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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему " On TV"

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«Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему " On TV"»

Term 2

Unit 3 "Entertainment and media"

School: 3

Date: 21. 11.2019

Teacher’s name: Chuikeeva G.S.

Grade 8 B

Number present: 15

Number absent:0

Theme of the lesson:

Vocabulary and listening: On TV.

Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

8.C1 use speaking and listening skills to solve problems creatively and cooperatively in groups

8.S7 use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a range of general topics, and some curricular topics

8.L2 understand with little or no support most specific information in extended talk on a wide range of general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

  • recognize and use vocabulary for television programmes.

Most learners will be able to:

  • identify major concepts and ideas from TV programmes.

Some learners will be able to:

  • prepare a news story and present it to a partner.

Value links

Information and media literacy.

Cross curricular links

Arts, Social studies.

Previous learning

Past simple.

Use of ICT

Smart board for showing a presentation, getting additional information, playing the audio files.

Intercultural awareness

Learners share and compare news in Kazakhstan and other cultures.

Health and Safety

Breaks and physical activities used.


Planned timings

Planned activities


Beginning the lesson


The lesson greeting.

The teacher sets the lesson objectives, letting students know what to anticipate from the lesson.

Warm up.

Then to create a positive learning environment the teachers asks students to start the lesson giving each other compliments about appearance, job performance, talent, etc. and also practice accepting compliments.

Teacher: - Now try to guess of the new lesson’s theme

Game “4pictures 1word”

Main Activities


Ex.1 p.36. Classifying words. Asking and answering questions.

Task “What type of programme is it?”Through the Video students should guess what type of programme it is.


  • Listen and fill the missed verbs in Past Simple,which was our last theme of our lesson.And check it by computer.

A.This is Mary Wilson on radio 7. The Queen _____________ a new hospital in London yesterday. She ___________to some children while she was visiting the hospital .

Billy Evans and his daughter Amber __________ there.

  • The Queen ___________ to us.She was very nice.She was wearing a funny green hat.She ________ Amber what she was reading.Amber _________ her her Peter Rabbit book.The Queen ___________ it __________ very good book.

B.There ____________ a lot of snow in northern England last night.From York ,Peter Walker reports.

Hello.The situation here in York today is very difficult.Thousands of people were driving home from work last night when it ______________ to snow.Many people couldn’t get home an they ___________ in their cars.Local people _____________ making drivers hot tea this morning.

  • I was driving home when the traffic ____________.The police ___________there.That was at 6.30 last night and and it’s 8 am.

Police advise drivers to stay at home.There’s more snow forecast for this afternoon.

C.A lion called Jingo ____________ from a zoo in the Midlands yesterday morning.It _______________ into a nearby forest .Police _____________ for it all night with no success.Then this morning ,a man ____________ the lion while he was walking to work.

- I was walking through the park to work when I ______ a very big cat.It wasn’t moving.It was just sitting under a tree.It ____________ quite friendly.Then I _____________ it __________ a cat, but a lion.I ___________ the police immediately.The zoo keepers have returned Jingo to the zoo.

Ex.3 p.36. Listening for global information.


A) Queen has opened a new hospital.

B) Snow has disrupted traffic.

C) A lion has escaped from a zoo and has been returned.

Ex.4 p.36. Scanning for specific information. Underlining.


Ex.5 p.36. Answering multiple-choice questions.

Ex.6 p.36. Interpreting photos.

Ending the lesson

Giving the hometask. WB p.26.



F ive”. Children draw a picture of their hand and write the most important things about the lesson on each finger. The thumb - something interesting, the index finger - something difficult, the middle one - something that was not enough, the ring finger - the mood, the little finger - the suggestions.




If children liked something at the lesson they put it into the column “plus”, if they

didn’t like or were bored during some part of the lesson, they can use the column “minus”, the

section “interesting” is for those activities which were interesting during the lesson.



Feedback: Teacher asks students what task was difficult to them and which pair worked well.

Additional information

Differentiation –

how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment –

how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Critical thinking

Differentiation can be achieved through the selection of activities, identification of learning outcomes for a certain student, provision of individual support to learners, selection of learning materials and resources based on the individual abilities of learners.

Assessment criteria:

Assessment criteria:

  1. Discuss a problem in groups and suggest a solution to a problem.

  2. Apply topic related vocabulary in speech appropriately arranging words and phrases into well-formed sentences.

  3. Identify facts and details in extended talks with little support.


A learner:

  • brainstorms ideas while speaking in a group.

  • uses the topical vocabulary while talking about a news story.

  • chooses the right answers.

  • Observation

  • Feedback on the work

  • Self-assessment

Students think critically, exploring, developing, evaluating and making choices about their own and others’ ideas

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 8 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему " On TV"

Автор: Чуйкеева Гульмира Сураубаевна

Дата: 04.12.2019

Номер свидетельства: 530131

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