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Поурочный план для седьмого класса

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«Поурочный план для седьмого класса»

My favorite season

Let’s I speak about my favorite season. My name is Arsen. My sirname is Bazarbayev. I’m in the 5th form. There are 4 seasons in a year. They are winter, spring, summer and autumn. All seasons are very nice in our country. But my favorite season is winter. Winter is the cold and beautiful season. There are three months in winter. They are December, January and February. The weather is a very wonderful because sometimes was snowy, windy, cloudy, foggy and ice. I like to play with snow in winter. When I have a free time, I’m playing snow with my friends. The snowy days are very nice all trees, windows, the high of the house are covered with white ice and you can see its very fantastic.

We are celebrating some great holidays in winter. They are a very big holiday of our country. They are: The 1st of December – Presidents day; 16th of December – Independence day of Kazakhstan; 1st of January – New years day. We are celebrating these holiday with a great, with an interest.

Schoolchildren were a winter holidays in January. All schoolchildren are relaxing on this holiday. At the end of December we have finished the 2nd guarter. That’s why we have a winter holiday, we are very happily.

People put on worm clothes in winter. The cold makes the hands cold and stiff. Everything seems to be covered into a white blanket. Rivers and lakes are covered with a thick ice and you can skate on them. Winter is my best Season! I like winter very much!

At the end of my talk, I say the poem about “ Winter”

This is the season

When mornings are dark

And birds do not sing

In the forests and park.

This the season

When children ski

And Father frost brings

The New Year Tree!

My favourite animal

My name is Altynbek. My sirname is Otarbayev. I’m in the 5 th form. Let’s I speak about my favourite animal. There are many domestic animals . But my favourite animal is a dog. The dog is a best friend of all people.

There is the a dog at every house in our village. That’s why I have got a clever , nice dog . It’s my best friend. My dogs name is Rex. It’s a very big. It’s brown, with a big ear and long legs. It’s very beautiful. I care of my dogs. Every day I gave it foods, water to my dog.

After lessons I played and walked with my dog together in the afternoon .My little brother likes the Rex. My dog is likes children very much. All children likes my dogs very much.


For the wag of a mad,and a bork of hello,to no ofter friend would I ever go.To whisher my fears and lick away tears.To run and to jump and to twirl all around,there’s no better friend,that.I’have ever fourd.

My free time

How I spend my free time

My name is Zhandos.My srename is Uteshov. I’m in the 5th Form. Let’s I speak about my free time. Every day I go to school to my lessons after the lessons I have much a free time in the affernoon. When I have a free time. I help my parents, doing my homework, I use the computer to do my homework that I looked up many interesting things. I like to learn English that’s why I learn English at my free time. When I was not busy I’m playing football with my friends. I like to play football. In the evening I wached the TV too which I saw many cartoons about the children. I saw the sports game of football. Everybody has a free time. That’s why I have much free time. Reading book and to play football are useful for me at free time.

Somebody prefer only to sleep in the in free time but the largest part of us prefer to do a great amount of things which are pleasant to interesting for us.

It may be reading, to go to sports, watching TV, listening music and others. Many people think that pupils and students have too much leisure, but in my opinion, they are wrong.

We are very busy. Many pupils have six or seven lessons a day and go to school five or six do plays ex.?

I do not spend my much time at school and after lessons have a free time. The large part of my free time devote to reading.

I spent my free time an interesting.

My future preffession

Choosing a career is one of the most important life decisions that every person faces on the thshold of of adulthd.It means that on leaving school every tanager should be aw are what he wants to influence your future,it is high time to to’ve actions.At first,you have to learn about yourself.You should tove into account your values,interests,skills,as well as certain personality traits which can identify the most suitable professions for you.Then it is highly recommended to study the fieed you want to work in and to find out what jobs are in demand.

Confucius said “shoose a job you love,and you will never have to work a day in your life”I abso lutely agree this statement.In my opinion,it is very important to find a job that gives you pleasure and an opportunity to fulfil yourself.When you completely devote yourself to your job,you get better and guicker results.Moreover,when you love your job,you regard it as a hobby rather than inevitable ruts.

Personally,I want to buome an interpreter.Since childhool my reference book has always been an illustraned hictionary.When I was twelve,Ihad a chance to try y hand at speaking English.

I lucked out to go to Turkey and got acguainted with a friendey English couple there.At first I experienced a language barrier,but then I managed to break through it fo since that time I realized how important the know ledge of English is.As a mather of fact,English is one of the most popularand wide spread languages in the world.Wenewer you go every body con speak it.Besihes,more and more ferign compories are opening their offices inrussia.So the hemand for interpreting services in on the rise.

Nauryz – holiday of spring and friendship.

Nauryz – Kazakh new year.

Nauryz – is a very big and important holiday for Kazakh people.The beginning of a new year.We are celebrating this holiday on the 21 st of Nauryz.We are celebrating this holiday several days.

Nauryz means – new day,it is celebraled in the Creat Steppes from ancient times.

Nauryz symbolires good ness and wealth,happiness and love and a guat friendship day,since this holiday is common for many nations.

On this day,past offences are forgiven and forgotton and every body makes a wish to leave all badness behind and bring reneval in the new year

Dring the Nauryz holiday,large and small cities,villages become festival centres,felt yurtstradihnal nomad nouses are erected in city centres and rich dastarkhan is laid down in each of them:

All city and towns souares get full of yurts,and many performances take peace there.

All Kazakh mans and womow are wearing beautiful national clothes,listen to Kazakh sorgs and play of musical instruments.In holiday exhilitions and fairs traditional gifts and souvenirs are sold.

Usually yorg people gather around altybakan which is a large hanging swing,with colourful ecorations,where songs are sungs,and traditional games are played.

On this day many fomous stavs give concerts in cities and the holiday is completed by fireworks.

There are many national meals in our Kazakh people.The most national meal is Nauryz kozhe is special for is unigue recipe.

Traditionally,7 different ingredients are added to Nauryz kozhe:water,meat,sall,milk on yoghurt,one type of groins,charen from cornof wheat,and ofters.

Seven ingriedients symbolyre seven virtues ov gualities,such as joy success,intelligence,health,wealth,agility and security.Other traditional Kazakh meals,such as beshbarmak,kuyrdak,baursak,and many types of meals made from milk (yoghrt,kurt,cream,buther,chetse)are also offeved.

Every Nauryz holiday we cebebrote with interest with we guat are sining a song,playing national games,wearing national clothes,with our classmaths at our school.

I like this holiday and I wait to this holiday.

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Поурочный план для седьмого класса

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