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Внеклассное мероприятие

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Данная разработка нацелена на повторение англоговорящих стран

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«Внеклассное мероприятие»

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 11 классе : «Star Hour. English speaking countries»


  • повторить и обобщить лингвострановедческий материал по теме «Англо-говорящие страны».

  • углубить и расширить знания учащихся по указанной теме.

  • повысить интерес к изучению иностранного языка.

Оборудование: презентация Power Point; звездочки, таблички с цифрами; дипломы.

Ход мероприятия:

Good morning, boys and girls. I am pleased to see you. I think you’ve noticed that we have guests today. Look at them and don’t worry. Today we’ll play a game “Star hour”. Today we are going to summarise what we’ve learnt about English-speaking countries and refresh our knowledge.

I tour: Kazakhstan.

  1. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

A) Almaty

B) Akmola

C) Astana

  1. What is the area of Kazakhstan?

A) 1 546 000 square km

B) 6 546 000 square km

C) 2 753 000 square km

3. What is the population of Kazakhstan?

A) 10 560 768

B) 16 870 000

C) 17 560 000

4. Who is the head of the state?

A) President

B) Khan

C) Prime- minister

5. Where is Kazakhstan situated?

A) Europe

B) Australia

C) Central Asia

6. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan until December 1997. Then the capital was moved to…

A) Karaganda

B) Akmola

C) Atyrau

7. Kazakhstan was established as the Republic of Kazakhstan in…

A) December 1991

B) December 1997

C) November 1993

8. Kokshetau is famous for:

A) Pine forest

B) Salt desert

C) Rice

9. Akmola was renamed Astana in…

A) May 1998

B) May 1997

C) March 1998

10. “Astana” is the Kazakh word for:

A) Republic

B) Capital

C) Population

11. When is the Independence Day celebrated?

A) on the 16th of December

B) on the 22nd of March

C) on the 9th of May

12. What colour is the state flag?

A) blue and yellow

B) blue and white

C) red and yellow

13. For what have Kazakhs used falcons?

A) meat

B) hunting

C) playing

14. When is Nauryz celebrated?

A) in December

B) in March

C) in February

15. When Medeu was built?

A) in 1994

B) in 1975

C) in 1972

16. What is the national symbol of Kazakhstan?

A) the bald eagle

B) the rose

C) golden man

17. Where is Ahmed Yassaui mausoleum situated?

A) Almaty

B) Turkestan

C) Shymkent

18. What is typical animal of Kazakhstan?

A) snow leopard

B) lion

C) tiger

19. With what country doesn`t Kazakhstan share its border?

A) China

B) Russia

C) France

II Tour

  • The USA

  1. The capital of the USA is…? (Washington)

  2. The USA is situated on the… America. (South)

  3. People call New York…? (the “Big Apple”)

  4. How many states are there in the USA? (50)

  5. Hollywood is situated in …? (Los Angeles)

  6. The longest river in the USA? (the Mississipi)

  7. What is the biggest state in the USA? (Alaska)

  8. The USA borders in the South…? (Mexico)

  9. The USA borders in the North…? (Canada)

  10. The USA is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the…? (east)

  11. Where can you see world-famous skyscrapers? (New York)

  12. The American state situated on the islands..? (Hawaii)

  13. How many lakes are there in the Great Lake? (five)

  • Canada

  1. The capital of Canada is? (Ottawa)

  2. Formally the head of Canada is? (Prime Minister)

  3. What is the basic currency in Canada? (Dollar)

  4. Canada`s western coast is washed by the… ocean? (Pacific)

  5. Canada has an area of nearly… mln square km? (10)

  6. Canada is a country of…? (Lake)

  7. The largest river in Canada is? ( The Mackenzie river)

  8. The population of Canada is over…? (30)

  9. Canada consists of … provinces and … territories? (10 and 3)

  10. The seat of the Federal Parliament and government is in…? (Ottawa)

  11. The … Parliament consists of the Senate and the House of Commons? (Canadian)

  12. The Cabinet is headed by..? (The Prime Minister)

  13. What is the emblem of Canada? (The Maple leaf)

  • Australia

  1. Who discovered Australia? (James Cook)

  2. Home to Australian government is? (Canberra)

  3. What is the biggest lake in Australia? (Lake Todd)

  4. The national currency of Australia is…? (Australian dollar)

  5. Who is the head of government in Australia? (The Prime Minister)

  6. Australian`s national colours are? (gold, white and bright green)

  7. The oldest university of Australia is situated in…? (in Sydney)

  8. There are… in Australia? ( 6 states 2 territories)

  9. Who has the title “Chief of State” in Australia? (the Queen of England)

  10. What can you sees on the flag? (the British flag and 6 stars)

  11. What is the sunniest city in Australia? (Sydney, only 23 days a year without sun)

  12. The Australian wild dog? (Dingo)

  13. The Australian bear? (Koala bear)

  • New Zealand

  1. The capital of New Zealand? (Wellington)

  2. The national emblem of New Zealand? (Kiwi)

  3. The … of New Zealand represents the Queen of England? ( Governor-general)

  4. The Parliament of New Zealand consists of the…? (House of Representatives)

  5. The most popular sport game in New Zealand is…? (rugby)

  6. The first European to see New Zealand was from…? (Holland)

  7. In New Zealand there are… official languages? (3)

  8. Are there any volcanoes in New Zealand? (yes)

  9. Of how many large islands does New Zealand consist? (2)

  10. The head of State of New Zealand is…? (British Monarch)

  11. The currency of New Zealand is…? (NZ dollar)

  12. The most famous writer from New Zealand is…? (Katherine)

  13. What song is New Zealand national anthem? (God defend New Zealand)

  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain

  1. What is the official name of Britain? (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

  2. What part does the UK consist of? (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

  3. What is the capital of Britain? (London)

  4. What river is the British capital situated on? (the Thames)

  5. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)

  6. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

  7. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? (Belfast)

  8. What is the symbol of England? (the Red Rose)

  9. What is the symbol of Scotland? (Thistle)

  10. What is the symbol of Wales? (the Daffodil)

  11. What is the symbol of Northern Ireland? (the Red Hand and shamrock)

  12. What is the London home of the Queen? (Buckingham Palace)

  13. What is in the centre of Trafalgar Square? (Nelson Column)

  14. What is the national drink in Britain? (Tea)

Super game:

How many words can you find in…


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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 11 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Внеклассное мероприятие

Автор: Ряполова Юлия Владимировна

Дата: 27.01.2018

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