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Разработка урока "Школьные правила"

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Отработка лексики по теме школьные правила, развитие навыков устной речи

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«Разработка урока "Школьные правила"»

Разработка урока в 4 классе

Тема: “School Rules”.


1. Закрепить употребление ЛЕ по теме «Школа».

2. Развивать навыки устной речи.

Ход урока

  1. Орг. момент.

T: Good afternoon dear friend and guests. Turn over and welcome our guests.

Ch: Good afternoon.

T: It’s time to begin our lesson. There are many rules at school. Let’s recall the first school rule. (The poem “One, two, three, four…)

  1. Фон. зарядка.

Ch: One, two, three, four,

Come in, please and shut the door.

Five, six, seven, eight,

It’s time for school you’re very late.

Nine, ten, nine, ten,

Don’t be late for school again.

Затем спрашиваю еще одного ученика ( ________)

Do you understand this rule? What is it about in Russian?

  1. Реч. зарядка

We have got many lessons. And we need different things for the lessons, look at the picture let’s name them.

T: The second rule is “get ready for the lesson”. Tell me what you have got for the lesson?

P: I have got a pen, a text book, a copy book… (3 человека)

T: Have you got a ball? (a toy, a picture, a photo)

P: No, I haven’t.

T: Tell me what Sasha has got.

P: She has got… (3 человека)

T: Why do we need these things?

P1: I need a pen for writing. I need a dictionary for translating.

P2: I need a book for reading. I need a pencil for drawing.

P3: I need a rubber for cleaning. I need a copy book for writing exercises.

T: What do you like to do at the English lesson?

P1: I like to read English texts and answer the questions.

P2: I like to translate.

P3: I like to sing English songs. Etc.

  1. Работа над темой.

T: Now you’ll work at other school rules. Read the sentences and mark plus or minus what you must or mustn’t do at school.

  1. I must do my homework every day.

  2. I must climb on the teacher’s table.

  3. I must keep my desks clean.

  4. I must take my pet at the lesson.

  5. I must do what my teacher says.

  6. I must speak loudly in the classroom.

  7. I must sleep in the classroom.

  8. I must answer the teacher’s questions.

  9. I must translate from English into Russian.

  10. I must talk with your friend at the lesson.

  11. I must draw on the walls of the classroom

What do you think about sentence 2? Is it right or wrong?

P: I think it is wrong because we mustn’t climb on the teacher’s table.

  1. Физ. Минутка.

Of course school rules are boring. Let’s make them fun. Let’s sing the song « This is the way we read our books». (write exercises, sing our songs, draw our pictures, answer the qustions)

So, we do it every day at the lessons. Now we shall speak about what little hobbits did at the lessons yesterday.

  1. Работа над текстом.

  • Read the text and find the answers to the questions.

  1. What lessons did they have? Put sentences in the right order.

  2. What did they take to school?

  3. What did they do at the lessons?

  4. What didn’t they need for the lessons?

Yesterday little hobbits had 3 lessons.

The second lesson was Literature.

They counted flowers and played merry computer games.

During the second break they ate bananas and drank orange juice.

The first lesson was Maths. They took a pen, a rule, a computer and a dictionary.

Little hobbits learned English at the second lesson. They took paints, a text book, a ball and a copy book.

During the third lesson little hobbits sang a lovely English song.

They spoke English, asked and answered the questions

Little hobbits had a good time at school.

  • Answer the questions using…

  1. Little hobbits had…

The first lesson was…

The second lesson was…

The third lesson was…

  1. They took…

  2. During the lessons they…

  3. For the lessons they didn’t need…

  • Read the sentences in the logical order.

  1. Проверка дом. задания

T: I think their school day was fun. And what can you tell about your lessons yesterday? Your home task was a story about yesterday. One pupil will read and other pupil will listen to and find pictures about what your friend did at the lessons yesterday.

Учащиеся зачитывают сочинения на тему: « School was fun yesterday.»

Пока один ученик читает свое сочинение, остальные слушают, а затем называют номера картинок, которые описывают, что делал ученик вчера.

T: Please, give the number of the picture. Did you like your school day yesterday? Was it boring or fun?

  1. Заключительный этап.

T: School is fun when pupils follow special rules. To follow rules is very important. There are some proverbs about school rules.

Do you know some of them?

Ch: The more we learn the more we know.

It’s never too late to learn.

Come to school in time, to late is a crime.

T: There are two more proverbs read and try to translate.

Live and learn. - Век живи, век учись

Work when you work, play when you play. – Делу время, потехе час.

  1. Объяснение дом. задания. WB №10 p.53

  2. Подведение итогов.

T: Our lesson is coming to the end let’s recall all school rules:

Ch: Don’t be late for school.

Have got all things for the lesson.

Do your homework.

Do what your teacher says.

Keep your desks and books clean.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 4 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Разработка урока "Школьные правила"

Автор: Митрова Алла Владимировна

Дата: 06.02.2017

Номер свидетельства: 388634

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