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The places of natural beauty

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An open lesson on the theme "The places of natural beauty"

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«The places of natural beauty»

Long-term plan unit: 3 OUR COUNTRYSIDE

School: 5

Lesson 9

Date: 22.11.19

Teacher’s name: Ермагамбетова А.С

CLASS: 6 г

Number present:


Theme of the lesson: The places of natural beauty

Learning objective (s) that this lesson is contributing to plan, write, edit and proofread work at text level with some support; write with some support about personal feelings and opinions on a topic; link with minimal support sentences into coherent paragraphs using basic connectors.

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

Most learners will be able to:

• read a description of a favourite walk.

• learn about the order of adjectives.

• write a description of my favourite walk.

Some learners will be able to:

Success criteria

Plan, write, edit and proofread work at text level;

Use punctuation marks correctly.

Value links

Kazakh patriotism and civil responsibility

Cross curricular links

Computer studies

ICT skills

Previous learning

Asking for and offering help.


Stages of the lesson

Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)

Teacher’s notes


The teacher greets students; students respond to greeting and take their places.

Warm up

Books closed. Briefly describe your favourite walk, but do not begin the description by telling students that that is what you are about to do.

• When you finished, ask students what they think you have just described.

• Elicit the fact that you described your favourite walk.


Ex1 Ask students to open their books at page 39.

• Ask students to look at the picture, read Kevin’s description of his favourite walk, and say whether they would like to do it.

Ex2 Give students time to read Kevin’s description again.

• Ask students to work in pairs to answer the questions.

• Check answers.

Ex3 • Read out the information in the Useful language box.

• Ask students to work alone to find examples of adjectives in the text in Exercise 1.

• Students can compare answers in pairs before you check answers with the class.

Ex4 Read out the example.

• Put students into pairs to complete the box with the adjectives in the box.

• Check answers.

Ex5 Ask a student to read out the example sentence.

• Ask students to work alone to rewrite the sentences using the adjectives in brackets.

• Encourage weaker students to check each of their sentences against the information in the box in Exercise 4.

• Check answers.

Fast finishers

Students can write two sentences, both of which should contain at least two adjectives referring to opinion, size, age or colour. Collect these sentences and check that students have put the adjectives in the correct order.


• Play Correct the sentence to practise the order of adjectives.


Ex2 1 by a river 2 Because it’s cool on hot days 3 ducks,

rabbits, deer 4 You can walk (along the main road)

Ex3 beautiful, big, cool, hot, new, green, blue, little, shy, easy

Ex4 1 beautiful 2 small 3 old 4 green and yellow

Ex5 2 Dangerous brown bears live in the mountains.

3 My grandparents have got a comfortable red sofa in their living room.

4 We’ve got a beautiful white rabbit.

5 There was a lot of dirty old litter on the floor.

6 I’d like to buy a smaller, more modern laptop.

See Games Bank on pages 28–29.

Get writing

Ex6 PLAN Students should do their planning in class. The writing can either be done in class or at home.

• Tell students they are going to write a description of their favourite walk.

• Refer students back to the example description in Exercise 1 and the questions in Exercise 2. Students should use this information when working alone to plan the content of their descriptions.

Ex7 WRITE Tell students to use Kevin’s description as a model to follow. Also encourage them to add extra information to their own descriptions, e.g. the colour of the trees, biggest/smallest animals, etc.

• Give students ten minutes to complete the writing task. Students should write about 100 words.

• Encourage students to produce at least two drafts of their essay. If students are doing this at home, ask them to write their essays on their computers rather than in their notebooks as it will allow them to change the text more easily.

Ex8 CHECK Tell students that it is very important that they check their writing in order to look for ways to improve its content, style and structure.

• Give students a few minutes to look through their essays and check them against the points here.

• Collect students’ essays and mark them.

• Use students’ written work as a means of finding common errors. You can then use these as a basis for revision in the next lesson (but do not refer to who made the mistake.)

Monitor while students are writing. Help with grammar and vocabulary as necessary.

Remember to share good sentences from students’ work with the rest of the class.


Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on page 28 and Exercises 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 on page 29 of the Workbook.

Additional Information

Differentiation - how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment - how are you planning to check learners` learning?

Health and safety check ICT links

More support will be given to weaker learners by giving them a modified worksheets in some tasks with greater support

-through questioning and the redirecting of questioning in feedback activities

-through observation in group and end performance activities

-through formative task

-White board and video is used no more than 10 minutes

-Use water based pens

-Health promoting techniques

-Breaks and physical activities used.

-Points from Safety rules used at this lesson.


Answer the most relevant questions to reflect on your lesson.

Were the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic?

What did the learners learn? What did/didn’t you like? What was difficult?

School – lyceum № 5

Open lesson

“The places of natural beauty

Done by: Yermagambetova A.S

2019-2020 year

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 6 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

The places of natural beauty

Автор: Ермагамбетова А.С

Дата: 24.12.2019

Номер свидетельства: 533471

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