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The Plan on the theme "Can I help you?"

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This plan is very helpful for teachers who try to organize non-traditional lesson which activates all skills of pupils.

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«The Plan on the theme "Can I help you?"»




4-sinflar uchun Unit 8. Lesson 3
Can I help you?

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Date_____ Form_____ Subject: English

Theme: Can I help you?


Educational: - to learn how to go shopping;

Developing: - to enable pupils to go shopping

Socio-cultural: - to raise awareness of using phrases at the shop.

Up bringing: - to enrich pupils’ knowledge of English.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to go shopping

Competence: SC1, FLCC, and PC

Type of the lesson: Mixed, group work, pair-work, individual work

Method of the lesson: nontraditional, mixed

Equipment of the lesson: Textbook “Kids’ English 4 ”, “Workbook 4” pictures, internet, computers, projector


Part of the lesson






-to greet pupils.

- to check up the register

5 min


Repeating last lesson

- to give pupils some questions about last lesson. – to ask words from previous lesson

5 min


Explaining new theme

- to explain to pupils new vocabulary and theme

20 min


Consolidating new theme.

- to consolidate new theme and new words of the theme.

10 min



- To mark pupils

5 min



- Giving homework.

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organizing moment: Motivation, Greeting, checking attendance, season, weather, checking the preparation for the lesson.

II. Asking homework:

- Check for homework given on past lesson.

- Ask pupils all new words learnt on previous lesson.

III. Pre-activity:

Activity 1 Listen and sing. 10 min

Objectives: to warm up; to create a friendly atmosphere

STEP 1: The pupils sing the song together with the DVD.

Look at Unit 8 Lesson 1 Activity 1 for the DVD script.

STEP 2: The pupils work in pairs and read to each other their homework.

DVD script:

One bottle o’POP

One bottle o‟pop, two bottles o‟pop,

Three bottles o‟pop, four bottles o‟pop,

Five bottles o‟pop, six bottles o‟pop,

Seven bottles o‟pop, POP!

Don‟t eat too many pickles with hamburger sandwiches,

Don‟t eat too many pickles, or else you will POP!

Hamburgers and apple pie, apple pie, apple pie,

Hamburgers and apple pie, apple pie and POP!

IV. Main part

Activity 2a Play “Where can I buy …?”. 7 min

Objective: to revise the topic vocabulary

It‟s a usual Chain Drill.

A:Where can I buy apples?

B:At the supermarket. Where can I buy books? etc.

Activity 2b Look, read and match. 8 min

Objective: to develop reading for gist

The pupils read the texts and match them with the pictures.

Answer key: 2b, 3a

Activity 2c Complete the dialogue. Help Bob’s mum to buy red tulips. 5 min

Objective: to develop writing skills

The pupils read the text and complete the sentences.

Answer key:

Shop assistant: Can I help you?

Mum: I‟d like tulips, please.

Shop assistant: Red or yellow?

Mum: Red, please.

Shop assistant:Here you are.

Mum: Thank you.

V. Post-activity

Activity 3Work in groups. Play “Shops”.10 min

Objectives: to develop the pupils’ creativity and social skills;

to consolidate the topic vocabulary

STEP 1: The pupils choose a shop they would like to create. They should write a name for their shop and draw the items they can sell in their shop. Say they have 5 minutes for drawing. Say that drawings must be very simple. Also say that they can use real objects like bags, pens, pencils or different toys, etc.

STEP 2: The pupils go and “buy” something from another shop. Say that they should not forget to say: „Good morning, Hello, Good bye, please, thank you‟,etc.

VI. Homework 5 min

Ask the pupils to look at the homework. Check that everybody understands what to do. If necessary, explain that they must read the text on Page 44 and colour the picture on Page 45 according to the sentences. They must write the name of the shop as well.

VII. Evaluation. Giving marks

Additional materials

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 4 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

The Plan on the theme "Can I help you?"

Автор: Jurayeva Mahfuza Shodaliyevna

Дата: 30.03.2020

Номер свидетельства: 544692

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