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Omar's day form 5

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My name is Omar and I'm eleven. I come from Kazakhstan but I live in London now.

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«Omar's day form 5»

5 - FORM

Theme: “Omar’s day”


1.Educational : To explain the text with new vocabulary

2.Developing : to develop pupils skills of reading, writing and speaking

3.Bringing up: to teach pupils to be active at the lesson

Type of the lesson: New knowledge lesson

The methods of the lesson: question – answer, individual work.

Visual aids: Slides, cards, the interactive board.

Plan of the lesson

Сабақ жоспары:

І.Organization moment (Үйымдастыру кезеңі)

ІІ.Checking -up home task (Үй жұмысын тексеру)

ІІІ.Warm-up (уақытты белгілеу)

ІV.Pre–task activity (work with new vocabulary)

(жаңа сөздермен жұмыс)

V. Presentation new lesson (жаңа сабақ)

VI. Wrap up activity (жаттығулармен жұмыс)

VII. Conclusion (қорытынды)

Round –off activity

VIII. Giving home task (үйге тапсырма)

IX. Marks and comments (бағалау)

І.Organization moment (Ұйымдастыру кезеңі)

- Good morning children!

- Sit down please

  • Who is on duty today ?

  • What is the date today ?

  • What day is it today ?

  • Who is absent?

ІІ.Checking -up home task (Үй жұмысын тексеру)

To learn by heart new words and to draw the picture about computer

Computer [kәm’pju:tә] компьютер

Keyboard [ клавиатура

Mouse [maus] тыщқан

Monday [mлndei] Дүйсенбі

Tuesday [tju:zdei] Сейсенбі

Wednesday [wenzdei] Сәрсенбі

Thursday [Өә:zdei] Бейсенбі

Friday [fraidei] Жұма

Saturday [sætәdi] Сенбі

Sunday [sлndei] Жексенбі


Example: I get up at 7 o’clock. I don’t get up at 8 oc’lock.













I get up

I have breakfast

I go to school

School starts

I do homework

I have lunch

I come home

I have classes

I have supper

I watch TV

I go to bed

ІV. Pre–task activity (work with new vocabulary) (жаңа

сөздермен жұмыс)

To get up [tә get лp] ұйқыдан ояну, тұру

To have breakfast [tә hæv breikfәst] азаңғы тамақ

To have lunch [tә hæv lлnts] түскі ас

To have supper [tә hæv sлpә] кешкі ас

To have classes [tә hæv kla:ses] сыныпта бар болу

To go to bed [tә gәu bed] ұйқыға бару

To go home [tә gәu hәum] үйге бару

School starts [sku:l sta:tz] мектептің басталуы

To do homework [tә du: hәumwә:k] үй жұмысын істеу

To watch TV [tә wәts tivi] теледидар көру

In the morning [ in de mәnin] таңда

In the afternoon [ in de a:ftә’nu:n] түсте

In the evening [ in de i:vnin] кеште

V. Presentation new lesson (жаңа сабақ)

Omar’s day

My name is Omar and I’m eleven. I come from Kazakhstan but I

live in London now. I go to school. I get up at half past seven in

the morning and I have breakfast at eight o’clock. School starts

at nine and we have seven lessons every day. We learn English,

French, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art,

Computer Studies and Home Economics. I have lunch at school.

In the afternoon we have lessons or sport. School finishes at

quarter to three. I go home. Before supper I read or play with my

English friends. We have supper at seven o’clock and then I do

my homework or watch TV. I go to bed at ten o’clock.

VI. Wrap up activity (жаттығулармен жұмыс)

Exercise: 8 Right ( ) or wrong (x)

Right ( ) or wrong (x).

  1. Omar is twelve years old. ___________________

  2. He lives In Astana now. ___________________

  3. He gets up at half past seven. ___________________

  4. He has breakfast at half past eight. ___________________

  5. He has lunch at one o’clock. ___________________

  6. He has supper at six o’clock. ___________________

  7. He has five lessons every day. ___________________

  8. He goes to bed at nine o’clock. ___________________

  9. School starts at ten o’clock in the morning. ___________________

  10. School finishes at three o’clock in the afternoon._______________

  11. He likes English. ___________________

Exercise: 10. Complete the sentences. Use the words in the box.

  1. Omar lives in … .

  2. He gets up at … .

  3. ) He has breakfast at … . Word box

  4. He has lunch at … . have breakfast

  5. He has supper at … . have lunch

  6. He has … lessons every day. Have supper

  7. He likes … . go to bed

  8. He goes to bed at … . go to school

  9. School starts at … . go home

  10. School finishes at … .

VII. Conclusion (Қорытынды)

  • What time do you get up?

  • When do you read?

  • What subjects do you like?

  • What days don’t you go to school?

VIII. Round –off activity

Giving home task (Үйге тапсырма)

Ex :17 at page 96 read the text (exercise 3) and write about

your day.

IX. Marks and comments (бағалау)

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 5 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Omar's day form 5

Автор: Турсинова Гулжамал Абдижамиловна

Дата: 06.12.2018

Номер свидетельства: 489279

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