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"Classroom routines" сабақ жоспары 1 сынып

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Recognize and name some the letters of the  alphabet 

Listen and repeat the word according to the theme make up sentences about animals using adjectives Big, small, long, short.

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«"Classroom routines" сабақ жоспары 1 сынып»


Unit 2 My school

School: №10


Teacher name: Iskakova K.S.

Grade: 1

Number present:


Theme of the lesson: Classroom routines

Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

1.S1 make basic personal statements about people, objects and classroom routines

1.UE3 use basic adjectives to describe people and things

Lesson objectives

Learners will be able to:

Recognize and name some the letters of the alphabet

Listen and repeat the word according to the theme make up sentences about animals using adjectives Big, small, long, short.

Success criteria

Learners have met the learning objective (L1) if they can:

give appropriate answers that are clear and intelligible in response to prompts

Value links

Education throughout life



Classroom discipline, the world around us, maths

ICT skills

Using videos, working with URLs

Previous learning

initial letters, How many classroom routines My classroom Classroom routines (“Go fish” game)


Planned timings

Planned activities



5 mins

  • Hello, boys and girls

  • How are you? .

  • Now, let’s make a circle and revise what you have in your schoolbag

  • And now revise letters of the alphabet (a-p)

Let,s learn new letters q,r

  • How many letters do you know? Let’s count of it



30 mins

Modelling / guessing (10)

Now friends look at the blackboard what is it?

It is a dog(mouse, parrot, spider, cat, tortoise

What is it?

It is a dog.

Let’ try to describe them with help of these adjectives(show pictures big/small)

Now prepare of the colour pencils pink brown black

Let, colour of animals

You should find and colour animals


Miming game (5)

Do you remember animals? Let’ name of them (pass pictures) then Teacher names any action verbs so that to check students understanding, students mime the action verb. Teacher monitors student’s understanding.

Reflection (5)

Students go back to the lesson objectives and identify what they did well as well as what needs improvement.



5 mins

Good bye song

Students sing a good-bye song and dance to the tune repeating the moves shown in the video

Smiling feedback

Teacher asks students “How are you?” to find out their mood at the end of the lesson, compares it to the initial mood students had and makes conclusion how the lesson influenced students and why.


PPP Slide

Additional information

Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Health and safety check
ICT links

Less able students – greater support by means of prompts, visuals or writing difficult words on the blackboard

More able students – independent work on definite tasks with little/no support

While group or pair work more able students can also provide less able students with additional support

through observation

  • Work with the SMART board not more than 10 minutes

  • Make a dynamic break in the middle of the lesson

  • Monitor classroom space when students start moving around

  • Use water based markers

  • Check sockets’ safety


Were the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic?

What did the learners learn today?

What was the learning atmosphere like?

Did my planned differentiation work well?

Did I stick to timings? What changes did I make from my plan and why?

Summary evaluation

What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?



What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?



What have I learned from this lesson about the class or individuals that will inform my next lesson?

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 1 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

"Classroom routines" сабақ жоспары 1 сынып

Автор: Искакова Казима Саматовна

Дата: 15.01.2019

Номер свидетельства: 495430

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