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Упражнения для отработки навыков чтения

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В учебниках "Spotlight" очень мало упражнений на отработку навыков чтенияюю Данное пособие дает возможность отработать разные типы чтения.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Упражнения для отработки навыков чтения»

Aa – [ ei], [ æ ], Bb - [ b ] Cc - [ k ], [ s ], Dd - [ d ], Ee - [i:], [ e ], Ff – [f ],

Gg – [ ɡ ], [ ʤ ], Hh – [ h], Ii – [ ai ], [ i: ], Jj – [ʤ ], Kk – [ k ], Ll – [ l ], Mm – [ m ], Nn – [ n ], Oo – [ әu], [ ɒ ], Pp – [ p ], Qq – [ k ], Rr – [ r ], Ss – [ s ], [ z ], Tt – [ t ],

Uu – [ ju:], [ ʌ ], Vv – [ v ], Ww – [ w ], Xx [ ks ], Yy – [ j ], [ ai ], [ i ], Zz – [ z ]

Exercise 1

Name the letters / Назви літери.

1)F, L, S, R, K, Z, D, J, Q, V, P, W, X, C, N, B, H, T, G, M; m, g, t, h, b, n, c, x, w, p, v, q, j, d, k, r, s, l, f.

2) G, M, T, B, H, N, V, C, P, W, D, J, Q, X, K, R, F, L, S, Z; z, s, l, f, r, k, x, q, j, d, w, p, c, v, n, h, b, t, m, g.

3)S, V, H, G, N, B, M, T, C, W, P, Q, D, X, J, F, K, R, Z, L; l, z, r, k, f, j, x, d, q, p, w, s, t, m, b, n, g, h, v, s.
4) T, V, X, Z, W, M, P, N, S, Q, R, L, K, J, H, F, G, C, D, B; b, g, d, c, f, h, j, k, l, r, q, s, n, p, m, w, z, x, v, t.
5) L, S, F, Z, J, K, Q, R, X, W, C, P, V, N, D, G, H, M, T, B; b, t, m, h, g, d, n, v, p, c, w, x, r, q, k, j, z, f, s, l.

Exercise 2 Name sounds/ Назови звуки

1) [ b ], [ d ], [ r ], [ k ], [ s ], [ p ], [ t ], [ m ], [ n ], [ f ], [ ɡ ], [ v ], [ ks ], [ w ],
[ l ],[ h ], [ ʤ ].
2) [ t ], [ s ], [ w ], [ r ], [ p ], [ d ], [ f ],[ ɡ ], [ h ], [ k ], [ l ], [ z], [ v ], [ b ], [ n ],
[ m ], [ ks ], [ ʤ ].
3) [ m ], [ ks ], [ ʤ ], [ t ], [ w ], [ r ], [ d ], [ f ], [ h ], [ k ], [ l ], [ v ], [ n ], [ p ], [ s ], [ ɡ ], [ z], [ b ].
4) [ l ], [ d ], [ h ], [ b ], [ ʤ ], [ r ], [ ks ], [ v ], [ ɡ ], [ m ], [ f ], [ n ], [ k ], [ t ], [ s ],
[ p ], [ w ], [ t ].

Exercise 3 Read / Читай

Ee [i:]



he pen dress

me ten end

Pete desk leg

we bed well

Exercise 4
Ii [ ai]

[ai] [i]

I site in milk

like nine is six

kite lie it pig

Mike fine his lip

time mine big hill

Exercise 5

I like it. It is big. His dog and his pig. It is his desk. Pete likes me. I like Mike.

Exercise 6

Oo [ou]

[ әu ] ([ou]) [ ɒ ] ([ɔ ])

no coke not dog

go pole pot hot

bone rope on hop

hello lone doll log

hope stone pond top

Exercise 7

Aa [ei]

[ei] [ æ ]

Kate same cat hand

lake date have tram

make hate cap bad

plate tale bag dad

table cake hat has

I have got a cat. I am six. I am ten. He is nine. He is fine. Hello! I am fine. It is a rat. It is a bed. I have got a bad dog. He has got a cat. His cat is fat. We have got a tram.

Exercise 8

Uu [ju:]

[ju:] [ ʌ ]

you tube but dust

pupil student bus must

tulip stupid cup run

dune computer fun jump

I have got a cup. He is a pupil. Ann is a student. You have got a bus. He can jump and run.

Exercise 9

Yy [wai]

[j] [ai] [i]

yes my happy

yell fly family

yet bye puppy

yellow sky many

My kite can fly. His lorry is yellow. It is a computer. My family is very happy. Is it a puppy ? – Yes, it is. Have you got a family ? – Yes, I have. Ann is a student. I can jump. He can run. Bob likes plums. Bye, Willy and Billy. Bye, Kate.

Exercise 10

ck [ k ]

back sack clock

black stick duck

neck trick rock

pick click sock

block cock luck

I have got black socks. Mike has got a clock. My duck is yellow. His duck can swim. I like my family. Hello, Pete. Hi, Dan. Bye, Mary.

Exercise 11

ng [ ƞ ] nk [ ƞk ]

long bring ink link

song evening pink rank

spring swing tank sink

bring ring drink pink

It is a king. It is spring. I like spring. My top is pink. Let`s drink milk. I drink milk. He drinks milk. I cannot fly. I like to swing. He is bad. Let`s sing songs. It is a long street. It is a nice song

Exercise 12

sh [ ʃ ] ch [ tʃ]

she ship chess cherry

dish shop chin chick

fish wish much child [tʃaild]

fresh lash lunch children

shelf cash rich kitchen

I like cherries. It is a big shop. I have lunch. It is a kitchen. She is Ann. She can play chess. His fish is fresh.

Exercise 13

th [ δ ] th [θ]

the they thin thank

this them thick thank you

that with think thanks

these then three fifth

those there teeth thing

There is a lamp on the table. There is a box on the desk. There is a kitten in the box. There is a puppy. There are three cats on the bed. There are five dogs in the kitchen.

Exercise 14

ee [i:] ea [i:]

see deep eat lead

tree meet meat meal

feet steel read speak

green bee clean please

sweet greet leaf weak

I can see a doll. It is on the shelf. She can see a top. You can see a duck. They can see a cat. It is a green tree. Frogs can swim. I like to eat meat. I can speak. Clean, please. Eat, please. Read, please. Speak, please.

Exercise 15

ar, ar + e [ α: ]

arm bark are

farm far party

car park garden

dark mark part

barn arm march

Exercise 16

or, oo+r [ɔ:]

form short

corn storm

for born

fork horse

sport door

I like sport. Open the door. Close the door. It is a fork. The fork is short.

Exercise 17

ir [ ɜ: ] er [ ɜ: ] ur [ ɜ: ]

girl her surname

bird derm curtain

first verb purple

shirt kerf turkey

skirt perfect fur

The turkey is on the farm. It is a girl. Her skirt is purple. The curtains are long. His shirt is short. I like this bird. They are her sisters. It is his fork

Exercise 18

er [ ә ] u [ u: ]

sister blue

summer true

teacher glue

paper clue

She is my sister. Kate is his sister. Her sister is seven. I like summer. He likes summer. This is a teacher. She likes her teacher. Look, the sky is blue. This is a blue paper.

Exercise 19

oo [ u ] oo [ u: ]

book room school

good look balloon

hook wood soon

took brook moon

cook broom cartoon

I can read. This book is good. I like cartoons. I go to school. He goes to school. She goes to school. We go to school. They go to school. You go to school.

Exercise 20

a+l, a+ll, alt, ald [ ɔ: ]

all wall salt

ball false halt

call fall malt

tall small bald

I have got five balls. They are red, blue, green, yellow, purple. This man is tall. That hall is small. All children are good. I can cook.

- Call me, please.

– OK.

– Thanks. - Goodbye, Dan.

Exercise 21

ay, ai [ ei ] ey [ ei ] oy [ ɔi ]

day they boy

gay grey toy

may hey coy

play prey soy

paint sley hoy

Exercise 22

ou [ au ] ow [ au ]

count mouse brown

sound house cow

cloud about down

ground loud how

shout pound now

Exercise 23

…….au [ɔ:] aw[ɔ:]

August fault saw law

because launch paw lawn

cause fault draw dawn

I can see clouds. The clouds are grey. Let`s count. We can draw. This cow is brown. It is a bad day. How old is she? How old are they? How old are you? Sit down.

Exercise 24

ear [ iә ]





The dog has got 2 ears. Its ears are long. The puppy is near the dog. Dear, come here. Do you hear? – Yes, I do. Do you read every day? – Yes, I do. Does [dʌz] he read every day? – No, he does not . Do we swim every day? – No, we do not.

Exercise 25

a [ α: ] o [ ʌ ]

father love come

grass son other

class mother colour

bath brother front

basket some son

Exercise 26

ow [ ou ]






I can see a window. Three windows are in the room. This street is narrow too

Exercise 27

wa [ wɔ: ]




Water is hot. I have got a watch. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a teacher. Do you want to be a seller? – No, I don`t. I want to be a doctor

Exercise 28

air [ ɛә ] ear [ ɛә ]

chair pear

air bear

hair wear

Exercise 29

  1. wh [ w ]

    what [wɔ:t]




    Но who [hu:]

    What is your name? What is his name? What is her name?
    Why are you cry? Where do you live? Where are you from? Where is he from? Where is she from?

  2. Who are you? Who is he? Who is she?

Exercise 30

qu [ kw ]






It is a squirrel. It is big. The squirrel is red. I like squirrels. Look, this is a queen.

Exercise 31

Gg [ ʤ ] перед буквами e, i, y.





This is a gym. We like to play in the gym. School gym is big.

Jj [ʤ ]





I like jam. We don`t like jam. She likes jam. He doesn`t like jam. I can jump. She cannot jump. I like juice. He likes apple juice. I like plum juice.

Exercise 32

Cc [ s ] перед буквами e, i, y.






I live in the city. I like my city. We go to the cinema. The cinema is in the city centre. This is my face. I wash my face. He washes his face.

I have got a pencil. My pencil is long.

Exercise 33

wr [ r ]





I can write. He can write well. He is a writer. He is wrong. She writes well. I don`t write well.

Exercise 34

igh [ ai ]






You are right. He is right. She is right. It is night now. Children sleep at night. Summer is bright. There is a high tree near the house. My house is high.

Exercise 35

kn [ n ]





There is a knife on the table. The knife is big.

I have got a bad knife. Look, there is a knight in this book. This is my knee.

Exercise 36

tion- [ ʃn ]

station attention

notion tradition

dictation emotion

Exercise 37

tain [tin] – [tn]

mountain curtain

fountain certain

captain Britain

Exercise 38

a) This is a table. That is a desk b) These are apples. Those are pears.

This is a plate. That is a glass. These are plums. Those are lemons.

This is a fork. That is a spoon. They are tasty.

Exercise 39

a) This is a tree. The tree is green. This is a bus. The bus is big. This is a car. The car is small. This is a tram. The tram is red and yellow. This is a lorry. The lorry is green.

Ann is a pupil. She has got a pencil – box. She has got a pen, a pencil, a ruler and a rubber in her bag. Her bag is in her hand. It is not black, it is brown.

Ann is wearing [weәriƞ] a hat, a dress, socks and shoes [ʃu:z]. She is a tidy girl/

b) This is a boy. His name is Alex. Alex is a big boy. Alex`s family is large. Alex has got a father and a mother. His father is a doctor. His mother is a teacher. Alex has got a sister and a brother. Their names are Oleg and Ira.

c)There are four seasons. They are spring, summer, autumn [΄ɔ:tәm] and winter.I like spring. It is warm in spring. I don`t like winter . It is cold in winter.


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