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Проблемы экологии

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Проблемы экологии»

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия

«Экологические проблемы России.

Экологические проблемы Пятигорска»

9 класс

Охотникова Валентина Викторовна,

учитель английского языка


г. Пятигорск


  • развитие монологической речи учащихся с использованием новых выражений, формирование целостного представления о мире, об общих проблемах, стоящих перед человечеством в XXI веке;

  • систематизация и обобщение знания учащихся по теме.

Образовательные задачи

  • расширить кругозор по теме;

  • формировать лексико-грамматические навыки;

  • формировать навыки чтения и аудирования.

Воспитательные задачи

  • поддерживать дух толерантности, принимая другие точки зрения;

  • формировать уважительное отношение к природе, бережливости; осознание роли человека во взаимодействии с природой;

  • формировать способность осознать экологические проблемы и желание помочь природе на всей планете и в родном городе;

  • поддерживать других и быть к ним благожелательными.

Развивающие задачи

  • способствовать развитию аналитического, критического, латерального мышления, через использования проблемных ситуаций ;

  • развивать умение работать в группе

Оборудование: видеоклип с песней Майкла Джексона "The Earth Song"; видеоролики " Save our planet", "Tour to Pyatigorsk", “How Do I Help the Earth”; раздаточный материал для учащихся, мультимедийная презентация мероприятия.


The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1. Стадия вызова (Evocation)

Teacher. Dear boys and girls, I'm very glad to see you. I hope you are fine. So let's begin our lesson. The subject of today's discussion is very vivid. Today we are going to talk about the environmental problems. Look at the epigraph of our lesson. What do you think about this quotation? Do you agree with it? (слайд 2)

Let’s watch the video. ("The Earth Song" by Michael Jackson) It has made a great impression on me. (video). (слайд 3)

I think that it has made a great impression on you, try answer my questions about this song.

1. What does the title of the song suggest?

2. What does the question mean “What have we done to the world?” Prove your ideas.

3. What happened to animals, elephants, whales, forests?


Teacher. Thanks a lot for your answers.

Oh, I’ve just received a very unusual letter. Let’s read it. It has been written to all of us. (the letter from Mother Earth) ( слайд 4)

And now let’s watch the video that illustrates the words of the letter from Mother Earth. (видео "Save our planet")

2. Стадия осмысления (Realization of meaning)

Teacher. Our planet is on the verge of a global ecological catastrophe. Acid rain, global warming, air and water pollution, destruction of wildlife are the problems that threaten human life on Earth. Who is to blame for the disaster? The answer is simple: us.

We’ll have to give a general idea of the ecological situation on our planet and try to highlight the most dangerous tendencies that have deadly consequences for us. In conclusion, we’ll try to find possible ways of solving some of environmental problems.

But first, I want to make sure you know the meaning of the words on the topic. Let’s do some tasks to brush up our vocabulary. You are divided into two groups and each group has its own tasks. (работа с раздаточным материалом)



Brush up your vocabulary

Match the words with their definitions.


a. a person who kills wildlife illegally


b. an electricity generation station which uses radioactive fuel to drive the generators

3.ozone layer

c. no longer existing, as an animal species


d. the damage done to air, water or soil by the addition of harmful chemicals


e. the part of the Earth which contains all the living creatures


f. the process of treating paper, plastic and metals so that they can be used again

7. acid rain

g. the raising of the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere caused by the burning of fossil fuels and increased amount of gases such as carbon dioxide

8.nuclear power station

h. the natural environment of a plant or animal

9.endangered species

i. the act of cutting down large areas of forest

10. recycling

j. a species which is in danger of becoming extinct

11.global warming

k. rain that contains acid from industrial waste


l. a layer of the chemical ozone in the earth’s atmosphere that block harmful rays from the sun

Keys: 1.c; 2.d; 3.l; 4.a; 5.h; 6.e; 7.k; 8.b; 9.j; 10.f; 11.g; 12.i (слайд 5-8)


Choose the most suitable word for each space.

The threat to the environment.

Nowadays people are more aware that wildlife all over the world is in (1)….many (2)… of animals are threatened, and could easily become(3)… if we do not make an effort to (4)…them. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, animals are (5)…for their fur or for other valuable parts of their bodies. Some birds, (6)…as parrots, are caught (7)… , and sold as pets. For many animals and birds, the problem is their habitat- the (8)… where they live-is (9)… More (10)…is used for farms, for houses or industry, and there are fewer open (11)…than there once were. Farmers use powerful chemicals to help them grow better (12)…, but these chemicals pollute the environment and (13) wildlife. The most successful animals on earth-human beings-will soon be the only once (14)…, unless we can (15)… this problem.

  1. a) danger b) threat c) problem d) vanishing

  2. a) marks b) more c) species d) forms

  3. a) disappeared b) vanished c)empty d) extinct

  4. a) harm b) safe c) protect d) serve

  5. a) hunted b) chased c) game d) extinct

  6. a) like b) such c) or d) where

  7. a) lively b) alive c) for life d) for living

  8. a) spot b) point c) place d)site

  9. a) exhausting b) departing c)escaping d) disappearing

  10. a) each b) land c) soil d) area

  11. a) spaces b) air c) up d) parts

  12. a) products b) fields c) herbs d) crops

  13. a) spoil b) harm c)wound d)wrong

  14. a) survived b) over c) missing d) left

  15. A) answer b) calculate c) solve d) explain

Keys: 1) a; 2)c; 3)d; 4)c; 5)a; 6)b; 7)b; 8)c; 9)d; 10)b; 11)a; 12)d; 13)b; 14)d; 15)c;

Fill in the gaps with words derived from the words in brackets.


There are many problems which (1)__________(threat) our natural environment. Acid rain, (2)__________(globe) warming and air and water (3)__________(pollute) are among the most serious ones. There are several ways to help improve the situation. Firstly, we should encourage (4)__________(recycle) because it is the(5)__________(produce) of new materials which causes the most damage. We must learn to reuse things like plastic bags and glass jars. Secondly, driving an environmentally- friendly car is also(6)__________(help).Furthermore, joining an (7)__________(organize) which plants trees or cleans up beaches would be a (8)__________(prove) that you are really (9)__________(concern) about the environment. Lastly, supporting groups such as Greenpeace, which try to prevent many(10)__________(environment) disasters, would help to ensure that our planet will be clean and safe for the future generations.

Keys: 1.threaten; 2. global; 3. pollution; 4. recycling; 5. production; 6.helpful; 7. organization; 8. proof; 9. concerned; 10. environmental. (слайд 9)

Let’s summarize and analyse all the information about the problem. We have made a special scheme which is called a "cluster". It shows the ways of our thoughts. It is a structure of our thinking. Consult the cluster on the screen and decide if we have missed anything important. Would you like to add anything? Of course, the list of serious ecological problems could be continued. We can also mention such burning issues as nuclear pollution and shortage of natural resources. (слайд 10)

We have discussed serious ecological problems of our planet and now let’s discuss ecological problems of our home town. I know that you have prepared some reports on ecological problems of Pyatigorsk.

P1 The ecological condition of the city of Pyatigorsk many times became a subject of discussions in various administrative circles and among experts. However, still it isn't written the generalizing work which comprehensively would consider an ecological condition of urban areas. We will try to specify the most problematic issues of ecology of the city of Pyatigorsk. ( слайд 11)

P2 Problem of dumps

In the city there is a problem of storage of municipal solid waste. All existing grounds are crowded. The closed in the mid-nineties 20th century ground on the southern suburb of the city continues to work. A lot of cars come there daily, leaving garbage. Waste on the closed ground constantly smokes, periodically igniting. Garbage, burning down, brings harmful substances to the atmosphere and harmful influences health of residents of the nearby settlements and all territory of a resort. In city administration knows about a ground problem; however has no possibility of its fast decision on the reason of shortage of financial means. ( слайд 12)

P3 Problem of destruction of waste

PTEK Municipal Unitary Enterprise, on the northwest suburb of the city of Pyatigorsk, is engaged in combustion of municipal solid waste. The main supplier of garbage is Pyatigorsk. A part of garbage from the region of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region is also utilized in the territory of the Complex. The equipment of the Complex does not meet the modern ecological requirements. Replacement of package boilers, modernization of system of purification of gases is required. It is necessary to arrange sorting of household waste. Burning of garbage makes the atmosphere harmful and poisonous for people. ( слайд 13)

P4 Problem of building of Mashuk and Beshtau

In recent years the unique natural landscape of the resort town of Pyatigorsk suffers because of unreasonable commercial building, integrity of adjacent forest territories is broken, the remained islands of green zones within the city disappear. All new buildings turn the resort of Pyatigorsk which has to be green, in usual provincial small town. Building of the green space of Beshtau and Mashuk began according to the Master plan of development of the city of Pyatigorsk till 2030.

Intervention in geological structure of the mountain can negatively affect an ecological condition of the city and the mode of mineral sources of Pyatigorsk. (слайд 14)

Teacher. Now let’s watch video about our wonderful town and try to do our best protect its environment and beauty. (видео "Tour to Pyatigorsk")

3. Стадия рефлексии (Reflection)

Let's watch one more video. (видео “How Do I Help the Earth”)

What should you do to save our planet (home town)?


Finish my phrase:

I have learnt ….

Now I know….

Now I can tell about….

Now I can discuss….. ( слайд 15)

Подведение итогов урока.

The topic of our today's conversation was very serious. There are a lot of problems but, unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to discuss all of them.

Today environmental issues are much spoken and written about on TV, radio and in the newspapers. Fortunately, it’s not too late to solve these problems. If we take actions now, there might be some hope for the future. Together we can save the planet and all of us with it. If we want to survive, we must do our best to solve these problems. It is important to join our efforts in the struggle for survival. We are responsible for preserving our planet for future generations. The life of future generations depends on our attitude towards environment and the way each of us treats nature.

We’ll have to stop now. That’s all for today. I'd like to thank you for good work.

I wish you good luck. See you later. Good bye!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 9 класс

Проблемы экологии

Автор: Охотникова Валентина Викторовна

Дата: 17.10.2018

Номер свидетельства: 481017

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