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Урок по теме "Образование. Школы", учебник Spotlight (8 класс)

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Комбинированный урок по теме "Образование. Школы" в котором изучаются новые лексические единицы по теме, закрепляются новые слова в словосочитании и предложении, повротяются временные формы глагола, грамматическая конструкция there is/ there are, формируются языковые компетенции говорения, чтения, аудирования. 

Формат урока: инивидуальная работа, в парах, группах с использованием карточек, песен по теме. 

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Урок по теме "Образование. Школы", учебник Spotlight (8 класс)»

Английский язык

8 класс


Автор:Ильина Людмила Васильевна,учитель английского языка

ГУ «ЛОУ СОШ №25 имени М.С. Лиховида»




  • To learn new words (a lyceum, a secondary school, a gymnasium, a language school, a private school, life skills, a grown-up)

  • To practice new words in the sentences;

  • To revise the Present Simple, Present Continuous Tense, Thereare/is/.

  • То form language competence in speaking, reading;

  • To develop listening comprehension;

  • To develop pupils' pair and group communicate skills;

  • To reinforce topic items and pupils' knowledge on the topic;

  • To develop pupils' attention and reaction, memory, logical thinking creative abilities;

  • To develop pupils` interest to education.

EQUIPMENT: didactic materials, records.

Procedure of the Lesson

I. Greeting.

Teacher: How are you today?

II. Warming-up

  • Teacher:If you look at the blackboard you’ll read the secret message, that’s the motto of the lesson. Try to read it.


Key: Knowledge is like a flower: if it is not cultivated, it will not be harvested

Teacher:OK, how do you understand it?

  • The Teacher informs the subject

The theme of our lesson is schools. Today we`ll speak about different types of schools in our country.

The Problem question of our lesson: Which school is the best?

  • The rhyme about school

Teacher: If we are going to talk about schools, let’s review the rhyme about school.

Mind the clock

And keep the rule;

Try to come

in time to school!

  • Speaking

Teacher: Answer my questions:

What school do you study at? Do you always come in time?Are there any school rules that you have to follow? (a uniform, to come in time, do homework)What do you like about going to school? Is your school a nice place to study?

III. Main Part

1) Check on homework

Your task for today was to write about the thing you like / don't like about going to school.

2) Vocabulary work

  • Teacher: Childrenlookattheblackboard. You can see a flower. The petals are the names of different types of school. (The teacher will open the petals while learning the new words)

    А gymnasium 


A lyceum

Alanguage  | school



A private school

  • — Look! Listen and repeat:

A lyceum |laɪˈsiːəm| лицей.

Asecondary |ˈsekəndəri|schoolобщеобразовательнаясредняя школа.

А gymnasium |dʒɪmˈneɪzɪəm|гимназия.

Alanguage |ˈlæŋɡwɪdʒ| school специализированная школа

Teacher: There are two new words that can help you describe schools:

Lifeskills|laɪfskɪlz| практическийжизненныйопыт.

A grown-up|ˈɡrəʊnʌp|взрослый

2) Practicing new words in the sentences.

Matchthe words with theirdefinitions:

  1. A lyceum a) an adult

  2. Life skills b) an educational institution where the second

stage of the three schooling periods

  1. A grown-up c) a school for the teaching of a foreign language or languages

  2. A language school d) a school that does not receive  financialsupport from the government

  3. A gymnasium  e)a type of school with astrong emphasis on 

academic learning, and providing advanced 

secondary education

  1. A secondary school f) any personal abilities that help an individual to 

cope with people, problems, situational changes, or stress.

  1. A private school g)an institution for popular education

  providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc.


  1. A lyceum g) an institution for popular education 

providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc.

  1. Life skills f) any personal abilities that help 

an individual to cope with people, 

problems, situational changes, or stress.

  1. A grown-up a) an adult

  2. A language school c) a school for the teaching of a foreign language or languages

  3. A gymnasium  e)a type of school with astrong emphasis on academic

 learning, and providing advanced secondary education

  1. A secondary school b) an educational institution where the second stage of the 

three schooling periods.

  1. A private school d)a school that does not receivefinancial support from



  1. Max knows English and German very well because he studies at ____________ .

  2. Alex goes to the _____________ near his house.

  3. Vicky is good at Maths, she studies at the_____________.

  4. Tying your shoe laces, swimming, driving a car and using a computer are, for most people, useful _____________.

  5. John wants to be an engineer and decided to enter. thePolitechnical __________.

  6. Ann is _____________ . She has a wonderful job.

  7. Kate`s parents pay for her education and shestudies at a wonderful ____________school.


  1. Max knows English and German very well because he studies at a language school.

  2. Alex goes to the secondary school near his house.

  3. Vicky is good at Maths, she studies at the gymnasium.

  4. Tying your shoe laces, swimming, driving a car and using a computer are, for most people, useful life skills.

  5. John wants to be an engineer and decided to enter the PolitechnicalLyceum.

  6. Ann is a grown-up. She has a wonderful job.

  7. Kate`s parents pay for her education and she studies at a wonderful private school.

3) Group work. Look at the photos and use the prompts to ask and answer the questions about them.Reading the dialogues.

Card 1

А.Where is Olga?

B. She's in the Information Technology classroom.

A.  What is she doing there?

B. She is preparing a report on History.

A.  Are there good facilities in her school?

B. Yes, there are.

A.  What type of school does she study at?

B. She studies in a secondary school.

Card 2

А: Where is Oleg?

He`s in a school basketball team?

What is he doing?

He is training for the competition.

Is Oleg fond of Algebra and Geometry?

Yes, he is.

What type of school does he study at?

He studies at a lyceum.

Card 3

Where are the schoolchildren?

They are at the social work.

What are they doing?

They are working cooperatively.

Are they developing life skills?

Yes, they are.

What type of school do the pupils study at?

They study at a gymnasium.

Card 4

Where are the pupils of a language school?

They are in the European Club.

Do they have a lot of pen-friends around the world?

Yes, they do.

What are they doing now?

They are writing letters. They want to learn more about the life in other countries.

What type of school do the pupils study at?

They study at a language school.

4)Pre-reading activity.

  • Teacher: Now look at the pictures. You can see pupils. Where can they study? What kind of pupils are they? Are they responsible? Do they study well?

  • New words that pupils can find in the text:

Theacademic|ˌækəˈdemɪk| footstep |ˈfʊtstep| академическаяступень

enter|ˈentə| вступать

distinctive |dɪˈstɪŋktɪv| выдающийся

Previous |ˈpriːvɪəs|предыдущий

Experience |ɪkˈspɪərɪəns| опыт

  • Translate the word-combinations:

The academic footsteps of his two elder brothers

To enter the same lyceum

A very distinctive year

My sister`s previous experience

5) Reading.

6) After –reading Activity.Read and tick the statements M, N, I.

M. I am fond of Maths and Physics.

N. I had a very distinctive year and my brother's and sister's pre­vious experience was very helpful.

І.1 have five English lessons a week.

M. I have made excellent progress in my studies.

I. It's very important that we can choose school for ourselves to go to.

N. I am proud to be a part of this gymnasium.

  • Answer the questions:


What subjects is he fond of?

Where does Natalia study?

Is she proud to study there?

Why is Ihor happy to study at a language school?

5) Speaking

Teacher:What is the difference between schools?

Where do you think to study better? Answer the question using the phrases on the desk. ( The method PREC)





Teacher: As for me I think that our school number seven is the best. Your parents brought you when you were kids, you spent the most part of your lives here. You respect your teachers and study well.

Teacher: Pupils! Look at the flower! There are a lot of different schools andasyoucansee, alltheschoolsaregood, theyallledtotheknowledge. It does not matter where pupils study. It depends on pupils` and teachers` skills.

6) Singing the song

And at the end of the lesson we`ll sing the song about school.

(school is teaching)

To write words like Motherland

In a neat and knowing hand

School is teaching,

School is teaching,

School is teaching.

Add up figures with a run,

Not to tease a younger one

School is teaching,

School is teaching,

School is teaching.

IV. Summing up

Homework and marks.

Teacher: Your homework for next lesson is to learn the new words and make up 6 sentences using them.The most pupils get marks for the lesson.

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Урок по теме "Образование. Школы", учебник Spotlight (8 класс)

Автор: Ильина Людмила Васильевна

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