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Sightseeings of Kazakhstan

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The  theme  of  the  lesson:Sightseeings  of  Kazakhstan

The  aims  of  the  lesson: 1.to  teach  to  talk  about  the  places  of  interest  of  Kazakhstan;

      2.to  develop  pupils’  skills  and  habits  in  reading  and  speaking;

3.to  teach  to  love  their  Motherland.

Visual  aids: interactive  board,pictures,cards.

The  type  of  the  lesson:  traditional

The  methods  of  the  lesson:  using  the  elements  of  CTT


 The   Procedure  of  the  lesson


-  greeting  the  pupils;

-  dialogue  with  duties


2.Warm  up

“The world is a great book, and those who do not travel read only one page.``


What  do  you  think  about  this  statement? Do  you  agree with  it?


T:  Today  we’ll  mark  you  with  the  help  of  these  magic  flowers.

Criteria for the marks:

5   Full and correct answer without any mistakes.

4   Correct answer, but there are some grammar or pronunciation mistakes.

3   Incorrect answer with lots of mistakes.

3.Checking  the  home  task

      Complete the  sentences (Task  4)


Test  yourself





Modern  life  is  impossible  without  travelling.


People  travel  only  on  business.


Travelling  by  plane  is  expensive.


Travelling  by  train  is  slower  than  by plane.


Medical  tourism  involves  people  who  travel  to  a  different  place  to  receive  treatment  for  a  disease,health  condition.


Key  to  the  test:

1.Yes;       2.No;         3.Yes;                   4.Yes;                 5.Yes.

T:  Today  we  have  an  unusual  lesson.We’ll  travel.Do  you  like  travelling?

P:  Yes, we do.

T: The  let’s  begin. First  of  all  we  must  prepare  our  suitcases.Now  I’ll  give you  a  suitcase,you  must  gather  it  in  2  minutes.Each  of  you  have  to  write  5  words  concerning  the  theme  ``Travelling``  from  the  list  of  words.

Trip,  school, doctor,journey,  tourism, pilot,  hiking,  education, plane,  sport.

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«sitsing in kazakhstan»

Дюйсекеева Лаззат Мырзахановна

учитель английского языка ш/г№ 28


Илийского района

Алматинской области

The theme of the lesson:Sightseeings of Kazakhstan

The aims of the lesson: 1.to teach to talk about the places of interest of Kazakhstan;

2.to develop pupils’ skills and habits in reading and speaking;

3.to teach to love their Motherland.

Visual aids: interactive board,pictures,cards.

The type of the lesson: traditional

The methods of the lesson: using the elements of CTT

The Procedure of the lesson


- greeting the pupils;

- dialogue with duties

2.Warm up

The world is a great book, and those who do not travel read only one page.``


What do you think about this statement? Do you agree with it?

T: Today we’ll mark you with the help of these magic flowers.

Criteria for the marks:

5 Full and correct answer without any mistakes.

4 Correct answer, but there are some grammar or pronunciation mistakes.

3 Incorrect answer with lots of mistakes.

3.Checking the home task

Complete the sentences (Task 4)

Test yourself





Modern life is impossible without travelling.


People travel only on business.


Travelling by plane is expensive.


Travelling by train is slower than by plane.


Medical tourism involves people who travel to a different place to receive treatment for a disease,health condition.

Key to the test:

1.Yes; 2.No; 3.Yes; 4.Yes; 5.Yes.

T: Today we have an unusual lesson.We’ll travel .Do you like travelling?

P: Yes, we do.

T: The let’s begin. First of all we must prepare our suitcases.Now I’ll give you a suitcase,you must gather it in 2 minutes.Each of you have to write 5 words concerning the theme ``Travelling`` from the list of words.

Trip, school, doctor,journey, tourism, pilot, hiking, education, plane, sport.

``215`` - In 2 minutes 1 pupil must write 5 words.

T: The next task is to buy a ticket.I have a gold ticket in my hand.If you want to get it you must answer my question.

``Why do people travel?``

T: All of you got tickets.And now you must choose a transport for travelling.What do you prefer: a plane or a train?

T: If you are ready let’s start our trip!How do you think where would we go?

P1,P2,P3 …

4.New theme

T:We will travel through our country and see its places of interest.Open your exercise-books and write down the date and the theme of the lesson.

New words:

Underground mosque - жер асты мешіті

Shopping center – сауда орталығы

Entertainment center – ойын-сауық орталығы

Monument - ескерткіш

Hollow - ойпат

Working in groups

1.Read the texts


1.Kolsay Lakes

One of the most beautiful places on Kazakh land.They are located at heights 1800,2250 and 2700 metres above sea level.

2.Lake Balkhash

It is the third largest lake in Kazakhstan after the Caspian Sea and Aral Seas.Its nature is amazing.

3.State National Park ``Burabay``

It was organized in August 2002 .14 lakes:Bolshoye and MaloyeChebachye,Schuchye,Borovoe and Maibalik are the greatest and well-known lakes.

4.Karaghiye Hollow

It is one of the deepest in the world at 132 meters below sea level.It is located in the Eastern part of the Mangyshlak plateau.

5.Independence Monument

It is a monument on the central square of Almaty,the main motive of which is the image of gold.Along with Baiterek it is a symbol of modern Kazakhstan.


It is the most high-mountainous sport complex in the world.

7.Underground mosque Becket-Ata

Truly fantastic landscape!Standing on the edge of escarpment you can enjoy the flight of rare birds.

3.Grouping: The sightseeings of our region,thesightseeings of other cities.

5.Practise of the new theme

A semantic map

Names of sights


Cultural or historical


The mosque of Becket-Ata

Monument ``Astana-Baiterek``

Khan Shatyr

Kolsay Lakes

Lake Balkhash

State National Nature Park ``Burabay``

Independence Monument

The Underground mosque of Shakpak-Ata


Karaghiye Hollow

T: Let’s say some words about the sights of our village.Work in groups.Write the names of the sights iof our village which you think worth seeing.

6.Physical exercise

7.Giving the home task

1.To find English and Kazakh proverbs about travelling.

2.To write a short composition about the sights of our capital.


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Sightseeings of Kazakhstan

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