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Seasons and month

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«Seasons and month»


Module 6 Lesson 5

The Theme: Seasons and months


Teacher's name:



Learning objective(s)

that this lesson is

contributing to to introduce with month and with their spelling understand to divide them into seasons pronounce the words and short phrases intelligibly when reading aloud use them during the conversations


Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

* Know all new words about new theme;

Most learners will be able to:

* Use the new words in their speech;

Some learners will be able to:

* Complete all worksheets correctly.

Assessment criteria

Learners have met this learning objective if they can: - know all new words about new theme - write, pronounce and spell words correctly - do most of tasks correctly




ICT skills

Using videos& pictures, whiteboard


Planned timings

Planned activities

Smiles Resources



1. Greeting: teacher greets; pupils respond to greeting and take their places.

- Good morning, pupils!

- How are you?

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent?

- What day is it today?

- What date is it today?

2. Warm up

Teacher offers to start lesson with singing the song “Hello, hello”

Then pupils take their sits.

3.  Let’s try to guess the theme of our lesson. 

Teacher divides class into 3 groups with cards. Pupils choose cards on the table and find what is the picture it? Then each team sits with their group.

1 group: white 2 group: green 3 group: blue

Then teacher offer them to solve the riddle.

This is the season

When fruit is sweet,

This is the season

When school friends meet. (Autumn)

This is the season

When children ski

And Grandfather Frost

Brings the New Year tree. (Winter.)

This is the season

When birds make their nests,

This is the season

We all like best. (Spring.)

This is the season

When vegetables grow,

I come to the garden

And make water flow. (Summer.)

And our new theme “Seasons and month”

Audio “Hello, hello”



Teacher presents new words.

January - қаңтар

February – ақпан

March – наурыз

April – сәуір

May – мамыр

June – маусым

July – шілде

August – тамыз

September – қыркүйек

October – қазан

November – қараша

December – желтоқсан

Winter – қыс

Spring – көктем

Summer – жаз

Autumn – күз

5.Video about new theme. Pupils watch a video about a new theme.

6. Find the odd word.

1. January, February, March, Table.

2. Summer, year, spring, autumn, winter.

3. Day, month, year, twelve.

8. Put the names of months in alphabet order.

April, August, December, February, January, June, July, March, May, November, October, September.

9. Are you tired? Let’s do our physical exercises.

10. The game «Puzzle». Pupils are given pieces of photos and they must complete a puzzle

12. Match the words from the columns.

Independence day is on the 16th of December

Kazakh New Year is on the 22nd of March.

Mother’s Day is on the 8th of March.

Constitution Day is on the 30th August.

First Presidents Day is on the 1st of December.

12. Complete the months.

Autumn – September, October, November

Winter – December, January, February

Spring – March, April, May

Summer – June, July, August

14. Game “Funny worm” put the month in the right order.

15. Crossword. Complete the word puzzle.

Video “Month”

Group works



Reflection. The method of «A tree of success». The teacher gives to the pupils stickers. The pupils must write about the lesson.

Additional information

Differentiation – how do you plan to

give more support? How do you plan to

challenge the more able learners?

Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Cross-curricular links

Health and safety check

ICT links

Video, interactive board

• support weaker learners with

further modelling and drilling in their pairs

• stronger learners who complete activities quickly should spell new words aloud for others to copy in

their note books

• check pronunciation of new language through group and individual drilling

• check comprehension of listening and reading text through follow-up questions

  • cross curricular links: Art

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 2 класс

Seasons and month

Автор: Имашева Маржан Оралкановна

Дата: 14.11.2019

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