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Comparing the system of education in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan

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Открытый урок по английскому языку в 8 классе по теме "Сравнение системы образования в Британии и в Казахстане".Aims to compare the educational system in GB and in Kazakhstan.

Educational:torecieve topical vocabulary

Developing:to develop reading, speaking, listening and writing skills

Bringing-up: to interest in learning English

The type of the lesson: mixed

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Comparing the system of education in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan»

The theme:  Comparing the systems of education in Great Britain and Kazakhstan.
Aims: to compare educational system in Great Britain and Kazakhstan.
Educational: to receive topical vocabulary, to compare the facts on the theme to practice the usage of numbers and prepositions.
Developing: to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills;
to develop pupils interest in research works.
Brining up: to interest in learning English, in learning education system in Great Britain and in our country Kazakhstan.
The type of the lesson: mixed
The method of the lesson: explaining, showing.
Visual aids: book, computers, cards, posters, markers, pictures, an interactive board.

Procedure of the lesson:

Teacher’s activity

Pupil’s activity



I.Organization moment: 

Beginning activities:

a) Warm-up:

b)Checking up


- Good morning pupils! Sit down please!

I am glad to see you. Dear pupils and teachers you are welcome to our lesson. I hope you’ll find something interesting and new for yourselves. Let’s start, please. Good Luck!

-How are you?

- O`key, thank you sit down please.

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent?

- What is the date and day of the week today?

- What is the weather like today?

Let’s remember the poem “The school”

At the beginning of the lesson I want to ask you attention to these rules, you should follow them:

The golden rules:

- Be active!

- Be attentive!

- Be emotional!

- don`t say “I don`t”.

- First think then speak!

- Speaking in English!

What was your hometast?

- Good morning!

We are fine! And you?

I am on duty today

All are present

Today is the 14th of December, Monday

The weather is

The school has doors that open wide

Books and pencils I will need

And friendly teachers wait inside

When I start to write and read

Hurry, hurry, let’s go in

Lots to learn and lots to do

For soon lessons will begin

I like to go to school, don’t you?

To find the proverbs about education

Ағылшын тілінде

Қазақ тілінде

Knowledge is power

Күш – білімде

To know everything is to know nothing

Бәрін білемін деу – ештеңе білмеу

Live and learn

Оқы және өмір сүр

It is never too late to learn

Оқусыз білім жоқ, білімсіз күнің жоқ

Slide 1

2 min

5 min

II.New lesson

  1. Answer the questions

b) Work with poster:

  1. Insert. 


Act I

Act II

Round-off activities: Act I

Homework:   Saying good — bye!

Educational system in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan. And I’ll divide class into two groups. Take these sheet of papers with letters.You must make the words from these letters

The first group is England and the second is Kazakhstan. Now you must introduce your group.

Group A - will speak about education in Great Britain. Group B – will speak about education in Kazakhstan. The aim of our lesson is to compare education into two countries: Great Britain and Kazakhstan.

Look at the blackboard. There are some question, let’s read these questions and answer them

So, “Why do you study? 

Why do you go to school?”

 “Is education important?”

I will give you posters, you must write about the systems of education in against group’s countries. Compare education in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan

Ven diagram to compare the system of education in GB and in Kazakhstan

I will give you papers with names of schools and you must find how pupil study at these schools

Let’s have a rest

Thank you all of you. We are continuing our lesson about education. The next task is about school uniform in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan.

I’ll give you two list of paper and your task is to draw the boys and girls uniform.

Suppose your friend is going to come to your school.


  1. If you come to our school …………..

  2. If you come to our library ………..

  3. If you looked around the library hall…….

  4. If you went along the corridor………

Pupils ask question

Reflection:   “Education” tree

Giving marks.

make up the diagram.
Thank you for your attention. Our lesson is over. See you the next lesson, good — bye!


Pupils task the papers and make up words

England and Kazakhstan

Introdusing groups

Group A: Hello! We are glad to see you! Our group is from Great Britain. I’m Dina. I like to read about Great Britain: this is Madina, she is fond of music and dancing, this is Erhan, he is very clever, and Nursultan are brave.

Group B: Salem. How nice to meet you! You are welcome to our country. We want to know about your country’s education. My name is Symbat. Arna and Ruslan are handsome. Aishat is nice, Manshuk is hardworking and Serirbai is clever

Pupils read question and answer them

I go to school, because we must get education at school;

because secondary education is compulsory;
because it is interesting to study;

because I like to take part in social life

because knowledge is power; 
because I want to get an interesting profession;
because I want to enter a University;

because I want to succeed in life.

Group A:  Education in Great Britain.

The 1st student : In Great Britain children start going to school when they are five and continue studying until they are 16 or older. Compulsory education begins at the age of five when they go to primary school. Primary education lasts for six years. First they attend the infant school from five to seven.

The 2nd student: In infant schools children don’t have real classes. They get acquainted with the class- room, desks, play. They learn numbers and how to add them. When children are seven they go to junior school which they attend until eleven. Boys and girls study at junior school for four years. There they have classes, read and write, do mathematics.

The 3rd student: At secondary school pupils study English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, Foreign languages and PT. there are some types of secondary schools in Great Britain. They are grammar school, modern schools and comprehensive schools. One can attend modern school but of a modern school don’t learn foreign languages.

 The 4th student: If they go to grammar school they will have a good secondary education. This type of school is most popular in England. At secondary school pupils study English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, Foreign languages and PT lessons. English, Maths and Science are called ‘core’ subjects. Pupils take examinations in the core subjects at the age of 7, 11 and 14.

The 5th student: There are some private schools in England. Boys and girls do not together study at these schools. The son and daughters of aristocracy go to these schools. Their parents pay much money for the education in private schools. The teachers of these schools pay personal attention to each pupil.

Group B: Education in Kazakhstan.

The 1st student : We started school at the age of seven. After four years of primary school we went to secondary school. Primary and secondary schools together comprise eleven years of classes are compulsory in our republic


The 2nd student : Our school year began on the first of September and ended in May. It lasted 9 months. We had four holidays a year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. On the 1stof September we got acquainted with our teachers and had our first lessons. Every lesson lasted 45 minutes. Every day we had 5 or 6 lessons.

The 3rd student: The primary school curriculum included such as subjects Kazakh, Maths, Russian, Drawing, PT and Music. We had also Nature classes. The core subjects in our country are: Math, History, Kazakh

 The 4th student: Recently Kazakhstan has also developed several types of schools with greater specialization such as gymnasium, technical, lyceums and private schools. Education is free, except those which work on a commercial basic.

Pupils find the names of schools and year of study and then check the answers of another group

Pupils do some exercises

 (Students draw their pictures in the posters and to retell it, they have 5 minutes)

1. When do children start going to school in great Britain or in Kazakhstan?
2. When does compulsory education begin?
3. How long does primary education last?
4. When do children go to junior school?
5. What do pupils study at secondary school?

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Предмет: Английский язык

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Целевая аудитория: 8 класс.
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Comparing the system of education in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan

Автор: Кайиржан Арай Жаснауиовна

Дата: 12.12.2015

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