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Упражнения на тему "Местоимения"

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Данная подборка упражнений поможет обобщить и отработать знания по теме "Местоимения английского языка".

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Упражнения на тему "Местоимения"»


Упр. 1. Вставьте подходящие по смыслу личные местоимения.

1. Ben is a little boy. … is six.

2. Jane is a house-wife (домохозяйка). … is lazy (ленивая).

3. Max is a soldier. … is brave.

4. Lily is a young woman. … is very beautiful.

5. Alice is late. … is in a traffic jam (в дорожной пробке).

6. Nick and Ann are far from Moscow. … are on a farm.

7. This is Ben's room. … is nice.

8. These are new books. … are interesting.

9. This is Elsa. … is a student.

10. Nick and Max are students. … are students of a Moscow university.

11. The rooms are small but … are light and warm.

12. The new flat is comfortable but … is far from the university.

13. Jack has many French books. … likes to read French very much.

14. Hans is a new student. … is German.

15. Alice and Jane are new secretaries. … are not lazy.

Упр. 2. Вставьте соответствующие личные местоимения в предлагаемых ответах на вопросы.

1. Is your house new? – Yes, … is.

2. Are the students at the English lesson now? - Yes, ... are.

3. Is your university in Green Street? – Yes, … is.

4. Are Helen and Bess your sisters? – Yes, … are.

5. Is Ben's sister an engineer? – Yes, … is.

6. Are the pencils red? – No, … are not.

7. Is this room comfortable? - No, … isn't.

8. Are the textbooks on the shelf? - Yes, ... are.

9. Does the girl often visit the museum? – No, … doesn't.

10. Does this pen write well? – Yes, ... does.

11. Is Ben on holiday now? – No, … isn't.

12. Is Helen nice? - Yes, … is.

13. Are you an engineer? - Yes, … am.

Упр. 3. Замените выделенные слова личными местоимениями в объектном падеже.

1. I like Nick.

2. We like Bess.

3. He likes ice-cream.

4. Can you show the pictures to Ben?

5. You can tell Helen my e-mail address.

6. Are you interested in football?

7. I want to buy two bottles of milk for Bess.

8. Do you want to play tennis with Ben?

9. We must speak to Nick.

10. You should invite Helen and Bess to your house for dinner.

11. Do you know Mary?

12. Tell Nick about your plan.

13. I see my friends every day.

Упр. 4. Вставьте подходящие по смыслу личные местоимения в объектном падеже.

1. Where is Nick? I want to play tennis with … .

2. Bess is here. Do you want to speak to … ?

3. My sister speaks French. She learns … at school.

4. Look at that man. Do you know … ?

5. Do you want to read this newspaper? I can give … to … .

6. If you see Ben and Bess, please, don't tell … anything.

7. We want to phone Helen and invite … to the party.

Упр. 5. Замените выделенные слова личными местоимениями в именительном или объектном падеже.

1. The vase is on the table.

2. Mother often sends Ben to buy milk.

3. Are Bess and Helen ready to do the work?

4. Nick and Ben spend their holidays at the seaside.

5. The man is in the park.

6. The managers are not at work now.

7. Helen and I are good friends.

8. Is Ben at the lesson now?

9. Where is the calculator?

10. The newspapers are on the table.

11. The child is in the garden with his mother.

12. Our parents are always glad to see us.

13. My brother and I are good football players.

14. Bess knows Ben.

15. I see the picture very well.

16. The students have lectures every day.

17. The boy plays football every Sunday.

18. The teacher asks the students.

19. The students write tests every week.

20. Look at the picture!

21. I have the book at home.

22. Max wants to speak to Helen.

Упр. 6. Замените выделенные слова притяжательными местоимениями.

1. This is Ben's room.

2. This is Helen's hat.

3. Here is my parents' house.

4. Nick's mother is an economist.

5. Where is my brother's bag?

6. I like Helen's car.

7. Ann's books are on the table.

This student's sister is my friend.

9. My sister's house is not far from Ben's house.

10. Where is the children's room?

11. Ann's brothers study at the university.

12. These boys’ fathers don't work at the factory.

13. Here is my sister’s flat.

Упр. 7. Вставьте притяжательные местоимения.

1. Is your bag new? - Yes, … bag is new .

2. I like … hat, Ann.

3. Don't plant this tree! … branch is broken.

4. Max, you have a new job. Do you like … new job?

5. … friends always tell me everything.

6. Our dog likes to run after ... tail.

Упр. 8. Измените следующие предложения по образцу, употребляя абсолютную форму притяжательных местоимений.


This car is my car.

This car is mine.

1. This calculator is my calculator.

2. Is this bicycle your bicycle?

3. These hats are her hats.

4. This room is their room.

5. This dog is our dog.

6. My flat is more comfortable than your flat.

7. Our house is near their house.

8. Which of the dictionaries is your dictionary?

9. Is this book his book?

10. Whose cat is this? Is it her cat or his cat?

Упр. 9. Выберите подходящее притяжательное местоимение.

1. Mark is (their, theirs) cousin.

2. This is our car. It is (our, ours).

3. These are Mary's books. They are (her, hers).

4. White is (my, mine) favourite colour.

5. You can't have this book. It is not (your, yours).

6. (Her, Hers) house is big.

7. Is this (your, yours) coat? - No, it is not (my, mine).

8. Are these your friends' books? - Yes, they are (their, theirs).

9. That is (our, ours) house. It is (our, ours).

Упр. 10. Измените предложения по образцу, употребляя указательные местоимения во множественном числе. Сделайте другие необходимые изменения.


This girl is a student.

These girls are students.

That boy is brave.

Those boys are brave.

1. This book is French.

2. This girl is in the garden.

3. That map is old.

4. This student is from Great Britain.

5. That flower is beautiful.

6. This is my bag.

7. This is a French text.

8. That room is nice.

9. This film is interesting.

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Упражнения на тему "Местоимения"

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