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Astana lesson plan

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Сабақтың мақсаты оқушылардың Астанаға деген қызығушылығын арттыру. Салыстырмалы және күшейтпелі шырайды түсіндіру.

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«Astana lesson plan»

Date: 11.02.2019

Form: 4 “д”

The theme: Astana

The aims of the lesson:

Bring up: Conduct practice in speech activity: listening; be able to carry out an imaginary tour of Astana; to carry out practical work in groups;

to intensify known to students vocabulary on the topic “Astana”

Educational: to develop love and pride for his capital, friendship;

to foster respect for the history of the capital.

Developing: to develop thinking, creativity, initiative in the implementation of foreign language speech activity; an increase in the share of independent work at home or at school;

to develop interdisciplinary connected with history and cognitive interests of the students.

The methods of teaching: 1. Practical 2. Reproductive 3. Visual

Types of teaching:

1. work with text

2. Work at grammar

3. Work at pronunciation

4. Answer- question work

The visual aids: interactive board, cards, pictures

The Plan of the lesson


Good morning pupils! How are you? I am glad to see you?

What season is it now?

What month is it now?

What date is it today?

What day of the week is it today?

Let’s start our lesson.

II. Checking up the home task

p.71 to retell the text, vocabulary.

III. Phonetic drill.

Astana! The city of future

The city of fate

The city of hope

and beautiful dream.

IV. The main part.

Today we’ll work on a very interesting theme.

Let’s watch the video. (video about Astana)

T: What is the capital of our country?

The theme of our lesson is Astana

The motto of our lesson is…

“East or West, home is best.”

What do you know about Astana?

Pupil 1: Astana is the capital of our country.

Pupil 2: Astana is the most beautiful city in the world.

Pupil 3: Astana is famous for the Baiterek Tower.

Pupil 4: Astana was twelve years old in 2010.

Pupil 5: Astana became the capital in 1998.

Pupil 6: Astana is the place where our President lives.

Pupil 7: Astana is the city where I would like to live.

Let’s watch the presentation about Astana (слайд)

New words:

-Dear pupils, I want to introduce you with new words. Look at the board and repeat after me the new words.

Become [bi’kᴧm]-болу

Exciting [ik’saitiη]- әсерлі, еліктіргіш

Mean [mi:n]-мағына

Present name [‘prez(ә)nt neim]-қазіргі атауы


Now, open your P. books at page number 76, you’ll read this text one by one.

Answer the questions: (Slide)

1.How many people live in Astana?

2.Which river is there in Astana?

3.When did it become a town?

4.When did it get its name “Astana”?

Grammar: Comparative form (салыстырмалы шырай)

We use comparative adjectives to compare one thing with another:

big bigger


To make a comparative form of a long adjective we use the word “more”

more popular, more modern, more beautiful, more interesting.

Practice/ Writing.

Ex. 5 p.77 P.B. Complete the sentences.

1.Big cities are (dangerous)___________than small cities.

2.Travelling by plane is (boring)__________than by train.

3. Cities now are (exciting)___________than before.

4. Astana now is (important)_________than it was before.

5. Now Astana is (beautiful)__________than it was in 1830.

Warm up:


Kazakhstan is my country

Kazakhstan is my land.

I live here with my friends

Kazakhstan is my country

Kazakhstan is my land.

I live here with my friends.

Make a poster.

1st group: match the adjectives with the correct comparative form.

Interesting, long, bad, fantastic, big, good, bigger, fantasticer, longer, better, badder, worse, interestinger, more interesting, more good, longer, more fantastic.

2nd group: write the comparative form of these adjectives

Big-_____ busy-_______ hot-______

Small-_____ noisy-______ long-_____

Quiet-_____ cold-_______ old-______


Work with cards:

1st group: Make two sentences with these adjectives.

Difficult modern exciting popular

e.g. Astana is more modern than it was before.

2nd group: Complete the text with the words from the box.

Was than is are more exciting

  1. Astana ____more beautiful_________ it was before.

  2. Astana is_______ modern than it__________ before.

  3. Astana is a more_________ place than it was before because there ______ a lot of sights, museums and theatres, beautiful parks and squares there.

Card 1: Translate into English.

1.ескі, ескірек, кәрі, ұзын, ең ұзын, қысқа, қысқарақ.

(old, older, the oldest, long, the longest, short, shorter.)

Card 2: Complete.

  1. ____ -brighter-the brightest

  2. Easy-_______-the easiest

  3. Funny- ______- the funniest

  4. _____-hotter- _______

  1. bright, 2. Easier, 3. Funnier, 4. Hot, the hottest. )

Homework: Ex. 4,5 p, 43 w. b.

Giving marks: Was the lesson interesting? Why? What have you liked?

Your marks for the lesson are …

- Thank you for your work today. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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Astana lesson plan

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