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Это сказка про Золушку.Я как учитель хотела не просто поставить сценку об этой сказке, но и хотела удивить детей про Диснейленд.Я здесь поставила несколько вопросов.Они хорошо ответили.Им понравилось."Добро пожаловать в Дейнейленд" тема нашего мероприятия и увидить здесь сказку про  Золушку. Они очень обрадовались.Им очень понравилось.

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«Cinderella »

Theme: ''Welcome to Disneyland'' A fairy tale about Cinderella
Form: 4-6

Duration:50 min
Aims of the lesson:

To give some information about new lexical theme, talk about Disneyland, to speak about pupils’ dreams.

To develop understanding, reading, logical thinking, writing habits,
memory, listening skills, oral speech

To bring up love and interest to the subject, respect each other.


ceremony, knowledge, create, magical, acre, dusty, happy, toys, playgrounds, Disneyland.

Procedure of the lesson

Pupils 1: Good afternoon dear teacher's and guests!Welcome to our Disneyland!

I invite you on the ball in Disneyland.

''Welcome to Disneyland''

Author:Heater Tanner

Welcome to Disney the happiest place on Earth,
A place we all wish to go since the day of birth,
There is so much to do and so much to see,
And fun all kids from ages one to ninety three.
From main street to the castle, oh, what fun,
Rides and splashing and fun in the sun,
Mickey and Minnie and all their pals,
Pooh and friends and their princess gals.



I want to tell about in brief about Disneyland. Disneyland is a place for children of all ages. It’s also a place for their parents to return to the world of childhood. W. Disney was a famous American producer. His name means the world of cartoon. He created a lot of cartoons and Disneyland.
His famous cartoons are: “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs” (1937), “Pinoccio” (1940), “Cinderella”(1950), “The Sleeping beauty”, “Winnie – the Pooh” (1966), “The book of Jungles”(1967) … .
I know such characters as … Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Cinderella, Snow White, Winnie-the Pooh, Bear Balu, panther Bagira and others….
Disney’s cartoons are so popular, because ( they end happily, they are easy and nice to watch. The audience always feels comfortable.)

Answer the questions:

T: Do you like this cartoon?
P1: Yes, I do.
T: Is it interesting?
P2: Yes, it is. I think it is interesting and beautiful.
T: What are the main characters of this cartoon?
P3: The main characters of this cartoon are ….
T: Have you ever heard about W. Disney and Disneyland?
P4: Yes, I have. I have heard.
T: Have you ever been to Disneyland?
P5: Yes, I have. (No, I haven’t. I have never been to Disneyland.)
T: Do you want to visit it?
P1: Yes, I do. I want to visit Disneyland.

Author: So,we are go to the Disneyland.First of all we have to see the videos about Disneyland.

Video about Disneyland.

o'k and now will be interesting time for you because it'will be a fairy-tail about ''Cinderella''.

Look at the screen.

Do know about who is that girl?

Yes. This is a Cinderella.

Answer the questions:

Do you know about Cinderella?

Do you want to see the story?

And then, look at this story!

A fairy- tale about Cinderella.

(The music is playing. Cinderella sweeping the floor.Enter father)
Cinderella (she hugs his father.): Good morning, Daddy! I love you!
Father (Cinderella stroke on the head): Good morning, dear! How are you?
Cinderella (smiling): Fine, Daddy, fine. And you?
(Sound the music.Enter stepmother with stepsisters)
Stepmother (haughty): We’ll go to the ball today. You, Basil, go away! Cinderella, clean this mess and I want a party dress.
Stepsister (preense before a mirror): And I want a dress.
Stepmother (throwing things on the floor.): Cinderella, clean this mess! You can’t go to the ball, you do this all (It gives her a long list of household chores)

Stepsister (giggling.): No, you can’t go to the ball, you do this all!
(The music is playing. Stepmother and her daughter leave)
Cinderella (reads aloud): Clean the house, wash the blouse, make food... Oh, it’s not good (crying)
(Cinderella crying. The music is playing. fairy appears.)
Fairy: Why are you crying, dear, why? Please, don’t cry!
Cinderella (crying.): I can’t go to the ball, because my dress is very old.
Fairy: I can help you. Look at me! Close your eyes. One-two-three !It's for you..(she waves his magic wand).
Cinderella (She stares at his beautiful new dress.): I can’t believe this dress is mine! Thank you, fairy, you are so kind.
Fairy (threatens Cinderella finger.): But at twelve o’clock you must be here.
Cinderella (happily.): Oh, yes, it’s clear.
The music is playing. The ball begins, Exit the King, the Queen.
король (Welcome to my Disneyland.The ball is on. Let’s dance and play.
Queen:(appeals to guests): Let’s have a lot of fun today!
(The music is playing. Cinderella appears in a ball gown. Everyone looks at her with admiration)
King: (King refers to Cinderella.): Who is that girl!
Prince come to the Cinderella. Hello! Let’s dance! You are my dream!

Cinderella (happily): Oh, yes, my Prince!



Everybody says ''I help''.Then will begin concert special for stepmother.Everybody have to dance,sing a song a play for Cinderella.O'k let's go!

1-The first will begin the 4th B class Aday Nurtilek with your poem ''Winter''.

2-Then Serikkalieva M with your poem ''New Year'' and Merey with your poem ''Christmas''.

3-Nuranov Atajan with your song ''Happy New Year''.

4-Shatenov Daulet and Jaksilik Daniyal with your poem ''Good morning!''

5-Dilnaz with your music.She will be dance.

6-Aymagambetova daniya and Askarova Tomiris will be sing a song ''May there are''.

Look at the screen pupil's.It's a quiz.If you find answer the questions you get a presents.So,go on.

Read the right words.

his, shy, go, like ,

big, music, nine,

cat, home, crocodile,

blue, dog, clock, jump,

he, pupil ,but, pen, my,

stupid, rose, fox, rule

To help a bewitched spell in a magical book.

I has a black dog.

I is nice.

He are brave.

I likes cats.

She like rabbits.

He have a blue pen.

We is friends.

Right answers:

I have black dog.

I am nice.

He is brave.

I like cats.

She likes rabbits.

He has a blue pen.

We are friends.

Author: O'k thank you very much. Thanks a lot actor and actress in a story.You are very active.Good bye!See you soon.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 6 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС


Автор: Аймагамбетова Алия Абатовна

Дата: 20.04.2015

Номер свидетельства: 203442

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