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My little school

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Планирование для учителей начальных классов для проведение открытого урока

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«My little school»

Short term plan

Lesson plan


The theme of the lesson: “My School”


Number present:



objectives(s) that

this lesson is

contributing to

2.R2 idently,remember and sound out high-frequency sound and letter patterns.

2.W3 write short phrases to identify people,places and objects.

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

  • Name the words about school

Most learners will be able to:

  • Name ans write words with support

Some learners will be able to:

  • Read and name,do exercises without support

Language objective

Learners can: Name and read the words

Key words and phrases:

Do you like?







copy book

Useful classroom language for dialogue/writing:

Stand up,sit down,open your book,take your pencils

Previous learning

My school


Planned things

Planned activities (replace the notes below with yourplanned activities)



Greeting the students.

Ask familiar questions,such as:-What’s the date?

  • What’s the weather like?

Warm - up:“Good morning”

Warm up activity.Let’s divide into 2 groups.Come here!Take one shape on the desk.Who has rectangle is 1-st group and who has triangle shape is 2-nd group.




T: Today we have our new words. I’ll read these words then you’ll repeat after me.

Pen-қалам book-кітап

Pencil-қарындаш ruler-сызғыш

Ruber-кетіргіш schoolbag-мектеп сөмкесі


new words and pictures


Let’s look at the blackboard,watch the new video.

  1. Match.Talk with your friend.

Point to number 1 and ask:What’s this?Eliat:It’s a book.Follow the same procedure and elicit the rest of the items.Then ask the pupils to complete the activity.Allow the pupils some time to do so.Check their answers.

Answers key.

1 a 2 d 3 f 4 c 5 e 6 b

Write on the board:What’s this?It’s a…Ask the question.Have the pupils repeat after you.Explain the activity.The pupils,in pairs,talk about the items(1-6).They can refer to the question on the board or at the bottom of the page for help.Go around the classroom,providing any necessary help.Ask some pairs to report back to the class.

Suggected Answer Key

1 A:What’s this? 4 A:What’s this?

B:It’s a book B:It’s a rubber

2 A:What’s this? 5 A:What’s this?

B:It’s a pen B:It’s a pencil

3 A:What’s this? 6 A:What’a this

B:It’s a ruler B:It’s a schoolbsg

To sing and do the’’Hello’’ song

(Сергіту сәті)

Quick check

-What do you know today’s lesson?

Home task

-Ok,now let’s repeat the new words.

-Good,very good

Home task learn new words


Give active pupils smileys

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My little school

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Дата: 20.01.2020

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