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Creativity: Types of films

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«Creativity: Types of films»

Lesson plan

LESSON: Unit 5


Types of films

School: №7

Teacher name: Shaidullaeva A.S.


Number present: 12

absent: 0

Learning objectives(s)
that this lesson is
contributing to

5.S1 Provide basic information about themselves and others at sentences level on an increasing range of general topics

5.W4 Write with support a sequence of extended sentences in a paragraph to give basic personal information

5. UE3 Use a growing variety of adjectives and regular and irregular comparative and superlative adjectives on a limited range of familiar general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:
- understand the difference between the types of films
Most learners will be able to:
memorize words and able to dictate them to their peers

  • use adjectives to describe types of films

Some learners will be able to:
- do gap - filling task without mistakes

Language objectives

To use new active vocabulary and correct grammar construction in their speech

Value links

Common history, culture and language

Thinking links

Knowledge, understand and high level

Assessment criteria

  • name the types of films and understand the difference between them

  • describe the types of films using adjectives and dictate them to their peers

  • do gap – filling task to take basic information

Cross curricular link


Previous learning






10 minute

I. Organization moment: Greeting the learners

II. Revision of previous theme: Game X and O

/about professions/

III. Dividing into groups: divides learners into 2 groups with stickers

1st group Horror film

2nd group Comedy film

Warm up:

  • Do you like to watch films?

  • When we feel frightened watching film, what film is it?

  • When we laugh, watching film what film is it?

  • Ok, learners name the types of films which do you know?

Look at the active board


IV. Explain new theme Odd one out

/show learners either a set of pictures of films. They should choose and explain which one does not belong with the rest/

  • Home alone; Jumanji; Child’s play

  • Monster house; Bean’s holiday; Casper

  • Guys with kids; Tom and Jerry; Baby BOSS

  • Love story; Spy kids; Iron man

Descriptor: A learner

  • Name the types of films

  • Choose and explain which one odd

Active board

Stickers of smiley face

Poster of films



25 minute

Space Jam

/show a poster of film Space Jam/

  • How do think, what about this film?

  • Ok, who wants to be Space Jam?

/ for that learners should catch the ball, after that answer the question/

  • Who is the main character in Home Alone?

  • How many family members are there in Kevin’s family?

  • Did you watch Alone home? What was it like?

  • Did you watch monster house? What was it like?

  • Do you like horror film? Why? Why not?

  • Do you like action film? Why? Why not?

Use of English: Adjectives

Adjectives to describe films







Just a minute

  • Learners select one film and describe it

    The Dragon


    Mickey Mouse

    Detective Mollory


    Funny faces

    Space Station

    Love story

    The explorers

    Queen Victoria

    The search

    Let’s dance

  • Who notice that some characters from some films are mythical?

  • Do you know mythical creatures from Kazakh films?

Make poster

Ex:9 page:59 make a poster about mythical creatures

1st group about Tasha bala

2nd group about Aldar Kose


Ex:6 page:37 /Work book/

Ex:8 page:37 /Work book/

Descriptor: A learner

  • Answer the question quickly

  • Using adjectives in their speech

  • Complete sentences and do gap – filling tasks

  • Make poster

Poster of film /Space Jam/

Active board


Pictures for adjectives

Color pens, A3 format paper, pictures of mythical creatures


5 minute

In a 3X3 square learners have different key words related to the topic types of films. As they watch a fragment of film, learners will circle the corresponding key word. The first 3 learners to have all word crossed of wins






Love story



Animated cartoon

Bingo card and pens for each other

Video /fragment of different films/


5 minute


Hot seating

This film is about my country’s history

This film is about a magical country with talking animals

In this film, the actors sing and dance

This film is about cowboys

This film is about space travel in the future

In this film, a couple falls in love

In this film, the hero does dangerous and exciting things

This film is very funny and makes you laugh

In this film, the characters are drawing

Descriptor: A learner

  • Understand the difference between types of films

  • Name the types of films

Giving home work

Ex: 7/9 page:37 /Work book/


Additional information

Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support?

How do you plan to challenge
the more able learners?

Assessment – how are you planning to check student’s learning?

Cross – curricular links

Health and safety check

ICT links

Value links


Odd one out

Basketball questioning

More support:

5Ws questioning

Ex: Who is the main character in Home Alone? (Kevin)

Some support:

More complicated questions. Ex: How many family members are there in Kevin’s family?

Minimal support:

Complicated questions.

Ex: Did you watch Alone home? What was it like?

Self – assessment

The learners evaluate yourself by descriptor card

Color the circles

Learner’s name

Des 1

Des 2

Des 3






Active board

Common history, culture and language


Were the lesson objectives/learning
objectives realistic?
What did the learners learn
today? What was the learning
atmosphere like?
Did my planned differentiation work well?
Did I stick to timings? What changes did I make from my plan and why?

  • I think the lesson objectives were realistic and interesting

  • Today learners have learned types of films and how to describe it

  • The atmosphere was friendly

  • I think make a poster was difficult

  • I stuck to timings

Summary evaluation

What 2 things went really well?
1. Presentation of new topic

2. Describing films /playing basketball/

What 2 things would have improved the lesson?
1. Grammar exercise

2. Do more writing exercise

What have I learned from this lesson the class or individuals that will inform my next lesson?

Giving more pair tasks according to the levels of learners knowledge

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Презентации

Целевая аудитория: 5 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Creativity: Types of films

Автор: Шайдуллаева Айгерім Серікқызы

Дата: 10.06.2019

Номер свидетельства: 514134

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