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Test for the up grades

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Choose  the  right  answer


1.The  fastest  and  the  most  convenient  way  of  travelling.

a) by  train                   b) by  car            c) by  air                  d) by  bus

2. …  is  a  travelling  on  foot.

a) hiking                      b) voyage               c) trip                    c) journey

3. Shokan  Valikhanov  was  an  outstanding  Kazakh  scientist  and  … .

a) teacher                     b) researcher                    c) writer                 d) poet

4.Louis  Joliet  was  an  explorer  from  … .

a) America                   b) Canada                          c) England            d) Russia

5.The  first  person  who  developed  mass  tourism.

a) Marco  Polo             b) Thomas  Cook               c) Shokan  Valikhanov           d|) Louis  Joliet

6.London’s  major  airport  is  … .

a) Gatwick                   b) Stansted                          c) Heathrow

7. The  airport  of  London  which  has  the  least  number  of  passengers.

a) Gatwick                   b) Stansted                          c) Heathrow

8. The  symbol  of  London’s  transport.

a) red-double  decker  bus                     b) a  tube  train                c) underground            c) yellow  car


9.How  many  countries  are  there  in  Great  Britain?

a)  3                  b)  5                         c) 4                          d) 2

10.The  British  flag.

a) Union  Black                              b) Union  Jack                  c) Onion  Jack          d) Onion  Black

11.What  is  the  population  of  GB?

a) 63  million                                  b) 59 million                   c) 70  million                 d) 68  million

12. Who  is  Elizabeth  Alexandra  Mary?

a)  the  Queen                    b) a  singer           c) an  actress                      d) the  Prime  Minister  of  GB

13.When   was  the  Queen  born?

a)  1925                              b) 1923                      c)  1921               d)1926

14.The  official  residence  of  the  Queen.

a) West  Minister           b) Buckingham  Palace              c) Winterball  Castle           b) Winsdor  castle

15.Who  is  Prince  Philip?

a) the  Queen’s  son          b) the  Queen’s  husband             c) the  Queen’s  father   d) her  friend


16.When  was  Kzakhstan  established  as  the  Republic?

a)  1991              b) 1992           c)1993              d) 1998

17.When  was  the  capital  of  Kazakhstan  moved  to  Astana?

a)  1991              b) 1992                   c) 1993                   d) 1997

18.The  population  of  Kazakhstan  is  …  million  people.

a)  about  17              b) about  16              c) about  24               d) about  25

19.The  climate  of  Kazakhstan  is  … .

a) tropical                   b) arctical                       c) continental

20.How  many  species  of  mammals  are  there  in  our  country?

a) 458                      b)  52                 c)  158                        d)  201

21.What  does  the  name  of  Almaty  mean?

a) apple  town             b) forest  of  trees              c) apricot  town                d) green  town

22. Where  is  the  Old  Square  located?

a) on  Abai  street                b) on  Abylai  Khan   avenue             c) on  Tole  bi  street      

23.When  was  the  Medeu  Rink  built?

a)  1971                  b) 1972                       c) 1973             d) 1975


24.Five  years  ago  I  …   on  a  plane.

a) travelled               b) was  travelling                 c) have  travelled                  d) had  travelled

25. When  I  came  to  the  station  Ann  …  to  the  porter.

a) talked          b) was  talking             c) has  talked                 c) have  talked            


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«Test for the up grades »

Test for the 10 ``A`` form

Choose the right answer

1.The fastest and the most convenient way of travelling.

a) by train b) by car c) by air d) by bus

2. … is a travelling on foot.

a) hiking b) voyage c) trip c) journey

3. Shokan Valikhanov was an outstanding Kazakh scientist and … .

a) teacher b) researcher c) writer d) poet

4.Louis Joliet was an explorer from … .

a) America b) Canada c) England d) Russia

5.The first person who developed mass tourism.

a) Marco Polo b) Thomas Cook c) Shokan Valikhanov d|) Louis Joliet

6.London’s major airport is … .

a) Gatwick b) Stansted c) Heathrow

7. The airport of London which has the least number of passengers.

a) Gatwick b) Stansted c) Heathrow

8. The symbol of London’s transport.

a) red-double decker bus b) a tube train c) underground c) yellow car

9.How many countries are there in Great Britain?

a) 3 b) 5 c) 4 d) 2

10.The British flag.

a) Union Black b) Union Jack c) Onion Jack d) Onion Black

11.What is the population of GB?

a) 63 million b) 59 million c) 70 million d) 68 million

12. Who is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary?

a) the Queen b) a singer c) an actress d) the Prime Minister of GB

13.When was the Queen born?

a) 1925 b) 1923 c) 1921 d)1926

14.The official residence of the Queen.

a) West Minister b) Buckingham Palace c) Winterball Castle b) Winsdor castle

15.Who is Prince Philip?

a) the Queen’s son b) the Queen’s husband c) the Queen’s father d) her friend

16.When was Kzakhstan established as the Republic?

a) 1991 b) 1992 c)1993 d) 1998

17.When was the capital of Kazakhstan moved to Astana?

a) 1991 b) 1992 c) 1993 d) 1997

18.The population of Kazakhstan is … million people.

a) about 17 b) about 16 c) about 24 d) about 25

19.The climate of Kazakhstan is … .

a) tropical b) arctical c) continental

20.How many species of mammals are there in our country?

a) 458 b) 52 c) 158 d) 201

21.What does the name of Almaty mean?

a) apple town b) forest of trees c) apricot town d) green town

22. Where is the Old Square located?

a) on Abai street b) on Abylai Khan avenue c) on Tole bi street

23.When was the Medeu Rink built?

a) 1971 b) 1972 c) 1973 d) 1975

24.Five years ago I … on a plane.

a) travelled b) was travelling c) have travelled d) had travelled

25. When I came to the station Ann … to the porter.

a) talked b) was talking c) has talked c) have talked

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Test for the up grades

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