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Презентация по английскому языку по теме "My school Life"

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1. Орг. момент. Фонзарядка.

-Let’s do our phonetic exercise

The more we learn, the more we know. 
The more we know, the more we forget.
The more we forget, the less we know.
The less we forget, the more we know 
So why study?

2. Answer my questions.

-Do you go to school?

-What subjects do you learn?

-Do you know the proverb “Knowledge is power”?

-Do you like our school?

-Who is your class teacher?

-What is your favourite school subject?

-Where do you get knowledge from?

-Many of your classmates demonstrate good knowledge of school subjects. Why? How can you explain this?

-How many girls and boys are in your class?

3. Do you know words about school?

1. pen
2. pencil
3. book
4. ruler
5. bag
7. desk
8. teacher
9. blackboard
10. pupil
11. classmates
12. Tell him or her about your lesson

4. Let’s talk about our school.

a. Describe your typical day at school to your new American friend. 
b. Tell him or her about your school.
c. Tell him or her about your school subjects.
d. Tell your friend about your school, class(classrooms, your class teacher)
e. Tell your friend about your sport lessons.
f. Describe your classroom to your friend.
g. Tell your friend where your get knowledge. How do you increase it?
h. Tell him or her about English lessons.
i. Describe your typical lessons.
j. Describe your extracurricular activities.

Примeрные ответы учащихся

1) I get up at 7o’clock, make my bed, have breakfast and go to school. Our lessons begin at 9o’clock. Every day we have six lessons, except Saturday. On Saturday we have only five lessons. Every lesson lasts 45 minutes. After third lesson we have lunch. Our lessons finish at 2o’clock.

2) We have many subjects. They are: Russian, Baskir, English, Mathematics, History, Music, Sport, Culture of Bashkortostan, Physical training, Literature and others. My favorite subject is English. It is interesting and exciting at the history lessons. Our History teacher Marat Robertovich is a good teacher. He explains a new material simply and interestingly.

3) I live in Kuzhanak. I attend Kuzhanak secondary school. It is not very big but it is very nice. A new building of our school was build in 1999. Our deputies M. M. Usmanov and Sarbaev helped to build this new building.

In front of our school there is a garden for flowers. Not far from our school there is a garden for cabbage, onion, carrot, cucumber, tomato, garlic, beetroot, garden radish and others.

4) I like my school. Here we have a computer room where we can or work with computer. Our school library is not very big there we can find every book we need. Our classrooms are well equipped and nicely decorated.

5) My school is great. Especially I like my sport lessons. My favorite spots are basketball, volleyball, ping- pong and football. But at the same time we don’t have enough sport facilities at school. I like swimming but there is no swimming- pool in our school. Our schoolchildren can attend their favorite clubs. I attend basketball and volleyball clubs.

6) It is interesting and pleasant at our English lessons. Our English teacher is Faniya Gayazovna. She is 45 years old. Her hobby is music and dancing That’s why she teacher us to sing English songs and dance. We translate texts from English into Russian and from Russian into English. We read, write, play different games at the lessons. My favourite lesson is English.

6) Extracurricular activities are different in our school. There are some clubs: cooking, drama and sport games. I attend basketball club. We have different parties after classes, print our school newspaper. In the newspaper we write about our school life.

6.Which of the following school subjects do you like or hate?(для слабых учащихся)

  • Russian
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Natural history
  • English
  • Art
  • Music
  • Labor training

7. Which of the following activities do you like or hate? (для сильных учащихся)

  • To take part in the concerts
  • To draw pictures and posters
  • To learn and sing the song
  • To dance
  • To solve sum
  • To translate texts from English into Russian
  • To play basketball
  • To play volleyball
  • To read books
  • To write a composition

8. What do you think about your school subjects?








9. Ex. 6 p.192

Fill in the gaps.

10. Ex.4 p.191

Listen to the Misha’s timetable and make up your own timetable.

11. Ex.9 p.193 (Homework, learn the song by heart)

-Thank you for the lesson.



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Просмотр содержимого документа
«презентация по английскому языку по теме "My school Life" »

        Ход урока

        I        Оргмомент

T: Good morning students! Glad to see you. I’m sure everybody is all right. Let’s make our lesson interesting and useful. The theme of our lesson is «We and Mass-Media». Today we are going to speak about some means of communicating. They are traditionally called the media.  The mass media actually rule the world and play a very important part in our lives.

And now tell me what types of mass-media do you know?

P:  I know TV, the Internet, newspapers and radio.

T: What types of mass-media do you use in your everyday life?

P: In my everyday life I usually use TV, the Internet, radio and newspapers.

           II  Выполнение учащимися задания и аудирование упр. 1

T: So students, I see you know the main media. But what are their definitions?

Your task is to match the words and their definitions.

  • Television

  • Newspaper

  • Tabloid

  • The Internet

  • Radio

  1. a paper printed and sold usually daily or weekly with news, advertisements etc.;

  2. the process of sending and receiving messages through the air; broadcasting programmes for people to listen to;

  3. broadcasting programmes (the news, plays, advertisements, shows, etc.) for people to watch on their television sets;

  4. a newspaper with rather small pages, many pictures and little serious news;

  5. a way to communicate with your partner who might be a thousand miles away using the computer (e-mails).

Now listen to the tape to check up your task.


 III  Речевая зарядка

T: Now let’s speak about the main mass-media. You know that newspapers are very popular among people, don’t you?

T:  Do you like reading newspapers?

P:  Yes, I do.

T:   What newspapers do the members of your family prefer reading?  F.eg. your mother?

P:  My mother likes reading …

T: What are the main types of newspapers in Britain?

P:  The main types of British newspapers are quality newspapers and tabloids.

T: Do you know the titles of British newspapers?  What are they?

P: They are …

T: What do people read newspapers for?

P: They want to learn some news (TV programme, horoscopes, weather forecast, etc.)

T: So students, when television arrived, many people predicted that radio would disappear. They were wrong. Since the arrival of television, radio audiences has increased, and radio now has more listeners than ever before. Radio has changed I think that radio has become the most important media for music.

T: What do you think, when do the people listen to the radio nowadays?

P: I think that many people now listen to the radio while they are working or relaxing.

T: What radio stations do you prefer to listen?

P: I prefer to listen to ….

T: I am sure that all of you know the famous English singer Freddy Mercury who loved radio very much. Let’s listen to his well-known song “Radio” and sing it with him.


        Прослушивание и исполнение песни


 IV    Работа с текстом

T: You know TV now is one of the most important mass media. We can hardly imagine our life without TV. I think you know much about TV. Prove it answering my questions.

  1. How many television channels do you receive in you town? What is your favourite TV channel?

  2. How often do you usually watch TV?

  3. When do you usually watch TV?

  4. What are your favourite programmes?

 T: You have a lot of favourite programmes. So the next task is to match each type of programme on the left with the correct item on the right.

a) nature films

1) football, boxing, swimming

b) quiz shows

2) life of different countries

c) news

3) people try to win prizes by answering questions

d) soap operas

4) advertisements for products

e) commercials

5) animals, fish, birds, plants, flowers

f) travel films

6) information about what’s happening in the world

g) comedies

7) jokes and funny situations

h) sport

8) information for students

i) education programmes

9) story of the daily life of a family

T: Do you know that TV has some advantages and disadvantages? Let’s read the text and discuss the positive and negative sides of TV.

But first of all, let’s work with the list of words, try to understand them.

  • advantages and disadvantages

  • to keep people informed

  • to provide

  • to be very harmful for eyes

  • violent programs

  • to make people violent

  • violence

  • a vital problem

  • advertisement

  • to become TV-addicted

Before reading: answer the question “Do you agree that TV has positive and negative sides? What sides are predominant to your mind?”

                                          Advantages and disadvantages of TV

   Watching TV, you know, is the perfect way to spend our free time. Do you agree? Or maybe you don’t? It’s a well known fact that TV has good and bad sides.  

   First of all it keeps people informed; we can learn a lot of information watching TV. We can choose programs that appeal to us more, because TV provides programs for all interests. Sometimes with the help of TV we can relax, entertain ourselves, especially when we are tired.

   Advertisement on TV gives us information about different products, and it makes it easier to choose things to buy. When we watch TV we learn something new about the world, famous people and recent news.

   But, on the other hand, TV has a lot of disadvantages. It takes a lot of time and it makes us lazy. Besides, it’s very harmful for our health, especially for our eyes. Some violent programs and films on TV make people violent. Violence becomes a vital problem in our days.

  There is too much advertisement on TV. Sometimes it can encourage us to buy things we don’t need at all. Watching TV takes all free time from almost all people. We just watch it, not concentrate, and waste time.

  So, we can’t say exactly whether it’s useful to watch TV or not, as TV has its advantages and disadvantages.

  Millions people in the world spend hours watching TV every day… But what for? Do people really think it’s the best way to spend time?

    Many people become TV-addicted and it’s really a problem of our time. But the fact is that “so many people, so many minds!”And what do you think? 

  T:   Make up the table, using facts from the text (it’s better to divide the class in to two groups, the first one – to find the advantages of watching TV, the second one - to find the disadvantages of watching TV)

advantages of watching TV

disadvantages of watching TV







  T: Try to express the main idea of the text in several sentences.


V. Подведение итогов урока

Проведение связи с началом урока: Remember your answer on the question before the text. Have you changed your opinion after reading or not?

Home assignment: Express your opinion 

What advantages and disadvantages has TV to your mind? Make up the presentation of your opinion. Continue filling the table with the facts of your own.

Make up the presentation of your opinion, using the facts from the text and the phrases from the table.

 VI. Выставление оценок за урок

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