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Types of vehicle

Нажмите, чтобы узнать подробности

•    recognize, matchwords and pictures
•    answer the questions
•    discuss different modes of transportation
•    create one or more transportation artifacts

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Types of vehicle»



Teacher name:


Grade: 2

Number present:

Number absent:

Theme of the lesson:

Types of vehicle

Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

2.R3recognise and identify some familiar sight words from local environment

2.S4respond to basic supported questions about people, objects

2.L1recognise short basic instructions for a limited range of classroom routines spoken slowly and distinctly

Lesson objectives

Learners will be able to:

  • recognize, matchwords and pictures

  • answer the questions

  • discuss different modes of transportation

  • create one or more transportation artifacts

Lesson plan

Planned timings

Teacher's actions

Pupils` actions






Teacher greets students

Students respond to greeting and take their places






Teacher introduces new vocabulary using flashcards

Teacher: What's this?


2. Teacher gives ideas to discuss different modes of transportation on land, sea and in the air.

  • Talk about how people get to where they are going (school bus, ferry boat, car etc.)

  • Have you ever been on a plane ... a train ... a horse ... etc.?

  • How can learners get to school every day?

  • How do kids in other countries travel?

  • Do you know safety rules (seatbelts in cars, obeying traffic signals, walk and don't walk signs)?

  • How products are delivered ... couriers with trucks, airplanes etc.

  • How does the mail travel?



Read sentences and follow instructions.

1. We go to school by bus. Colour the bus yellow.

2. I don’t go home by bike. Cross the bike.

3. They play with cars. Circle the car.

4. He doesn’t play with a boat. Cross the boat.

5. We fly to London. Circle the plane.

Learners: It’s a ship.

water, air, land, boats, cars, automobiles, ships, sailing, walking, movement, bicycle, airplane, truck, school bus, skateboard, skates, airport, vehicles, driver, pilot, captain, traffic light, horn, sports car, garage, tractors

1. Learners watch video that shows different forms of transportation.

A learner

• reads the sentences;

• pronounces the words and phrases properly;

• colours the bus;

• crosses appropriate vehicles;

• circles the right vehicle.

Formative assessment

Song “What's This?”

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v= TARreOtrWUg


http://esl-kids.com/flashcards/ transportation.html

Modes of Transport for kids video

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v= BZf6frPNrhg




Well what did we do in our lesson?

- Evaluation of the lesson

Give the home task

Sing a Good bye song

Children sing a Good bye song


https://www.youtube. com/watch?v= Xcws7UWWDEs

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Types of vehicle

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