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Do you like fairy tales?

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Do you like fairy tales?»


Technological map of the lesson

Date :



3rd form

The theme of the lesson

Do you like fairy tales?

The aim of the lesson:




To introduce new words.

To raise awareness of the importance of professional development and building competencies.

To learn the importance of teaching vocabulary and developing speaking skills.

To introduce new words.

Skills to be emphasized:

Speaking and listening


45 minutes

Equipment to be used:

Presentation, Wallpapers, Pictures, Computer And others.

Method of the lesson


Stage Time

How the activity applied

Greeting 2 min

Group work

Checking homework 3min

To check the home tasks: checking, asking, questions, assessment and encouragement.

Introduction of the

New material 10 min

Wallpapers and different kind of pictures and movies are used.

Pictures, plenary pair work, individual and group work.

Listening activity 15min

To attract the attention of pupils to watching the video and retell the meaning of the movie.

Post listening activity

Home task 2 min

Evaluating 1 min

Reflecting 1 min

8 minutes work with pupils individual.

Procedure of the lesson (45 min)

Greeting: 2 min

Say: Good afternoon pupil

Question? How are you?

Answer. Fine, thank you.

Question? Who is on duty today?

Answer. I am on duty today. My name is Karina.

Question? What day is it today?

Answer. It is warm and sunny.

Question? Are you ready for the lesson?

Answer. Yes

Question? What was your homework for today?

Checking homework time – 3 minutes.

Interaction group work - 10 minutes.

Introduction: New lesson is: What are they?

New words: Tales, events, story, heroes, paragraphs and so on.

Start our new lesson: T. - Following to our regular motto “A good beginning provides a good ending” we will start our lesson with phonetic exercises. Look at the cards and name the sounds on the Phonemic chart :

T. – Thanks. Now I want you to look at the pictures on the screen and say what are going to speak about.

Speaking:T. - Would you like to speak about your favourite fairy tale? Do it please according to the plan.

- What is your favourite fairy tale?

- Who are the main characters?

- Can you characterize the main characters?

I think we are going to speak about fairy-tales.

T. – You are right. How would you formulate the topic of our lesson?


  • Magic fairy tales

  • Famous fairy-tales.

  • Favourite fairy-tales.

T. I like your answers. Now open your books at page 80 and check if you are right.

T. What are you expected to do at the lesson according to the topic?

P-s. :

– We will learn new words.

  • We will describe characters.

  • We will read.

T. – And you will try to write your own fairy tale.

And now look at the pictures and choose the one which corresponds my description.

1) She lives in the castle. She has a daughter-princess. (A queen)

2) He is ugly and funny. He wears old clothes. Usually he is put in the garden to scare birds. (a scarecrow)

3) He wears a uniform. He is brave. He has a gun. (a soldier).

4) He is cruel. Captain Cook was a … (A pirate)

5) A man who can do magic things. (A wizard)

It’s time to make a pause and do some exercises.

Now I suggest you to listen to a fairy-tale The princess and the dragon . Before listening , do the task.

Warm up.

Next tasks:

Children the lesson is coming to the end. Tell, please, what you now know, can, are interested in. Home work: Ex 2 p The lesson is over goodbye see you!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Презентации

Целевая аудитория: 3 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Do you like fairy tales?

Автор: Нурабаева Анара Нурабаевна

Дата: 05.06.2020

Номер свидетельства: 552764

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