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Unit Home and away "About my room"

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разработка открытого урока по английскому языку для 5 классов.

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«Unit Home and away "About my room"»

School: №2

Long term plan unit: Unit 1. Home and away

Date: 20.09.2019

Teacher‘s name: Gasanaliyeva G.A.

Grade: 5 B

Number present:


Learning objective(s) that this lesson is contributing to

5.S1 make basic statements which provide information on an increasing range of general and some curricular topics

5.W3 write with support short sentences which describe people, places and objects

5.UE1 use singular nouns, plural nouns – including some common irregular plural and uncountable nouns, possessive ‘s/s’ to name, describe and label things

5.UE4 use determiners a, an, the, zero article, some, any, this, these, that , those to refer to things on a growing range of general and some curricular topics

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

  • Make up 3-4 sentences to describe bedroom using there is/are

  • Provide an example for each type of sentences (Aff, Negative, interrog)

Most learners will be able to:

  • Make up 4-5 sentences to describe bedroom using there is/are

  • Provide a few examples for each type of sentences (Aff, Negative, interrog)

Some learners will be able to:

  • Make up more than 6 sentences to describe bedroom using there is/are

  • Provide a number of examples for each type of sentences (Aff, Negative, interrog)

  • Help others to make up interrogative and negative sentences

Assessment Criteria

The student has achieved the objectives if:

They make describe a room in 3 sentences using There is/are

They formulate 3 types of sentences

Value links

Life-long learning, Cooperation, Appreciation of shared resources, Exploration

Previous learning

Rooms and Furniture (vocabulary+ use of English)

Cross – curricular links


Use of ICT


Global Citizenship (incl. intercultural awareness)

Respect, collaboration

Kazakh culture


Pastoral Care

The teacher will support the students’ development in a holistic manner – mentally, socially, cognitively, emotionally

Health and safety

The teacher will do a safety check to eliminate potential hazards before the lesson starts. The teacher will be familiar with the emergency procedures.


Planned activities




5 min


15 min

Period 1

In my room

In my room

There is one bed

In my room

There is two lamps

In my room

There are three dolls

In my room

There are so many things

Rooms and Furniture

Vocabulary (Part II)

PPT slides 1-2

PPT slide 3

15-20 min


  1. Ask students in 5-7 min write 3-4 sentences about their ideal bedroom, using THERE IS/ARE. As scaffolding, write on the board “My ideal bedroom has got … . There is … in my bedroom. My bedroom is fantastic!”

  2. Once students finish writing, they swap copybooks to find similarities/ differences of their bedrooms. Along with that, they check each other’s accuracy.

PPT Slide 7

15 min

20 min

Period 2

1.Tell how name this room and what there is in the room.

2. Put prepositions.

  • The clock is_____the wall.

  • The ball is____the table.

  • The cat is____the armchair.

  • The carpet is___ the floor.

  • The lamp is___the table.

  • The flower is____the vase.

3. Find the extra words

bath – sink – washbasin – mirror
dining room – garden – kitchen – hall
desk – coffee table – chair – table
bed – bathroom – wardrobe – carpet
computer – bookcase – digital camera – television

4. Match words with picture:

  • 1 washing machine

  • 2 telephone

  • 3 table

  • 4 chair

  • 5 sofa

  • 6 window

  • 7 fridge

  • 8 cooker

  • 9 wardrobe

  • 10 bath


I like the exercises

I don’t like exercises

I don’t understant ex.


5. Fill in the right words.

  • 1.You sleep in the ______ .

  • 2. We eat in the _______ .

  • 3.I keep food in the _____ .

  • 4.I sit in the _____ .

6. There is, there are, Is there, are there

…..a bookcase in my room.

…..a wardrobe in your room?

….a TV and video at the your room?

….books on the bookshelf?

….three rooms in my flat.

7. Ordinal numbers

  • 1. Today is _____ (10) of November.

  • 2. Misha is _____ (11) years old.

  • 3. Billy lives on the ______ (7) floor.

8. Put the words in columns


Living room

PPT slides 5-18



5 min

Reflect, Revisit Learning Goals & Check with Questions

  • Ask students to reflect on if they feel they have achieved the learning goals & what they liked/didn’t like about the lesson

PPT slide 19

Home task

  • Provide students with pictures to make up 3 types of sentences (Aff., Neg., Interr.)


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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 5 класс

Unit Home and away "About my room"

Автор: Гасаналиева Гюль Алага кызы

Дата: 23.10.2019

Номер свидетельства: 523874

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