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Время для умников

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Мероприятие способствует обобщению знаний по страноведению в игровой форме.

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«Время для умников»


(внеурочное мероприятие в игровой форме для 7 - 8 класса)


  1. Активизация материала по темам: “ How different the world is.”

  2. Актуализация страноведческого материала

  3. Совершенствование навыков аудирования и устной речи

  4. Поддержание интереса к изучению иностранного языка.


– объявление об игре;
– плакат с названием игры “ Smart Time” ;
– плакаты с названием каждого гейма;
– “бочонок” для проведения раунда “ Puzzles out of the Barrel”;

Задолго до проведения этой игры организуется предварительная работа: – учащиеся собирают дополнительный материал по Великобритании и США и готовят по четыре вопроса по страноведению; каждый класс выпускает стенгазету на иностранном языке.

Ход игры


Good afternoon, children! Today we are going to play the game “Smart Time”. Two teams will take part in it. Let’s greet and wish them good luck. And now let me introduce our judges (представляет членов жюри). Dear judges, we ask you not to be too critical and forgive our participants the mistakes that they may make. Now it’s time for the question-and-answer game called “Smart Time”.

The game has 4 rounds: They are:

  1. “Go on”

  2. “You ask me, I ask you”

  3. “Puzzles out of the Barrel”

  4. “The race after the leader”

So, let’s begin our game

The 1st round.

It is called “Go on!” The task is to answer the questions at high speed. If you don’t know or don’t remember the answer, you should say “Go on!”, because your time is limited.

a) The questions to the first team

  1. What river does London stand on? (The Thames).

  2. What is “Penny Black”? (The stamp).

  3. How old is London? (2000 years old).

  4. Who are “Beefeaters”? (The guards of the Tower).

  5. Who is the head of the state in Great Britain? (A monarch).

  6. How many countries does the UK consist of? (4 countries).

  7. What kind of weather is the most common in GB? (Rainy).

  8. Where does the monarch of the UK live? (Buckingham Palace).

  9. Name any national English game (football, cricket, rugby).

  10. What animal is the symbol of the English might or strength? (The lion).

b) The questions to the second team

  1. Who was the first American president? (G. Washington).

  2. What is the America’s symbol of Freedom? (The Statue of Liberty).

  3. What is the flag of the USA called? (“Stars and Stripes”).

  4. Who is the head of the state and government of the USA? (The President).

  5. What river is the capital of the USA situated on? (The Potomac).

  6. How many states are there in the USA? (50)

  7. When is the Thanksgiving Day celebrated? (On the fourth Thursday of November).

  8. At first Native Americans were called… (Indians).

  9. What is the address of the White House? (1600, Pennsylvania Avenue).

  10. Whose portraits are printed on American dollars? (American presidents).

The 2nd round.

It is called “You ask me, I ask you”.
Teams, be ready to ask each other questions.

The questions of the first team.

1. What are the names of the British Saints? (St. George, St. Andrew, St. Patrick, St. David) 2. Which city has more people? London: New York, San Francisco? (New York) 3. What does the American Bald Eagle symbolize? (Each individual’s independence and strength) 4. What was the name of the English lord who first organized horse races? (Derby)

The questions of the second team.

  1. Name the most famous Scottish family in Moscow (Mac Donald)

  2. What city has the nickname “The Smoke”? (London)

  3. Who was the first Englishman in Russia? (R. Chancellor)

  4. This forest is connected with Robin Hood (Sherwood Forest)

The 3rd round.

Now it’s time for the captains of our teams to take part in this competition. It is called “Puzzles out of the Barrel”. A good captain is the flag of the team. Captains, be ready to answer these questions.

  1. How many birthdays does the British Queen (Elizabeth II) have? (Two. Her real birthday is April, 21st, but it is a tradition to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on the second Saturday in June)

  2. You lived in London in 1890. You were a bad-reputed man and your behavior was so awful that soon everybody in London knew you and talked about you. When one began to behave badly, people said, Oh, he behaves like…” and called him your name. Nowadays, people, especially parents or teachers, use your name to call those children who behave badly. Who are you? (Lord Hooligan)

  3. According to the “status symbol” an American men must have one wife, two…, three…, four …, five…, six…, seven and is lucky to have eight … in his pocket? (Pets, suits, children, cars, acres, credit cards, cents)

  4. You are Paul McCartney. One morning you were preparing breakfast when a melody came to your mind. Later on it became one of the most popular songs of your group. Can you remember that morning? What were you cooking? What was this song? (I was making fried eggs and the song was “Yesterday”)

  5. You are William Webb Ellis. You are a student of Rugby School. What did you do once during a foot ball match? This made your school famous all over the world. (During the game I took the ball in hands and carried it into the rival’ goal. So, a new game – rugby – came to life.)

  6. Shakespeare, Spencer was her contemporaries. She was called the “Virgin Queen”. She never washed herself. Who was she? (Elizabeth I)

The 4 th round

It is called “The race after the leader”

a) The questions to the first team

  1. What is the official name of Britain? (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

  2. What is the national costume of Scotland? (The kilt)

  3. When do the British celebrate Christmas? (On the 25th of December)

  4. What is the Traditional Christmas meal in Britain? (Roast turkey and pudding)

  5. What channel lies between Britain and the continent Europe? (The English Channel)

  6. What is the highest mountain in Britain? (Ben Nevis)

  7. What is the longest river in Britain? (The Severn)

  8. What is the most famous forest in England? (Sherwood Forest)

  9. What is the double– decker? (a bus that has two storeys)

  10. What birds live in the Tower of London? (Ravens)

  11. What is there in the centre of Trafalgar Square? (Nelson’s Column)

  12. What is Hyde Park famous for? (For its Speaker’s Corner)

  13. What park is London Zoo in? (In Regent’s Park)

  14. What is Big Ben? (The clock on the Houses of Parliament)

  15. What is Scotland Yard? (The name of the police force in London)

  16. What is the town of Oxford famous for? (For its university)

  17. Where are the laws made in Great Britain? (In Westminster Palace)

  18. What is the “Union Jack”? (The national flag)

  19. What is the Tube? (The London’s Underground)

  20. What is the largest museum in London? (The British Museum)

  21. How many crosses do the British flag consists of? (3 crosses)

b) The questions to the second team

  1. What is the name of the first America’s National park? (Yellowstone)

  2. Which city in the state of Florida has the same name as a Russian city? (St. Petersburg)

  3. Name the largest library in the U.S. (The Library of Congress)

  4. What university is the oldest in the USA (Harvard)

  5. How long is Broadway? (about 21 km)

  6. What food is popular among Americans? (Barbecue ribs)

  7. Where are laws made in the USA? (In the Capitol)

  8. How many senators are there in the Senate? (100)

  9. How many rooms are there in the White House? (132)

  10. Who created Donald Duck? (Walt Disney)

  11. What is America’s national sport? (baseball)

  12. What is the largest American state? (Alaska)

  13. What is the largest port of the USA? (New York City)

  14. Who chose the place for the American capital? (G. Washington)

  15. Who discovered America? (C. Columbus)

  16. What is the nickname of the US government? (Uncle Sam)

  17. What is the longest river of the USA? (The Mississippi)

  18. Which of the US Presidents was a Hollywood actor? (R. Reagan)

  19. Who invented the soft drink Coca – Cola? (J. Pemberton)

  20. Pilgrims’ ship was called… (Mayflower)

  21. What city is the home of CNN? (Atlanta)

Подведение итогов

Dear judges, tell us the score of the game, please.

The team … is the winner. You are smart things. My best congratulations! Thanks for the game!

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Предмет: Английский язык

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Целевая аудитория: 7 класс

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