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(16-20)3 Тренировочные тесты для подготовки к ЕГЭ

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Учителям предлагается система заданий на развитие умений чтения, письма, лексико-грамматитческих навыков как основы речевых умений. Они не  только решают задачу тренировки установленных форматов экзаменационных заданий, но и служат развитию жизненно важных универсальных учебных действий. Так, задания по чтению в формате True/False/Not Stated, установление соответствий между текстами/частями текста и заголовками - шаги в развитии умений смыслового чтения -одного из важнейших метапредметных умений.

Вы уже знаете о суперспособностях современного учителя?
Тратить минимум сил на подготовку и проведение уроков.
Быстро и объективно проверять знания учащихся.
Сделать изучение нового материала максимально понятным.
Избавить себя от подбора заданий и их проверки после уроков.
Наладить дисциплину на своих уроках.
Получить возможность работать творчески.

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«(16-20)3 Тренировочные тесты для подготовки к ЕГЭ»

Test 16

Поставьте все части текста в нужной логической последовательности.

  1. This modern festival started in California in the United States in 1960s because some black people wanted to celebrate their original history and culture in their new country. Some Africans in the USA, especially those living in white areas, want their children to value their African-American history. Kwanzaa is not a religious festivals, but a festival that celebrates several important ideas and principles like unity, cooperation and creativity, for example.

  2. As Kwanzaa becomes popular, it is also becoming more commercialized. There are now Kwanzaa cards, books on Kwanzaa, poetry and recipes. Parents are buying more expensive gifts for their children. Now there is also ‘ Nia umoja’ a kind old man, rather like Father Christmas, who attracts children to the festival. Kwanzaa is an interesting balance of African and modern American influence.

  3. Kwanzaa is a modern festival celebrated by African Americans. It comes from traditional African agricultural festivals. In fact, the name ‘Kwanzaa’ comes from the Swahili word for the first fruit. African Americans also use a Swahil greeting, ‘What’s new?’ during their festival of Kwanzaa.

  4. The festival lasts for seven days, from December 26. People light candles, give gifts, and talk about one special principle every day, on each day, on each night there is a dance, and on the final night there is a big feast.

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

Dear Uncle Josh,

We (5)___(be) on holiday in London. The weather (6)___(be) great for sightseeing. The sun (7)___(shine). We (8)___(see) already the British Museum and the National Gallery. We also (9)___(visit) Hyde Park where we (10)____(meet) the Watsons. They (11)____(sit) on a bench near the gates. We (12)____(be) so surprised! Yesterday we (13)____(visit) Buckingham Palace hoping to see the Queen. Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth II (14)___(not be) at home at the time. Then we (15)___(go) on a boat trip on the Thames to Tower Bridge. Today after dinner (16)___(go) with Mrs Watson to Harrods to do some (17)___(shop) there. Tomorrow we (18)___(visit) the Tower of London and the London Eye. I feel really (19)___(excite) about it. If it (20)___(not rain0 on Friday, we (21)___(go) to Chessington that is my favourite theme park in London area.

That’s all for now.



Feathers Fly High On International Pillow Fight Day

(День сражений подушками)

On Saturday April 6th, thousands of adults and children all over the world got together in their cities and villages to have a good old-(22)___(fashion) pillow fight with total (23)___(strange)! Now in its sixth year, the hour-long event is the brainchild of an (24)___(organise) called Urban Playground, whose (25)___(organise) view the pillow fights as a (26)___(harm) way for people to relieve stress and have some fun. This year, over 100 cities from Washington D. C. to New York (USA) to London (England) and even Istanbul (Turkey) and Sao Paolo (Brazil), participated in this fun (27)___(celebrate). Judging from the videos, they were all a great success!

Test 17

Люди хотят купить диски. Решите, какие диски будут самыми подходящими для людей.

  1. Peter is an English teacher. He has travelled a lot, and he likes to listen to foreign music, especially from India and other Asia countries. He is quite fond of folk music.

  2. Karen is a high school student who enjoys listening to the newest pop songs to practice her English. She likes to sing along with the music while she listens. She especially enjoys listening to music sung in English by groups of attractive young men who can dance.

  3. Bob is retired. He likes to listen to music from his youth because it reminds him of when he used to play the piano in a band at university. He doesn’t like music with a lot of singing because it’s difficult to hear the instruments well.

  4. Mick is a high school student who plays the violin. He likes listening to well-known orchestras playing classical music and hopes to play in one of them someday.

  1. The Singer was Ill

For lovers of classical music who don’t like opera-style singing, the famous New York City Opera Orchestra has made this unusual CD. Listeners can hear some of the most famous opera melodies of all time with one important difference: there is no singing at all.

  1. The Golden Age of Jazz 1960

Here is a great disc for lovers of music from this important year in the history of jazz. There is very little singing on this CD, just lots of fantastic playing by some of the greatest musicians of the time.

  1. Get up and Dance

This collection of newly recorded updated versions of pop songs from your parents’ generation will have you singing and dancing all night! Some of these songs are sure to be hits again for the second time.

  1. China and its Music

China is an enormous country with many different languages, traditions and music. Fifteen unusual songs will give you an idea of the variety of traditional music that can be found in this beautiful, interesting country.

  1. Music Video Gold

This CD has thirteen songs from the most popular music videos of this year. The words to all of the songs are also included for your maximum enjoyment. As a special bonus, you can also hear all of the songs without singing if you’d like to sing and pretend you are your favourite pop star!

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

Just One Touch

I was sitting in a chair next to Momma’s bed. I (5)___(watch) her get ready for a party. She (6)___(open) the beautiful jewelry box on her nightstand. It (7)___(be) a wooden box the size of a shoebox with colourful stones on top. They (8)____(be) red, green, yellow, and blue. To me, the box (9)____(look) magical. “Now, you (10)___(know) you (11)___(must) never touch this box, right?” Momma (12)___(say). I (13)___(feel) like she knew exactly what I (14)___(think). I just wanted to touch it. I just wanted to open it. “Yes, Momma,” I said. “I know.” What I (15)___(know)? I knew Momma had always told me not to touch the box. “You (16)___(be) not old enough to wear my jewelry,”Momma said. I was almost eleven years old! I (17)___(know) that when Momma (18)___(put) on the rings and bracelets from the box, she looked different. Her feet (19)____(not seem) to touch the ground. She (20)___(move) lightly and gracefully. Momma (21)___(kiss) me goodnight. She (22)____(leave) for the party. I (23)___(run) to the window to wave to her, but she was already gone. That night I was very curious. Just one touch. I (24)___(sit) on the edge of Momma’s bed. I (25)___(place) my hand on the nightstand. I (26)___(pause). My hand moved up and rested on the jewelry box. The box quickly opened by itself! Jewels (27)___(flow) into the air. They (28)___(dance) around my head. I (29)___(feel) strange. I (30)___(fall) down to the floor. I (31)___(wake) up in a place I had never seen before.

You will soon be able to create anything you want from thin air. All you will need is some (32)___(create) and the (33)___(magic) 3Doodler. It is the world’s first 3D printing pen. The device looks like a thick (34)____(make). The (35)___(use) can create whatever he or she wants until of course, the plastic ink is spent. The (36)___(invent) say that most people will be able to create 2D objects on paper very quickly. Not a natural born (37)___(art)? No (38)___(worry). The company is planning to add special kits. All the (39)____(use) has to do is print them, and then use the pen to turn it into a standing 3D object. Of course, school projects are not the only use for this (40)___(amaze) pen. They can be used to create glass art, make jewelry and the list goes on and on-restricted only, by your (41)___(imagine) falls apart, the amazing 3Doodler can even be used to ‘glue’ it back together.

Test 18

Прочитай рекламу и выбери нужный курс для каждого человека.

  1. Sue

Sue’s an engineer and she works for an American company. At the moment she’s managing a project in London. She loves working abroad and she’d like to work in South America or Asia one day. She hardly ever meets people that aren’t connected with her job. She wants to meet new people, use her mind and discuss ideas. She’s looking for an interesting evening course where she can do these things.

  1. Jackie

Jackie loves music and wants to work in music industry when she leaves school. She plays the violin very well and has lessons once a week. Now she wants to learn to play the guitar or the piano. She isn’t going out or getting much exercise at the moment because she’s studying for her exams. She isn’t happy about this because she’s usually quite an active person.

  1. Danilo

Danilo is from Italy but he’s living in London at the moment. He’s working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant. He’d like to go to university in England and he’s trying to find out about courses. He likes travelling and he’s interested in talking to people from different countries. In his free time he goes to the cinema a lot and one day he’d like to work in the film industry.

  1. Bring out the writer in you! Learn how to write articles, short stories, novels. Our professional team of writers can teach you everything you need to know. Don’t delay! Fill in the form and send it to us.

  1. Current affairs-what behind those headlines?

Do you know what’s happening in the world at the moment? This course gives you all information and chance to discuss it in small, friendly groups. You can make friends from different countries.

  1. Film studies

This course is for anyone who loves film. We will look at the work of Hitchcock, Fellini, Tarantino and others.

  1. Guitar and violin lessons

I’m a patient, experienced professional musician and I’m looking for students-beginners welcome! Lessons at students’ homes.

  1. Information technology evening course

No computer skills? No problem! Come to our introductory courses!

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

The history of figure skating (4)___(go) back to prehistoric times, when archaeological evidence of the activity (5)___(find). Figure skating (6)___(be) one branch of ice skating, which (7)___(divide) itself into several separate sports since its prehistoric beginnings. The act of ice skating (8)___(be) around for thousands of years, (9)___(originate) in the Netherlands. The first ice skates, (10)___(make) of animal bone and leather, (11)___(be) used as a means of transportation for people (12)___(get) across frozen lakes. Figure skating as we (13)___(know) it can (14)___(be) traced only to the 1860s, when an American skater and ballet dancer, Jackson Haines (15)___(set) his routine to music, (16)__(combine) traditional ice skating with ballet steps.

No one really knows what the future holds, but the (17)___(real) now is that our urban spaces are (18)____(crowd) and polluted the time is ripe, say experts, to start designing (19)___(smart) urban environments. A network of (20)___(sense) will provide data about how a city is performing. The Internet could provide new (21)___(develop): billboards that communicate with (22)___(pass by). Technology companies believe that the (23)___(clever) cities will be those that are connected with the network. A future where robots are as common as cars and (24)___(cheap) – is on the way. Professor Ishiguro’s lecture about the (25)__(possible) for the (26)___(relation) between humans and robots attracted a huge audience.

Test 19

Люди хотят найти место, чтобы поесть. Реши, какое кафе будет для них самое подходящее.

  1. Ann works for a travel agency in a small seaside resort. Every morning she has a big breakfast, as she only has a one hour lunch breakfast. Sometimes there’s even extra work to do at lunchtime. There are a few cafes around her office, but they all serve traditional British food. She prefers unusual and quite strong flavours.

  2. Mrs Black is a retired 75-year-old History teacher. She is proud of her British origin and is looking for a traditional place to spend her empty afternoons in. she doesn’t like crowded or noisy coffee shops.

  3. Mr Ridle and Mr Radison are two businessmen who always work long hours. They have to deal with sales reps coming from all over Europe. At the end of a long meeting they like having a quick but high-quality meal with them.

  4. Keith is a personal trainer in a sports centre. At the moment he’s much more interested in travelling. Unfortunately he is allergic to some food. He can’t stand meat. But he loves eating lots of other types of dishes, particularly eggs.

  1. The Hidden Place

The most unspoilt place in town. Delicious homemade cakes and proper tea and coffee for anybody who enjoys taking their time. Try next door if you’re in a hurry! Pets welcomed. Cheap prices.

  1. At Eddie’s

This is more of all you can eat salad bar! The ideal place where you can enjoy all vegan food including French fries, has-brown nuggets and omlettes! Parking places available.

  1. Food Paradise

We are a small family owned restaurant and coffee shop located in the city centre. We offer the biggest variety in authentic Mexican food. All dishes are for very reasonable prices.

  1. Coffee Shop Bella Italia

Forget expensive luxury Italian restaurants. We offer classic Italian cooking at coffee shop prices. Self-service area and five tables always reserved for nearby companies. Closed Sat-Sun.

  1. Café Antalya

Popular Turkish café on the cost. If you are fed up with the usual tomato and cheese sandwich, try our Adana Kebab, a spicy hot, grilled meat specialty. For a quick snack, sweet syrupy pasties and strong black coffee await you! Good prices and outdoor seating available.

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

Fukushima Tragedy

A lot of people from a small town of Japan never (5)___(be) in such a dreadful situation before. They never (6)___(forget) 11th March, 2011. On this day powerful earthquake in Japan (7)___(destroy) a lot of buildings and roads and caused another powerful disaster – tsunami. Tsunami in Japan (8)___(ruin) a small town of Takajo. A lot of people suffered from (9)___(this) two disasters. What is (10)__(bad), tsunami (11)___(damage) Fukushima nuclear plants situated on the shores of Japan and damaged the (12)___(cool) system of five nuclear reactors. The cooling system must (13)___(continue) pump water to keep a (14)___(danger) material at a safe temperature. Japanese officials (15)___(order) the evacuation six-mile radius of the all civilians within a Fukushima plants (16)___(prevent) people from radiation. Radiation levels (17)___(be) about 8 to 9 times normal outside the plants and as high as 1,000 times normal inside the plants.

(18)___(teach) and (19)___(learn) in today’s schools can be quite challenging for (20)___(teach) and students. Students learn a lot more at an (21)___(early) age than before. (22)___(teach) are expected to use gadgets and digital electronic devices in the classroom. If you use gadgets at the lesson it (23)___(help) to make the learning (24)___(interest). Smart Boards, iPods, and Mimios are just a few of the gadgets that (25)___(improve) the quality of (26)___(educate). Students are looking for a high-tech experience in the classroom. Using gadgets will make (27)___(understand) (28)__(easy).

Test 20

Прочитайте рекламы и выберите, кто сможет жить там.


A separate flat facing the river, on the second floor, central heating, hot water, a bathroom, a big kitchen, a living room with large windows, a bedroom. All the rooms are furnished. The rent is 100 pounds a month.


The Victoria is a large and comfortable hotel in the center of Oxford. There are double rooms and single ones. All the bedrooms have television, telephone and central heating. There are two restaurants, a coffee shop and a bar. The hotel has a lift and a car park.


A separate room on the fifth floor for a single man, with furniture and a bathroom. There is a desk, a sofa, a TV set and a bookcase. The telephone is in the hall. There is no lift. The room is small but warm and cosy. The rent is only 50 pounds a month.


A two-bedroom apartment facing a park on the tenth floor, a big living-room, furnished. There is a small kitchen with modern equipment. A swimming pool and a laundry are in the basement. The rent is 150 pounds a month.

  1. A tourist

  2. A student

  3. A couple

  4. A family with child

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные в скобках, для образования слов так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

Disappearing Acts

At the moment, the world (5)___(lose) one species of wildlife almost every day. The two main causes of this decline (6)__(be) the destruction of their habitat and over-population by human beings. Every minute of the day, 20 hectares of tropical rainforest are cut down or burned. Hundreds of wild species-insects and plants – are lost as a result. If it (7)___(go on), rainforests (8)___(disappear) in 50 years’ time. They are vital in keeping the (9)___(earth) climate and environment stable. If they are destroyed, mankind (10)___(suffer) as well as wildlife. As cities (11)___(grow) and industry (12)____(develop) around them, pollution becomes another problem for wildlife. Friends of Earth (13)___(believe) that two-thirds of the (14)____(world) population will be living in urban areas by the year 2025. Ninety-five countries (15)___(sign) the Convention that forbids trade in endangered species. However, in reality trade in endangered species is still big business. People can buy fur coats (16)___(from the fur of jaguars, snow leopards and other cats (17)____(face) extinction.

Disneyland celebrates 50th birthday

Disneyland celebrated its 50th birthday on Sunday. Thousands of fans and (18)___(celebrate) gathered at what Disney calls the “(19)___(happy) place on Earth” for a giant party. Walt Disney opened the world’s (20)___(one) large-scale theme park on July 17. 1955. It started a whole new world of fantasy and family fun. Walt Disney’s idea has been copied around the world by thousands of others. From its small (21)___(begin) Disney has grown into a global (22)___(entertain) empire. It has become one of the most famous and well known brands in history. It has created everything from blockbuster movies to (23)___(child) stationery. Theme parks have spread across the world in Paris, Japan and very soon Hong Kong. It is almost (24)___(possible) to walk around any city and not see Mickey Mouse in some shape or form.

Test 16: 1)-have been, 2)- have been living, 3-hadn’found, 4- filing, 5-have been told, 6-was talking,7- will follow, 8- darkness, 9-impossible, 10-communications, 11- environmental, 12- destructive, 13- dangerous, 14- earlier, 15- through, 16- enclosed, 17-race, 18- sound, 19- out of, 20- waste.

Test 17: 1)-had been helping, 2)- gave, 3-was made, 4- have you finished, 5-would melt, 6- didn’t see,7- holding,8- buildings, 9-successful, 10- colourful, 11- originally, 12- different, 13- natural, 14- like, 15- breeze, 16- wandered, 17- luck, 18- order, 19- available, 20- run.

Test 18: 1)-hadn’t been, 2)- were given, 3-was playing/played, 4- was waving, 5-are you doing, 6- did you have ,7- would love, 8- extremely, 9-directions, 10- user, 11- development, 12- behavior, 13- lives, 14- down, 15- held, 16- shape, 17- introduce, 18- for, 19- reply, 20- time.

Test 19: 1)-had been working, 2)- are you coming, 3-was, 4- walked/was walking, 5-had offered, 6- will stay,7- working, 8- challenging, 9-competition, 10- championship, 11- amazing, 12- easily, 13- fortunate, 14- going, 15- encouraging, 16- in, 17- atmosphere, 18- true, 19- gazed, 20- remember.

Test 20: 1)-had decided, 2)- will be, 3-have you got, 4- has been waiting, 5-picking, 6- hadn’t been driving,7- will leave, 8- unusual, 9-magical, 10- interesting, 11- invaders, 12- drawings 13- national, 14- destination, 15- conditions, 16- put, 17- heavy, 18- suitable, 19- top, 20- good.

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(16-20)3 Тренировочные тесты для подготовки к ЕГЭ

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