірдей ?олданылады.

      I/ You/ He/She we/ you/ they should do more ex

      I/ You/ He/She we/ you/ they shouldn’t do more ex

      Should I do more ex? Yes, you should

                                          No, you shouldn’t.

Ex4 Read the statement and continue.

What should we do?                                   What shouldn’t we do?

We should walk a lot                                         We shouldn’t use cars a lot

We should grow flowers                                    We shouldn’t throw litter the streets

We should keep the country tidy                        We shouldn’t cut trees,plants, trees                                                    

and   pick     flowers       

We should have picnics in special places

We should help the nature

3. Doing ex. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences

a) Shouldn’t, we, the, environment, pollute

We shouldn’t pollute the environment     

b) help, should,we,      the  nature

c) save, the, we, energy, should

d) people, of, world, the, should, world, the save

e) die, animals, pollution from

f) plants pollution lie from

g) pollute, we, shouldn’t, the, air, water

b) We should help the nature

c) We should save the energy

d) People of the world should save the world

e) Animals die from pollution

f) Plants die from pollution

g) We shouldn’t pollute the air and water.

IY.  Consolidation of the new theme

Games ‘Secret Code’  

The first two letter, are written for you.

Can you write the rest of the letter, by using the code

(code-шартты белгі)

What are you doing to help preserve our environment?

-We shouldn’t cut trees, plants, trees and pick flowers

-We should grow flowers

-We must  not destroy wildlife?

-We mustn’t leave a fire in the forest

-We protect the environment on land?

Y. Giving home task: to make  sentences with modal verb ‘Should’


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The Earth

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