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Toys and colours

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Lesson plan for 1st grades for the theme "Toys and colours"

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«Toys and colours»

Date:12.11.2020y. Grade:1

The theme: Unit 5 Toys and colours.

Lesson 2 - “It is purple”

T The story about the toy and repeat the colour. Paint a rainbow color to label it.

  • Type of lesson: a lesson familiar with the new vocabulary on the topic and enhance existing knowledge and skills

  • Subject lessons: the introduction of new vocabulary on the topic "Toys. Colour "and activation of lexical and grammatical knowledge.
    The aim of the lesson:

  • Educational - familiarization with new lexical units and training in the use of speech, activation of lexical and grammatical knowledge of the development of speaking skills.

  • Teaching - the development of speech abilities of children, phonemic hearing, imagination, attention: development of motivation to learn English

  • Developing -creating conditions for dialogue in the learning process


  • Educational
    1. Develop skills and oral communication skills.
    2. Anchor the lexical material on the topic: "Colours".
    3. To continue building skills to use in different structures (affirmative, negative and interrogative);
    4. To continue building skills to work quickly over time, produce the pace of academic work, the ability to work with the textbook.

  • Developmental:
    1. Promote the development of students' interest in learning English;
    2. Develop the ability to conduct a conversation;
    3. To form the logical thinking of students in the learning process monologue and dialogue speech.

  • Nurturing:
    1. Nurture kindness, courtesy, ability to come to the aid of someone in his difficulties in the learning process;
    2. Develop communication skills.

  • Equipments:
    1. Textbook
    2. Drawings;
    3. CD. Recording music for songs;
    4. Cards with a phonetic sounds for charging;
    5. Masks of toys (dog, bear, cat, monkey, etc.);
    6. Toys, cards with numbers;
    7. Floating poster; Poster topic: "Colours";
    8. Felt-tip pens or pencils, balloons of different colors.

  1. Organizing moment and welcome.
    "Good morning, my dear friends!"
    Good morning, good morning,
    Good morning to you,
    Good morning dear teacher,
    We are glad to see you!
    "I am very glad to see you too. I hope everybody is ready to work. Sit down, please. Let's start our lesson. "

  2. Announcement purpose of the lesson.
    "Today we will play, sing and jump. Also we will learn new words and learn how to describe toys. "

  3. Phonetic charge.
    "Now, let's repeat some difficult English sounds. Look at the board. Repeat after me. "
    On the board:
    [:], [T], [d], [r], [w].
    "As always, we are going to visit Mr. Tongue. He gets up and enjoys a good day [:] - morning. Cleaning the room knocks carpets: [t] - [t] - ten, two, and twelve, [d] - [d] - dog, doll, dog dolphin. His dog helps him: [r] - [r] - red, green, run. In the evening, extinguishes the candle: [w] - [w] - one, white, why.
    The board
    why do you cry, Willy?
    Why do you cry?
    Why, Willy? Why, Willy? Why, Willy? Why?
    One and two
    I and you
    One and two
    Who are you?
    Read the poem all together. Repeat after me.

  4. Speech charge
    (Inclusion of students in speech activity).
    T P1; T P2; T P3, etc.
    : What is your name? Pupil (1): My name is ...

  1. Teacher
    : What is his name? Pupil (2): His name is ...

  2. Teacher
    : What is her name? Pupil (3): Her name is ...
    : How are you? Pupil (4): I'm OK. (I am fine, thanks).
    : How old are you? Pupil (5): I am nine.
    : Where are you from? Pupil (6): I am from Russia.
    : Have you got a mother? Pupil (7): Yes, I have got a mother, etc.
    : Let's sing the song: "What is your name?"
    And now let's count!
    (On the board cards with numbers: 1,2,3,4,5, etc.)
    T P1 P2 P3, etc.
    Can are you count?
    On the board:
    1) Count from 1 to 8! Count from 9 to 2! Count from 2 to 10! Etc.
    (Apprentice tells a poem.)
    The poem: "One, one, one."
    Pupil (1):
    One, two,
    What must I do?
    Three, four.
    Close the door.
    Count the desks, please!
    Count the windows, please!
    Count the bookcases, please!
    Count the chairs, please! Etc.
    (Apprentice tells a poem.)
    The poem: "One, and two, and three, and four."
    Pupil (2):
    One and two, and three, and four.
    I am sitting on the floor,
    I am playing with a ball
    And a pretty little doll.
    One and two, and three, and four.
    I am sitting on the floor,
    I am playing with a car

  1. And a pretty little star.

One and two, and three, and four.
We are sitting and the floor.
We are sitting, girls and boys.
We are playing with the toys.

  1. Development and control of dialogic speech.
    P1 P2; P3 P4, etc.
    Let's act out the dialogue "What is your name?"
    (Participants in the dialogue of several couples, or at the discretion of the teacher). P1-P2
    P1: Hello! P2: Hi!
    P1: What is your name? P2: My name is ... What is your name?
    P1: My name is ... How are you? P2: I'm fine, thanks! How are you?
    P1: I'm OK. How old are you? P2: I am 8. How old are you?
    P1: I am 9. Where are you from? P2: I'm from Russia. Where are you from?
    P1: I'm from Bashkortostan. Good-bye. P2: Let's play the game! Etc.

  2. Dynamic pause.

CD 2

I See Something Pink Lyrics and Actions

♫ Pink! [Hold up a pink flashcard.]
I see something pink. [Hold your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.]
I see something pink.
Pink, pink, pink, pink...
I see something pink.
Find something pink! [Look around the room for pink items.]

Orange! [Hold up an orange flashcard.]
I see something orange. [Hold your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.]

I see something orange.
Orange, orange...

I see something orange.
Find something orange! [Look around the room for orange items.]

Brown! [Hold up a brown flashcard.]
I see something brown. [Hold your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.]

I see something brown.
Brown, brown, brown, brown...

see something brown.
Find something brown! [Look around the room for brown items.]

Green! [Hold up a green flashcard.]
I see something green. [Hold your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.]
I see something green.
Green, green, green, green...
I see something green.
Find something green! [Look around the room for green items.]

Pink. [Point to something pink.]
Orange. [Point to something orange.]
Brown.[Point to something brown.]
Green.[Point to something green.]
I see colors everywhere. ♫

  1. Familiarization with new vocabulary and working out in her speech. ("Colours").
    1) Teacher: Now look at the board. Here are some new words for you.
    : Listen to me and guess the meaning of these words.
    (The board rose wood of different colors: red, white, orange, light blue, blue, yellow, green, grey, black.)
    : Listen to the CD. Repeat after the announcer.
    : Please, guys take on the colorful balls. (The teacher gives each student on the ball).
    : Take your red balloon, Katya please. Take your yellow balloon, please. Etc.
    2) On the board:
    Daisy flower with nine petals.

  1. (Children must come to the table the teacher, felt-tip pen to choose the right color and paint the petals of a flower attached on the board).
    : Nastya, come here, please. Take your orange pen and draw a leaf on the board.
    : Thank you! Very well. Etc.
    (Participants include all students).
    3) Work with the textbook.
    Now, open your books. Unit 5The lesson № 2

  1. Familiarization with a new phrase: I have a ... and processing it into speech.
    T P1; T P2; T P3, etc.Teacher: Have you a green balloon? Pupil (1): Yes, I have a green balloon.

  1. Summing up the lesson.
    : Today we have shown how we can be acquainted, to consider, telling about their favorite colors, and animals. You have a great singing and telling poems.
    Good for you! I'll give all of you excellent marks.

  2. Homework
    I want you to paint your homework.
    Our time is up! We have had a good time. We worked very well. Thank you! The lesson is over! Till tomorrow.
    Farewell rhyme
    Stand up, please!
    Raise your head! Jump up high!
    Wave your hand. And say "Good-bye"

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Toys and colours

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