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Конкурс "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland"

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Конкурс о Великобритании. Для развития интереса к англоговорящим странам

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«Конкурс "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland"»

Конкурс  Great Britain"(для учащихся 9 классов)

Цели и задачи викторины:

  • расширение знаний о Великобритании;

  • формирование уважения и интереса к другой культуре;

  • развитие языковых способностей учащихся закрепление изученного материала;

  • Закрепление пройденного материала;

  • Повышение интереса учащихся к английскому языку;


компьютер, видеопроектор, презентация в Power Point по теме “GreatBritain”

Учебный материал:

  1. Приветствие, мотивация.

Мероприятие начинается с прослушивания гимна Великобритании.

- Good afternoon, dear friends. You are welcome on our competition that called “Great Britain”. Today we will get introduced with the 4 parts of The United Kingdom and Nothern Ireland. And today 10th grade students would help us. And I would like to introduce with our groups:
1. Team of England: 
2. Team of Wales: 
3. Team of Scotland:
4. Team of Ireland:
Let me introduce you with our judges. English teacher of our school- Mekenova Nurzhamal Amirhanovna, Tokbay Symbat Aikynovna and Makhmut Aliya Esinbayevna.
Tours of our competition are:
1. National costume. Teams should show national costume of the country and explain it.
2. National dish. Teams should introduce with consistence of the dish.
3. National dance. Teams present dance.
4. Questions about country. Teams should answer on the questions.
Let’s start our competition. 
1st tour. Pupils show their national dresses
2nd tour. Pupils present national dish
3rd tour. Pupils dance
4 th tour. Pupils answer on the questions about their country. 
1. What are the colors of the British flag?

a) blue, red and white b) blue and red c) blue and white

2. How many pence are there in one pound?

a) 100 b) 90 c) 10

3. What do the English often put in their tea?

a) jam b) milk c) lemon

4. Which holiday is on December 25?

a) St. Valentine’s Day b) Easter c) Christmas

5. The highest mountain in Great Britain is…

a) Pennines b) Snaefell c) Black Mountains

6. In what city were the famous “Beatles” born?

a) London b) Glasgow c) Liverpool

7. What place was built by King Arthur and the wizard Merlin?

a) Stonehenge b) The Tower of London c) Camelot

8. What ocean is Great Britain washed by in the north-west, north and south-west?

A) The Pacific Ocean

b) The Arctic Ocean

c) The Atlantic Ocean

9. Who is the present monarch in Great Britain?

a) Prince Charles

b) Elizabeth I

c) Elizabeth II

10. The population of Lоndon is about…

a) 5 million people

b) 6 million people

c) 7 million people

11.How old is London?

a) 1000

b) 1500

c) 2000

12. What weather is most common in Great Britain?

a) sunny

b) rainy

c) snowy

T: Thank you very much.

And now at the end of our meeting, tell me why should we learn the history, traditions and culture of other countries?

P1 to become а well educated person

P2 it is very interesting

P3 to take the best things from their culture

Summing up. Judges identify the winner of competition. Awarding places: 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Now let’s enjoy our English and sing the song «Yellow Submarine»

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 10 класс

Конкурс "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland"

Автор: Жусупова Алмагуль Абаевна

Дата: 18.05.2018

Номер свидетельства: 470096

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