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Конспект урока по английскому языку " Animals" 4 класс

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А?ылшын п?ніні? м??алімі: Мамиханова Шынар Тілеуберлі?ызы

Абай атында?ы орта мектеп

                The theme ;   Animals

                Aims of  the lesson

                    1. To enrich pupils knowledge, to develop pupils abilities in speech

                        To enrich their vocabulary

                    2 To develop their reading writing listening, kills and grammar lexical   


                    3.To bring up pupils to be attentive to write neatly and correctly.

                       To foster their love for animals.

 Teaching method;   Explanation answer-question, listening,  work in pairs and  

                                        work in   group

       Visual aids;    An interactive board tape  recorder, a crossword, pictures of the


Procedure of  the  lesson

                   1.  Organization moment

                       A) Greeting

                       B)Asking about the dates,absentees, etc

                  2. Checking up the home assignment.

                        What was you  home task for today?

                         Did I give you anything

                         Get ready:
               New theme Animals


                                    New words and expressions

      An elephant-Піл

      A camel-Т?йе

      A bear-Аю

      A monkey-Маймыл

      A wolf-?ас?ыр

      A fox-Т?лкі

      A rabbit-?оян

      A tiger-Жолбарыс

      A lion- Арыстан

  Listen to the text from the tape-recorder. If you understand the text about animals,

  do    the exercise      


                                      A camel can not live without water   T

                                           The cleverest animal is horse            T

        Tiger and Lions are the cleverest animals in the  world       F

           A camel lives in the desert.It needs little water               T

                                          A  Tiger is small cat but it is weak     F

Read about the animals and match the picture with the descriptions.

This animals looks a dog but it is wild.

A camel lives in the desert.It needs very little wate

It has got long ears.It  eats carrots.

The animal that sleeps all winter in a den.


                       A fox       A lion         A monk


             A wolf

                                                                     An elephant

               A rabbit                    Animals

                        A camel                                  A bear

                                                     A tiger

Read  the statements and tell your partner whether you agree or disagree to the following statements.


Animals are used for  experiments



Animals are used for food

Animals are used for  medical reasons

Animals are killed for their fur

Animals are used for circus and films

mpleting the word with missing letters.

 An   Eleph… nt                        A wo…f                 

     A  cam…l                             A rabb…t      

     A f…x                                  A be…r

     A tig…r                                A li…n     

     A   monk…y


Where do tigers come from?

Where do animals live ?

Do people threaten some animals?

Animals are in danger?

What animals are there in the zoo?

What animals live in the forest?

What animals you know live in the desert?

Have you ever seen an elephant?

Why animals are in danger?                   


This animals can walk without food and water for a long time (a camel)

The animal that sleeps all winter in a den (a bear)

This animal looks like a dog but it wild (a wolf)

The animal which has a ret bushy tail (a fox)

It eats carrots.It has got long ears (a rabbit)

Word Square

Find fifteen more animals   word in  the word square.

A C A ME L I  O N D L S M F 


O O  I D I  E F  P V DW G I C


T F  A G E L E P H A N T S G

       V O L H R A B B I  T  I G E R

       C X S G O D E E R T C O WM

       D S WO T U A S H E E  P QL

       Q E Q R S P  R T V Z H R E A

Animals,an elephant, a camel, a bear, a  horse, a deer, a cow, a sheep, a  goat, a monkey, a wolf, a fox, a lion, a tiger, a rabbit,

Look at the crossword and try to find animals

1. It eats carrots. It has got long ears (a rabbit)

2. It needs very little  water and it lives in the desert (a camel)

3. This animals looks  a big cat. It lives in the jungle (a tiger)

4. It lives in the Africa and India. It eats grass, leaves (an elephant)

5. It  lives in the jungle and it can climb, swim and run 

    very fast(a lion)

6. The animal that sleeps all winter in a den (a bear)

                                     R A    B  B   I    T

                        L    I    O  N

                                     T   I   G   E    R

                              C   A M   E   L

                                B  E A   R

                                    E  L   E  P   H  A   N     T

Connect the letters in alphabetical order,and you will              discover the hidden animal

In conclusion of our lesson I would like to say animals our friends.

We should take care of  them

Home task; to prepare retelling of the text Animals and learn names of animals from cartoons and fairy tales.

Giving marks  

Children!Our lesson is over.  I am very pleased, You  were very active at  the lesson.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 4 класс

конспект урока по английскому языку " Animals" 4 класс

Автор: Мамиханова Шынар Тілеуберлі?ызы

Дата: 28.03.2015

Номер свидетельства: 192724

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