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Тема: « Animals and Plants Around Us »

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Урок направлен на повторение и закрепление материала в 7 классе о животных и растениях.

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Тема: « Animals and Plants Around Us »»

Тема: « Animals and Plants Around Us »

Цели: Образовательная- активизация и закрепление изученной лексики по теме « Animals and Plants Around Us »; обобщение и употребление времён Present Simple, Present Progressive, Past Simple, Present Perfect Progressive и Present Perfect; формирование навыков чтения и перевода, аудирования, говорения и письма;

Развивающая- развитие навыков и умений во всех видах речевой деятельности; развитие памяти, внимания, смекалки, сообразительности, воображения, создание языковой среды;

Воспитательная- воспитание любви к животным и бережного отношения к растениям; ответственная роль человека к природе; воспитание культуры интеллектуального труда. ( слайд № 2 )

Тип урока: повторение и закрепление изученного материала.

Формы урока: индивидуальная работа, фронтальная работа.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, презентация к уроку « Animals and Plants Around Us », аудиозапись пения птиц; раздаточный материал к рефлексии « Светофор ».

Ход урока:

  1. Организационный момент.

Слово учителя.

- Good morning, pupils! I’m glad to see you. It is an unusual lesson, because we have a lot of guests. Say «Good morning » to our guests. Sit down, please.

Let’s start our lesson. Today our topic is « Animals and Plants Around Us ». Our guests want to see if you know English well, how you read and translate, speak and listen.

  1. Фонетическая зарядка. ( слайд № 3 )

-Let’s begin our lesson with the poem about the world around us.

( Ученики слушают стихотворение и повторяют за учителем ).

Look around and you will see:

Berries, flowers, bushes, trees,

Mountains are very high,

Birds are flying in the sky.

You can swim in the sea.

You can climb different trees.

All around us is nature,

Full of wonders and adventures.

  1. Речевая зарядка. ( слайд № 4- 7 )

-There are 2 kinds of animals in the world. What kinds of animals do you know ? ( domestic animals and wild animals )

Look at the pictures in the screen and name them.

  1. Грамматические навыки. ( слайд № 8 )

-You must choose the right verb forms ( Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Progressive and Past Simple ).

  • Elephants ( to eat ) leaves, plants , fruit and roots.

  • The crows ( to croak ) in the garden all the morning.

  • Many birds ( to build ) their nests at this moment.

  • The swallows ( to fly ) to the South already.

  • Many swans ( to be ) near the river yesterday.

  • My dog Rex ( to like ) to go for a walk twice a day.

  1. Презентации учащихся.

-And now our pupils are going to tell some interesting facts about animals, insects and plants.

About animals. ( слайд № 9-18 )

  • South African monkey was once awarded a medal and promoted to the rank of corporal during World War 1;

  • Ostriches live about 75 years and can reproduce for 50 years;

  • A rat can last longer without water than a camel can;

  • The world’s largest mammal, the blue whale, weighs 50 tons at birth. Fully grown, it weighs as much as 150 tons;

  • A cat sees about 6 times better than a human at night;

  • The female lion does more than 90 per cent the hunting while the male simply prefers to rest;

  • A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue;

  • It is possible to lead a cow upstairs….. but not downstairs;

  • At birth, a panda is smaller than a mouse and weighs about 115 grams.

About insects. ( слайд № 19-25 )

  • Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight;

  • Dragonflies have 6 legs but cannot walk;

  • Bees have 5 eyes. There are 3 small eyes on the top of a bee’s head and 2 larger ones in front;

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue twice as much as to any other color ;

  • The largest cockroach on record is about 10 centimetre;

  • Butterflies taste with their feet.

About plants. ( слайд № 26- 33 )

  • In countries such as England, the USA and Iran, the rose is the national flower. The oldest rosebush in the world is growing in Germany;

  • The largest water lily is the Giant Water Lily. It can be found in the Amazon. It can grow to be 2 feet to 6 feet in diameter;

  • Chrysanthemum is one of the oldest known flowers. It has been grown in Japan for nearly two thousand years and it is its national flower and emblem;

  • It is September’s flower. It is climbing plant with white, blue and purple blossoms. The morning glory has sweet smell and can grow wild;

  • Maple Leaf is a symbol of Canada. Maple syrup is made from the sap of sugar maple trees;

  • The national flower of the Netherlands is tulip. The tulip bulbs are good substitute for onions in cooking;

  • The symbol of Russia is Camomile. The flower has an aromatic, fruity and floral fragrance.

  1. Развитие лексических навыков.

  • What proverbs about animals do you know ?

( Дети называют изученные пословицы ).

  • Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

( Цыплят по осени считают )

  • A cat in gloves catches no mice.

( Без труда не вытащишь и рыбки из пруда )

  • The early bird catches the worm.

( Кто рано встаёт, того удача ждёт )

  • Barking dogs seldom bite.

( Собака, что брешет, кусать не будет )

  • Honey is sweet but the bee stings.

( И хочется, и колется )

  • To follow like sheep.

( Как стадо баранов )

  • Never buy a pig in a poke.

( Не покупай кота в мешке )

  • A bird may be known by its song.

  • ( Видна птица по полёту )

  1. Аудирование. ( слайд № 34 )

- Let’s have a rest and imagine that we are in the forest. Listen and say what bird is singing.

( Учитель включает аудиозапись пения птиц )

  1. Развитие интеллектуальных навыков.

а) Guess the animal.

  • It lives in India or Africa. It is a large animal. It has 4 legs and 2 big ears and helps people to carry things. What is it ? ( an elephant )

  • It lives on the farm. It flies badly. It eats corn. It lays eggs. It sing songs. What is it ? ( a hen )

  • It is a wild animal. It has 4 legs, a long tail and very sharp teeth. It is very dangerous. It can be red or white with black stripes. ( a tiger )

  • I have 4 legs and a long tail,

I eat oats and hay.

I love to run fast.

I let people ride on my back.

I am a………… ( a horse )

  • Green and long

With many teeth.

Beautiful smile-

It’s a……….( a crocodile )

  • I have wings but I’m not a bird

I am small and colorful.

I live in gardens and fields and forests.

I am a……. ( a butterfly )

b) Find a pair of each word. ( слайд № 35 )









red fur




fat and oil




c) Finish the saying. ( слайд № 36 )

  • As hungry as…….

  • As brave as…….

  • As heavy as…….

  • As dirty as……..

  • As tall as……..

  • As busy as……..

  • As funny as…….

  • As slow as…….

  1. Подведение итогов. Рефлексия. ( слайд № 37- 38 )

  1. Homework. ( слайд № 39 )

  • Describe animal or plant ( 7-10 sentences ).

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Тема: « Animals and Plants Around Us »

Автор: Ягодзинская Екатерина Олеговна

Дата: 05.05.2022

Номер свидетельства: 606228

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