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Our house is big and nice

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разработка урока для 3х классов на тему "our house is big and nice "

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«Our house is big and nice»

Самарқанд вилояти Каттақўрғон шаҳар

6-умумтаълим мактаби инглиз тили

фани ўқитувчиси

Назарова Шахнознинг

3-синф учун тайёрлаган 1 соатлик дарс

Technological map of the lesson





3 rd


Unit 3 Our house


Lesson 1 Our house is big and nice.


45 minutes



-to learn to say, read and write the parts of a house


-to enable pupils to read and write the parts of a house;

-to enable pupils to ask and answer the question ‘’Where’s…?’’

Waited results:


By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

- read and write the parts of a house;

- ask and answer the question ‘’Where’s…?

Fish/duck/clock,etc? ’’


Pupil’s book ,work book, the DVD , projector, a computer etc.

New words:

House, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, my room


Organizational part



Comprehension check



Explaining the new theme



Developing the new lesson






Ending the lesson


  1. Organizational part:


Teacher: Good morning pupils!

Pupils: Good morning to you , good morning to you,

Good morning dear teacher , good morning, to you!

Teacher: Thank you very much my dears! Please, sit down!

Well, if you are ready we shall begin our lesson.

  1. Comprehension check:

Let’s begin our lesson with an interesting game. I think you’ll like it.

Oh. My dear, we’ll play the game “weather”. Now pupils I’ll give you questions and you should answer them .

Let’s start.

- What date is it today?- Today is the ----

-What season is it now? -It is spring.

-What color is spring? - it’s green.

-what weather is it now? –It’s sunny.

What was your home work?–revision


Well done.

Well. My clever pupils. Thank you for your knowledge.

The procedure of the lesson

Warming up

Let’s continue our lesson with an interesting song. Oh my dear. I think you’ll like this song Activity 1 Listen and sing.

Objective: to warm up

Teacher asks the pupils to listen and then sing the song “It’s my house” and sing along with the DVD.

It’s my house.It’s my home!(2 times)

It’s my living room.I watch TV.

It’s my bedroom.I play with my toys.

It’s my bathroom.It’s I wash my teeth.

It’s my kitchen.I have my lunch.

It’s my house.It’s my home!(2 times)

Teacher: Thank you for your participation and singing the so

3.Explaining the new theme:

Activity 2a Look,listen and repeat.

Objective: to introduce the new vocabulary.

Look at the screen and listen to the new words and then repeat them. Pupils will look, listen to attentively and remember

Teacher says, repeat after me : House, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen,my room.

Activity 2b Work in pairs.Ask and answer.

Objectives:to consolidate the newly introduced words;

Ask the pupils to work in pairs.Explain that,they should use to do Activity2b’ they use the picture of the house in Activity2a.Pupil A asks a question,as shown in the example,using a wordin the word cloud.PupilB finds it in the picture and answers PupilA’s question.Then they change roles.

Answer keys:

1)The duck is in the bathroom.

2)The teddy bear is in the bedroom.

3)The fish is in the livingroom.

4)The clock is in the kitchen.

5)The cat is in the bedroom.

6)The ball is in the bedroom.

Activity 3 Work in pairs.Mime and guess.

Objective:to reinforce the new words.

Teacher says:Now ,you should work in pairs.

Teacher demonstrates first herself.She mimes that she is brushing teeth.The pupils must guess the room.Then teacher asks that two pupils to come to the blackboard:one of them will mime,the other will guess like the example below:

Pupil A:(mimes sleeping)

Pupil B:’A bedroom.’(mimes brushing teeth)

Pupil A:’A kitchen.’

Pupil B:’No.’

Pupil A:’A bathroom.’

Pupil B:’Yes.’

Then teacher asks that pupils should work in pairs and do the same as was demonstrated. Monitor and help if necessary.

Activity 4 Pay”Room salad”.

Objectives: to reinforce the new words.

Teacher:Let’s make 5 groups and play a game”Room salad” Please sit in a circle.

1st group:kitchen

2nd group:bedroom

3rd group:bathroom

4th group:living room

5th group:my room

When I say ”kitchen” the pupils who are kitchens must change their places. The same with other rooms, but when I say ” house” all of you stand up and must change your place. Do you know what to do?

Well done.

Activity 5 Look and Write.

Objectives: to reinforce the new materials using the pictures;

To develop the pupils’ writing skills

Teacher says, open your work book on page 14 and write a suitable word to each picture.

Well if you have done, please change your workbook with your partner and check. You got excellent marks.

Activity 6 Work in pairs. Listen and say.

Objectives: To reinforce the spelling of the new words.

Teacher:Let’s look at Activity6 .In this activity you should play a game about parts of a house .One of you spells a word,the pupil will say it as shown in the example.

PupilA:k-i-t-c-h-e-n. PupilB: Kitchen

PupilA:b-e-d-r-o-o-m. PupilB:Bedroom

PupilA:b-a-t-h-r-o-o-m. PupilB:Bathroom.

PupilA: l-i-v-i-n-g- r-o-o-m. PupilB:Living room.

PupilA:m-y -r-o-o-m. PupilB:My room.

Good job, my dears! Thanks for your act!

4.Ending the lesson:

Bravo boys and girls! Your mark is excellent.


Teacher says: Look at Home work on page14. Look everything is clear,my dear pupils should find and mark 9 words as shown in the crossword. Then you should write sentences using these words under the crossword.

Answer keys:Horizontally:table,chair,kitchen,bedroom,floor,door.


Our lesson is over. Good-bye my pupils till the next lesson.


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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 3 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Our house is big and nice

Автор: Назарова Шахноз Мухаммадмуратовна

Дата: 05.04.2020

Номер свидетельства: 545454

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