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Theme: Butterfly, fly

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Educational:         - to learn to say, and write about some insects

Developing:          - to enable pupils to say, read and w rite about some insects;

- to enable pupils to write questions and answers about insects

Socio-cultural:     - to raise awareness of  insects

Up bringing:        - to enrich pupils’ knowledge of the name of insects

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«Theme: Butterfly, fly»




3-sinflar uchun Unit 6. Lesson 1
Butterfly, fly

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Date_____ Form_____ Subject: English

Theme: Butterfly, fly


Educational: - to learn to say, and write about some insects

Developing: - to enable pupils to say, read and w rite about some insects;

- to enable pupils to write questions and answers about insects

Socio-cultural: - to raise awareness of insects

Up bringing: - to enrich pupils’ knowledge of the name of insects

Learning outcomes: At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to :

- name some of the insects

- sing song about butterfly

Competence: SC1, FLCC, and PC

Type of the lesson: Mixed, group work, pair-work, individual work

Method of the lesson: nontraditional, mixed

Equipment of the lesson: Textbook “Kids’ English 3”, “ Workbook 3“ pictures, internet, computers, projector


Part of the lesson






-to greet pupils.

- to check up the register

5 min


Repeating last lesson

- to give pupils some questions about last lesson. – to ask words from previous lesson

5 min


Explaining new theme

- to explain to pupils new vocabulary and theme

20 min


Consolidating new theme.

- to consolidate new theme and new words of the theme.

10 min



- To mark pupils

5 min



- Giving homework.

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organizing moment: Motivation, Greeting, checking attendance, season, weather, checking the preparation for the lesson.

II. Asking homework:

- Check for homework given on past lesson.

- Ask pupils all new words learnt on previous lesson.

III. Pre-activity:

Activity 1 L isten and repeat. 5 min

Objective: to warm up

Step 1: Play the DVD. A sk the pupils to listen to the song and say what the song is about (answer: A sk what the “ butterfly )” is in mother tongue.

Step 2: Play the DVD again and ask the pupils to sing together with the DVD.

DVD script:

Fly, fly , fly , the butterfly ,

In the meadow is flying high

In the garden is flying low

Fly, fly , fly , the butterfly .

( the couplet above is repeated four times)

IV. Main part

Activity 2 Look and say. 5 min

Objectives: to revise the topic of weather;

to raise awareness of the day’s weather.

Invite all the pupils to the classroom window and ask Yes /No questions about the day’s weather which require negative answers. After a few such questions, ask: “What’s the weather” to which the pupils give the right answer about that day as shown in the example below,


You: Is it rainy?

Pupils: N o, it isn’t.

You: Is it sunny?

Pupils: N o, it isn’t.

You: What’s the weather?

Pupils: I t’s cloudy.

Activity 3a Look, listen and repeat. 5 min

Objective: to in troduce the new voca bulary

Step 1: Ask the pupils to look at the first picture and the word “ ant” . Ask what “ ant” is in mother tongue. Then ask them to look at the second picture and the word “ mosquito” . Elicit what the translation can be in m other tongue. Then do the same with the other two pictures and the word “ insect” .

Step 2: After the pupils get the m eaning, you can ask them to repeat the words after you or the DVD in chorus, rows and individually.

Activity 3b Work in pairs. Point and say. 5 min

Objective: to con solid a te the newly introduced vocabulary

This is a usual “ Point and say” activity. Pupil 1 points to, for example, a ladybird. Pupil 2 says: : a ladybird Then they change roles.

Activity 4 Play “ Fly Swat” . 5 min

Objective: to consolidate the newly introduced vocabulary

You can play the game in two versions:

Version 1: Divide the class into two teams. Stick the flashcards with the insects in 3a on the board. Say a word, the pupils run and slam the card. They repeat what you said to gain a point fo r their team.

Version 2: Get the pupils to sit in a circle. (This is usually possible when the group is sm all.) Show them the flashcards and say the words. Then put the flashcards on the floor or table. When you say a word, the pupils slam the card.

Activity 5a Colour and watch. 10 min

Objectives: to have fun;

to prepare for the next activity.

Step 1: Prepare beforehand two model butterflies (Lucy and Lee) enough for each pupil in the class.

Step 2: Give the model butterflies to the pupils. The pupils colour their butterflies: Lucy in one colou r and the Lee in another. Then they wear the butterfly Lucy on their right fingers and the butterfly Lee on their left fingers. A sk: Where is Lucy? the

pupils show. A sk again: Where is Lee? the pupils show. Then ask the pupils to watch the DVD, listen and repeat the poem /song with gestures.

V. Post-activity

Activity 5b Work in pairs. Play “ Two little butterflies ” . 5 min

Objective: to have fun

Ask the pupils to repeat the poem /son g the second /third time togeth er with you without the DVD. Then the pupils do the activity in pairs.

VI. Homework 2 min

Ask the pupils to open their Workbook s at Page 30. Draw their attention to Activity la . Explain that at home they must match the questions and answers as shown in the

example, and find the animal. When they fin d the animal, the must put a tick next to its picture.

Then draw their attention to the second homework activ ity ( l b ) .

Explain that they must choose any insect they learned and w rite 5 questions and answers about it on Page 34 using the question starters given there. Explain that it will be a puzzle for their friends next lesson.

VII. Evaluation. Giving marks

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 3 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Theme: Butterfly, fly

Автор: Sidiqova Dilrabo

Дата: 02.05.2020

Номер свидетельства: 548550

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