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School days. / Школьные дни.

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план разработка для второго класса по английскому языку, по книге Family and Friends.

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«School days. / Школьные дни.»

Short term plan

School-gymnasium №53 named after K.Turyssov

Term: 2

Unit 3 Lesson 21.

My school.

Teacher’s name:

Tazhmuratova Parida Utegenovna



Grade: 2

Number present:

Number absent:

Theme of the lesson:

School days.

Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to understand some specific information in short, slow, carefully articulated talk on routine and familiar topics recognise the spoken form of familiar words and expressions make basic statements related to personal information, people and objects on familiar topics and classroom routines begin to use with support a simple picture dictionary use basic prepositions of location and position: at, behind, between, in, in front of, near, next to, on, to to describe where people and things are, use prepositions of time: on, in, at to talk about days and times

Lesson objectives

By the end of the lesson the students will be able to identify rooms and areas in a school.

Lesson procedure:

Stages of the

lesson/ Time

Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity




Greeting. Organisation moment.

Teacher greets pupils and asks “How are you today?” to find out their mood at the beginning of the lesson.

Children’s’ greetings. Then pupils choose one of the smiles they see on the slide, saying “I am happy/sad….etc.”

Student’s Book “Family and friends 2.

Kazakhstan edition”. (Oxford University Press)

Warm up

Warm up.

  • Use flashcards 23-28 to revise school subjects.

  • Talk about school subjects with the class. Ask What have you got today? When have you got art/science/PE?

Pupils answer the teacher’s questions.

  • Use flashcards 29-33 to introduce the new vocabulary. Hold up the cards one at a time and say the words for children to repeat.

  • Hold up the cards in a different order for children to repeat again.

Pupils find out the meaning of new words and repeat them.

Main activities

Ex.1 p.22.

  • Ask children to look at the pictures in their Pupil's Books. Play the first part of the recording for children to point to the pictures.

  • Play the second part for children to repeat the words.

  • Play the recording all the way through for children to listen and point and then repeat the words.

  • Hold up flashcards 29-33 one at a time for individual children to say the words.

  • If you have all of these in your school, ask children Where do you have PE/art/computers?

Ex.2 p.22.

  • Point to the different pictures for children to tell you what they can see. See if they can name the school subjects or say which places they can see.

  • Play the song the whole way through once for children to listen. Then play it again as they follow the words in their books.

  • Read each line of the song line by line for children to repeat after you.

  • Play the recording for children to sing along.

Pupils listen to the pronunciation of the new words, point to the pictures and repeat the words.

Pupils name the school subjects and places, looking at the pictures. Then listen to the recording, following in their books. After that, pupils sing the song.

Choose the word that describes what you hear

Picture description

CD 31

CD 32

https://elt.oup.c om/student/fa milyandfriends

/level02/songs? cc=kz&selLang uage=en#trackt itle

Physical training


A break for physical activity.

Teacher plays the video with physical exercises.

Pupils watch and do physical exercises.

Main activities

Ex.3 p.22.

  • Ask children to look at the pictures and decide together on actions for each verse of the song (see below).

  • Play the song again for children to sing and do their actions.

Song actions

Verse 1: In the playground... jump and run on the spot

Verse 2: On the sports field... kick a football Verse 3: In the art room... draw in the air Verse 4: In the computer room... put on headphones and move a mouse

Optional activity

  • Divide the class into four groups, one for each verse. Without playing the song, hold up the playground flashcard. The playground group sings or chants the words from their verse in the Pupil's Book.

  • Repeat with the sports field, art room, and computer room flashcards. The whole class can sing At our school... together each time.

  • Tell children that they are going to sing the song from memory. With books closed, play the song again. At the start of each verse, hold up the appropriate flashcard to remind children which group is going to sing.

Pupils sing the song and do the actions.

Pupils sing the song from memory.

Song-based task

CD 32

The end of the lesson

Teacher asks pupils “How are you?” to find out their mood at the end of the lesson, compares it to the initial mood pupils had

and makes conclusion how the lesson

Pupils write down their homework for the next lesson.

Pupils evaluate themselves using evaluation lists.

influenced students and why. Teacher sets homework.

© InterPress

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 2 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

School days. / Школьные дни.

Автор: Тажмуратова Парида Утегеновна

Дата: 01.12.2022

Номер свидетельства: 618858

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