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Using innovative technologies in teaching English

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В данной презентаций говорится о новой технологий в изучение английского языка в деских садах

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«Using innovative technologies in teaching English»

Zhumanova Nurgul Sailaubaevna

RSE Kindergarten “Karlygash” the Medical Centre President’s

Affairs Administration of RK

Mangilik el 33, 27 17 20


Using innovative technologies in teaching English

As our President N.A. Nazarbayev said: "Every citizen of Kazakhstan should speak three languages. Until 2020, the number of people with English proficiency should be increased". It is a great privilege to teach English from pre-school to high schools. The growing role of the English language in Kazakhstan plays an important role in improving the state status of the Kazakh language. Learning languagesis notharmful, it gives lots ofopportunities. I would say, “You do not need to know your native language, you must know it!”Speaking more languages ​​positively influences making the status of our country higher. Teaching English includes teaching children of pre-school age using modern international techniques and new technologies. Supporting the idea of ​​a trilingual language expresses the simple formula:we develop the state language, support the Russian language, and learn English.

English language learning has been effectively organized in our kindergarten according to modern preschool education. Training activities and applied materials meet the learning profile needs of all children. Poems and interesting stories, songs and videos in electronic textbook English Adventure aimed to develop listening and speaking, the components of the English+kids provides with multimedia complex of interactive tasks and games, helps to adapt to the environment,activities with an interactive sandbox increases the interest to learn the language.

The Multimedia program «English+Kids»

The multimedia program «E+kids»by Edusoft company is a three-language program for children from 4 to 7 years old.

Basic concept MIC is a combination of advanced training techniques that can be used to help children with pre-school education. "E + kids" is an Approbation of the given technology. At first, it is possible to work with a multiethnic; second is training, and, of course, observing a didactics principle (from simple to difficult).

The harmonious combination of modern technology and techniques to classical forms of training to languages, has allowed considerable results on studying of languages. Using the multimedia programs show that children enrolled them, increased the level of analytical thinking, the most deeply and quickly develop logic, memory, thinking, ability to systematize the information and to work with it. The main success is development of communicative abilities of children, abilities to hear and listen to the partner in the conversation.

The multimedia centre of intellectual development and language training of children- one of the first educational technologies of the international standard, introduced in our preschools.

English Adventure makes learning a magical, memorable experience, by using the familiar fantastic world of Disney characters that children know and love.

English Adventure training program by Longman uses textbooks that focus on the psychophysical peculiarities of children aged 3-4, 4-5, 5-6. It helps children to learn English fluently. Additional tutorials also include: Pupil's book, CD-Rom, Actvity book, Stickers, Videos, Flashcards, Posters. The textbook provides 8-10 themes. Each subject provides interactive games and exercises, counters and songs, “find out its pair”tasks, dialogue or a monologue. It includes music and audio records, so children can repeat what they have heard. Video consists of 4 episodes. There are Disney characters or film fragments, game presentations, or video capture referring to a subjectin every episode. It greatly influences increasing motivation and helps to easy access, memory, attention concentration, learning a foreign language.

This program promotes effective assimilation of new lexics and development of skills of audition, provides formation of skills of reading, increases spelling literacy of pupils. The program is based on the principle of immersion of pupils on language Wednesday. For achievement of strong mastering a training material the program offers a visual support for the interconnected training in all types of speech activity and aspects of language. In her tasks for audition and control of understanding of the listened material, formation of lexical and grammatical skills, development of skills of reading, speaking and the letter at the level of colloquial clichés are offered. The program lays the foundation of perception of the English speech, cultivates interest in studying of English by means of various methodical receptions

Interactive sandbox

Activities and exercises with sandplays a vital role in shaping a child's emotions, creativity, abilities, or working with some children individually. Sand therapy with children develops imagination, visual thinking, vocabulary, logical thinking, critical thinking and creativity. At the same time all of these activities positively influence to children – they are not tired quickly; they do not lose interest at the lesson and helps to develop communication and vocabulary. Especially, it makes a sense when work individually with a child with an interest in language. It has a great influence on a particular topic, what color, volume, questions and answers, language structures, memorization, and language proficiency.

Play with cubes!

The cube is multipurpose, mobile and very easy in use. The cube gives to the teacher the chance to use in work with children the most different didactics games and tasks practically according to all sections of the educational program aimed at the development of mental and creative capacities of pupils. To participate in a game and performance of tasks with use of a cube can as one child and group of children at the same time. The cube gives the chance to the child to choose the situation during the game (sitting or standing, the most convenient place)

Thus, the maintenance of a game "A magic cube" provides children of preschool age, their personality, motivation and abilities in different types of activity in studying of English: social and communicative development, informative development, speech development, art and esthetic development.


In our Kindergarten is to create a unified structure, where the educational process is inextricably linked with process of formation of a healthy lifestyle practices. Psychology-pedagogical technologies, programs, methods aimed at instilling in children also the high level of professionality allows to approve and introduce modern technologies and educational process.

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Предмет: Английский язык

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Using innovative technologies in teaching English

Автор: Жуманова Нургуль Сайлаубаевна

Дата: 26.03.2018

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