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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "День Земли"

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Данное мероприятие предназначено для учащихся 8 классов.

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "День Земли"»

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия, посвященного Дню Земли


Sophia Shemet: Hello, boys and girls! Welcome to our holiday which is dedicated to Earth Day that people all over the world celebrate on the 22nd of April.

Kirill Koltunov: It is a special day around the world. Earth Day is a time when many people show that they care for our fragile planet.

Arseniy Volokitkin: They think about problems our planet faces–destruction of the rainforests, and holes in

the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, too much garbage and all forms of air and water pollution.

Yulia Podzizey: It is the day for people to learn what they can do to preserve the planet Earth.

We live on a big and wonderful planet full of different animals, birds and fish.

Sophia Shemet: We must love our Mother Nature

Anton Shpakov: and live in peace and harmony with it.

Музыкальный фон. 5 учеников по очереди читают стихотворение “Hug the Earth” (by Lorraine Bayes). На экране – виды природы

1. Anton Shpakov:

Walking along feeling free
Feeling the Earth here with me
And I love her, she loves me.
I hug the Earth, the Earth hugs me.

  1. Vlad Skrebtsov:

She’s our friend,
We’d like to be together forever.
The Earth is a garden.
It’s a beautiful place.

  1. Arseniy Volokitkin:

For all living creatures,
For all the human race.
Helping Mother Earth
We can peacefully roam.

  1. Sophia Shemet:

We all deserve a place
We can call our home.
Food is a treasure from the soil and the sea.
Clean, fresh air from the plants and the trees.

  1. Yulia Podzizey:

The warmth of the sun giving life each day.
Turns water into rain, it’s nature’s way.
And I would like to thank you, Mother Earth,
I like to see you dressed in green and blue.
I want to be by you.

(Звучит тревожная музыка)

На экране мрачные картины нашей планеты

  1. Lyosha Kharlov:

What Have They Done to the World? 
What have they done to the seas, my friends?

What have they done to the seas?

  1. Anna Matsulevich:
    What have they done to the rivers, my friends?
    What have they done to the trees?

  2. Olesya Shikun:
    What have they done to our land, my friends?
    This land which is ours from our birth.

  3. Vlad Skrebtsov

What have they done to our forests, my friends?
What have they done to the Earth?

5. Anton Shpakov:

What have they done to the skies, my friends?
Skies that are blue and so clear.

6. Sophia Shemet:

What have they done to the skies, my friends?
What have they done to the air?

Michael Jackson The Earth Song-8-B or 10-A

(Выходят: Вода, Воздух, Лес, Птица, Вселенная)

Anna Matsulevich:

Water: I am Water and I’m very important for the life on the Earth. All life on the Earth- from a little bug to a biggest whale depends on me-water. I`m very precious.

But now I am dirty more and more. I’m not drinkable for humans and beasts. Fish die in me. I’m dangerous for cooking.

Lyosha Kharlov:

Forest: I am Forest. Nowadays people do a lot of harm to me. I am disappearing. You, people cut down trees to build homes. That’s why there are no homes for many animals and birds to live.

Arseniy Volokitkin:

Air: Hello, my dear friends! I am Air. I give you oxygen and you can live. Many years ago, I was pure and clean- perfect for the people and animals of the Earth to breathe. Now I am ill and dirty, very dirty. Modern factories and cars pollute me with a lot of smoke. I`m so polluted that it’s very difficult to breathe you in big cities. Some people call me “smog”

Anton Shpakov:

Acid Rain:

I` m Rain. Look at me. I`m not fresh and clear. Now my name is Acid Rain. I harm lakes, rivers, seas, plants and animals.

Olesya Shikun:

The Earth:

I am a tiny part of the Universe. I am the Eartn and the only place where human beings can live. I am in serious danger. Acid rains, global warming, air and water pollution, overpopulation are the problems that threaten human life on the Earth.
The seas are in danger. They are filled with poison. The Mediterranean, the North sea, the Aral Sea are nearly dead. 
Every ten minutes one kind of animal, plant or insect dies out forever. If nothing is done about it, one million species that are alive today may soon become extinct.

Kirill Koltunov:

Litter: I am litter, HA-HA-HA. I am fine on your planet. I am everywhere. I’m: traffic tickets, banana peels, old wool socks, wooden stakes, paper and plastic cards, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass containers and a lot of others. The more you throw the bigger am I. These numbers say how many years I may live in the ground. I am very happy because you, humans love me very much. Thanks for your love and I love you too.

Sophia Shemet:Now you know that our Earth, our beautiful planet is in danger.

Vlad Skrebtsov:

Who helps her?

Yulia Podzizey:Nobody, except us, humans.

Sophia Shemet:Only we can save her and can kill her.

Vlad Skrebtsov: Her future is in our hands.

Yulia Podzizey: Let`s join our efforts to save the life on the planet.

6-B form

Lera Tereshchenko: Many people think that Earth Day should be every day.

Saha Lavrenenko: We completely agree with them.

Song: “Life is a breath of fresh air”

Don’t kill the world

Don’t kill the world.

Don’t let the world down.

Do not destroy the ground.

Don’t kill the world.

Don’t kill the world.

Don’t let the Earth die.

Help her to survive.

Don’t kill the world.

(все участники 6-B выходят и хором: «Don’t kill the world.»)

Kotlyar Dasha: Our earth is so wonderful

Belinskaya Margarita: and our life is so beautiful

Anna Lubenskaya: Don`t forget about it.

Lera Tereshchenko: Our song is a call to the people of the whole world to save the Earth

(Kids for saving earth promise song 6-B)

Nagaikina Kristina: I promise to keep the land clean!

Kosogor Elina: I promise to help nature!

Shabar Barbara: I promise to plant trees and flowers!

Lera Tereshchenko: I promise to save water!

10 A form

Vlad lyashenko:You are as green as grass!

Vanya Sheshkin: You are the hope of the Earth!

Polina volokhova: Let’s make the world better!

( Michael Jackson Heal the world – 10-a)

All: Happy Earth Day!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 8 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "День Земли"

Автор: Новожилова Татьяна Сергеевна

Дата: 04.05.2021

Номер свидетельства: 579770

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