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At the family doctors

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данный урок предназначен на повторение и изучение лексики по данной теме

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«At the family doctors»


Form: 4

Subject: English

The theme

At the family doctor’s office



to form the students’ concept of health , to introduce them with education sites; to develop pupils’ skills of listening and speaking and critical thinking; to teach the students to realize the using question form of Past Simple.

The expected result

Students will enrich their knowledge about the health; they will practice working in groups and will understand the use and harm of the medcine; they will express their opinion on the theme.


1. Warm-up

2. Test h/w

3. Think, pair, share

4. Group work

6. “2 stars and a wish” evaluation

7. A hot chair

8. “Feedback Sandwich”

Resources and aids

1. the textbooк

2. computers and tablets

3. flipcharts

The stages of work

Teacher’s activity

Students’ activity

Organization moment

Teacher greets with the pupils and checks up the attendance of students

-greet with the teacher

Words Bank

Teacher gives words related to the theme Health, a reception, a receptionist, a family doctor, a patient

They guess the theme of the lesson

-The theme of the lesson is connected with the health










Test / Homework

Let’s play. P 34-35

Phonetic ex.

Listen and repeat.

Track 35

e r- person, her, water, verb

i r- [3:] T-shirt, girl, bird,

u r- purple, nurse, turn

Students pronounce the sounds and words.

Think, pair, share

Ex 3 p 52

Divide the words into 3 groups.

[er ] [ir] [ur]

Students divide the words into 3 groups.

New vocabulary:

An office- офис

A reception-қабылдау бөлімі

A receptionist-қабылдаушы

A family doctor-отбасылық дәрігер

A nurse-медбике

A patient-пациент

To greet people-халықты қарсы алу



A medical school-мед.мектеп

To set a time-

Students work with new vocabulary.

Group work

Role play

Teacher: Children, today we are visiting the family doctor’s office. A lot of different people work here. This is a reception. Receptionist woks here. Receptionists answer the phone, greet people, set a time for patients to see a doctor.

Nurse: Hi, children. I’m a nurse. I help a doctor. I meet patients before the doctor sees them. I check and record a patient’s condition: pulse, temperature, etc.

Doctor: Hi, kids. I’m a family doctor. I help sick people. I speak to patients about their health problems. I diagnose them and tell them what to do. I always wanted to be a doctor. I studied a lot at school and liked helping sick animals and people. Then I went to medical school. I love my job very much!


2 stars and a wish”

Each group give a mark to each other.


Track 36

Sing a song

What do you want to be?

What do you want to be?(2x)

I want to be a pilot.

I want to be a cook.(2x)

What do you want to be?

What do you want to be? (2x)

I want to be an actor.

I want to be a vet.(2x)

Students sing a song. On P 53

A hot chair

Chooses a student to sit on a hot chair

A student sits on a hot chair, other students ask him questions about the today’s theme


Teacher explains the tasks of the homework.

Ex 7 on page 54-to find some information about Wikipedia

If they don’t understand well

Feedback Sandwich”

Gives them sandwiches to fulfill them

1. My impression

2. What was difficult for me?

3. What I liked best of all

They complete the sandwich feedback writing their impression of the lesson

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 4 класс

At the family doctors

Автор: Антоненко Людмила Васильевна

Дата: 26.12.2019

Номер свидетельства: 533703

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