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Данный материал составлен для учащихся 10 классов.Работа состоит из трех разноуровневых блоков.Цель -комплексная проверка знаний в конце учебного года.

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«test 10 form»

Final test for 10 form 2018


You are going to hear a radio interview. Listen and decide if each statement is true (T), false (F) or not mentioned (NM).

1 Annie’s school organized the project.


2 The project was open to all teenagers.


3 The children reported on news stories from where they live.


4 They interviewed a local shop owner.


5 The report included a weather forecast.


6 The children thought the project was educational.



Read the article about children and television and choose the best answers.


We all know that most children watch too much TV, but trying to control this has always been difficult. Some parents are more relaxed than others about the programmes their children watch and for how long, but usually they can switch off the TV when they want to. However, the problem is much bigger when children have a TV in their own bedrooms!

In this case, parents don’t know when their children’s TV is on and what they’re watching. In most countries, the TV companies are quite responsible about what sort of programmes they broadcast when children are watching. But these rules don’t apply if a child is watching alone after his/her bedtime.

A survey in the USA found that more than half of all children (in some age groups this increases to 70%) have a TV in their bedrooms. Many of these children need more exercise and have more health problems compared to children who don’t. They also get lower marks in their school tests. As well as this, children spent more time alone in their rooms than interacting with family and friends.

It’s very difficult to take away a TV from a child, but it is possible to control the time spent watching. There is a gadget you can buy and you programme it with the number of hours a week a child can watch TV. This applies to ALL TVs in the house! When the child starts watching, he has to type in a special number. When he reaches the limit, the TV won’t switch on! Some parents have taken other action. They put their children’s electrical gadgets, like computers, games consoles, TVs, etc., on a different electrical supply and turn it off at bedtime!

1 What is a problem for parents?
A They don’t have time to relax with their children.
B They can’t decide when to switch off the TV.
C Their children watch a lot of TV.

2 Some children who watch TV in their rooms
A do not do very well at school.
B also do sports.
C invite their friends to their rooms.

3 What does the special gadget do?
A It controls the TV in the child’s bedroom.
B It controls the programmes the child watches.
C It controls how long a child watches TV.

4 What is another answer to the problem?
A turn off all the gadgets in the bedroom at night
B take all of the electrical gadgets out of the room at night
C stop the electricity to the gadgets at night

3 Use of English

Read the email and fill each gap with one word.

Should mustn’t have should shouldn’t would had to If

Hi Lizzie,

It was lovely to hear from you and good luck with your exams tomorrow. You (1) __________ worry too much because I know you’re going to do well! Just relax. (2) __________ I were you, I (3) __________ get an early night. You don’t (4) __________ to revise every minute before bedtime! You (5) __________ watch some TV and maybe read a magazine or something.

If I (6) __________ the time, I’d come to see you before the exams tomorrow morning, but I have (7) __________ take my little sister to school at 8:30. So, you (8) __________ call me afterwards. And you (9) __________ forget to have a good breakfast before you go. I know I sound like your mum – sorry!

I’ll speak to you tomorrow!




1 f 2f 3 t 4 ns 5 ns 6 t

2 1 c 2 a 3 c 4 c

3 1 shouldn’t 2 If 3 would 4 have 5 should 6 had 7 to 8 should 9 mustn’t

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 10 класс

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Автор: Сычева Марина Васильевна

Дата: 17.05.2018

Номер свидетельства: 470029

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