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Present perfect simple or continuous?

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   Has/have + past participle                      Has/have + been + verb-ing

   The rain has just stopped                        It’s been raining all day non-stop.

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«Present perfect simple or continuous?»

Present perfect simple Present perfect continuous

Has/have + past participle Has/have + been + verb-ing

The rain has just stopped It’s been raining all day non-stop.

Uses: To say how long something has been happening.

Uses: how much we’ve done

How many things/how many


The room was brown,now it’s blue. Finished action.

I’ve painted the room.

We’re interested in the RESULT of the action.

Uses: to say how much we’ve done, how many things or how many times: -I’ve played golf twice this week. –How many pages have you read?

My clothes are covered in paint.

I’ve been painting the room.

We’re interested in the ACTION finished or not

Uses: to say how long something has been happening. –I’ve been playing golf since 1 o’clock

-How long have you been reading?

Exercise: put the verb in the correct form, present perfect simple or continuous

1-Mary __________________ (lose) her handbag. Can you help her look for it?

2-Your clothes are filthy! ______________________ (play) in the garden?

3-Look! Somebody _____________________ (break) that window.

4-Where have you been? I __________________ (wait) for twenty minutes.

5-What a horrible smell. ____________________ (cook) fish?

6-Do you like my shoes? I__________________ (have) them for a month.

7-Martin and Sandy _________________ (live) in London all their lives.

8-We really should rest. We ________________ (walk) for three hours.

9-_______ your friend _________ (say) anything to you?

10-She ____________________ (learn) French since January. She’s improving quickly.

11-My father is retired now but he _____________ (work) here for more than 40 years.

12-I __________________ (work) in this office for ten days and I really like my job.

13-How long ________ you ____________ (know) your best friend?

14-How many times ______________________ (play) tennis)this week?

15-My eyes are red because I _________________ (read) for three hours.

16-Gina’s gone. She __________________ (travel) round for two months.

17-She _______________ (visit) many European countries so far.

18-He’s a great actor but he ____________________ (never win) an Oscar.


1-has lost

2-Have you been playing

3-has broken

4-I’ve been waiting

5-Have you been cooking

6-I have had

7-have lived/have been living

8-we’ve been walking

9-Has your friend said

10-has been learning

11-has worked

12-have been working

13-have you known (know is a non continuous verb)

14-have you been playing

15-have been reading

16-has been travelling

17-has visited

18-has never won

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Предмет: Английский язык

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Целевая аудитория: Прочее.
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Present perfect simple or continuous?

Автор: Зейтуллаев Осман Люманович

Дата: 11.12.2018

Номер свидетельства: 490228

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