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Планирование урока по теме "Enjoy shopping"

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Урок является обобщающим по теме « Покупки».  На данном уроке особое внимание уделялось самостоятельной работе обучающихся. Предусмотрено неоднократное обращение к материалу предыдущих уроков в течение занятия. В начале урока обучающимися были актуализированы уже имеющиеся знания лингвистического материала. Содержание данного урока работает на дальнейшее использование освоенного лексического  и грамматического материалов  в учебных ситуациях, а также умение применять их в диалогической  и монологической речи. Цели урока связаны с ранее проведенными и последующими уроками.  Использовались  элементы логического мышления в процессе выполнения заданий в группе . Структура урока соответствует его задачам, цели, типу. Этапы урока взаимосвязаны и логически последовательны.  На уроке использовались различные формы работы: индивидуальная, групповая, фронтальная.Был подобран набор заданий различной трудности. Были созданы условия для полной реализации индивидуальных способностей обучающихся..

Просмотр содержимого документа
«планирование урока по теме "Enjoy shopping" »

The theme of the lesson: " Shopping".

The aim of the lesson:

1. Revision of vocabularies

2 . Developthe listening skills for specific information.

3 .Improvethe skills of speaking and writing .

Developmental aspect: the purposeful development of mental functions associated with verbal activity , such as attention , the ability to analyze and synthesize , logical thinking , ability to identify patterns of language , linguistic guess , visual and auditory memory .

Educational aspect: work to master all kinds of speech activity : speaking, listening and writing.

Educational aspect: increased interest in learning English , developing a culture of linguistic communication , respect each other , the ability to listen carefully to each other .

Language material : words, speech patterns , monologue and dialogue statements relating to "Shopping".

Equipment: board, cards with lexical materials , models of products, toy scales, clothes, posters.

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment

T: Good afternoon, friends! Today we have a lot of friends in our supermarket. Let's great them!

P: Good afternoon, teachers! Welcome to our supermarket!

T: I hope you are ok. Nice to meet you!

And what date is it today?

What day of the week is today?

What season is it now?

The weather is fine today, isn't it?

Do you like shopping?

Who usually goes shopping?

What kinds of shops do we have in our town?

How do we call a big centre with lots of shops?

What shops can be there?

What can we buy in a grocery shop (Clothes, Toy, Greengrocery, Furniture)?

2. Monologue speech.

Now it's time to present you our teams. But our teams are the departments or shops of our supermarket. And they are: Grocery shop, Toy shop and Clothes shops. Every shop, as a rule, has an administrator. And we have too.

a) Hello! My name is Alina. In our shop you can buy a lot of things. There are shorts, trousers,skirts, sweater, hats, and many more.Enjoy shopping!

b) Hello. I'm Ester. I'm the shop administratorof the toyshop. In our shop you can buydifferent toys for your kids and yourself.

c) Hello! I'm Aziza. I'm the administrator of the grocery shop. In our shop there are

different kinds of food products. You can find everything what you want.

3. Revision of vocabulary.

T: Well. We prepared the task for administrators and shop-assistants. You should listen to a song and go around passing the paper bag with cards in a circle. When the music will stop, you should take a card and stick it on the board.

Grocery shop

Clothes shop

Toys shop





























Toy cars



Teddy bears

Toy house


Toy animals




Children toy bags

4. But our guests want to know more about your shop goods. And now the task is: on the posters you should advertise goods of your shops. Don't forget about the names of your shop!


5. Dialogue speech.

Well, the buyers are coming to do shopping.

1) Clothes shop

  • I’d like to buy a T-shirt, please.

  • What’s your flavor?

  • I want a bright one.

  • What color do you want?

  • Green with picture on it.

  • Here you are.

  • How much does it cost?

  • It’s 25 $/

  • Thank you.

  • Not at all.

2)Grocery shop

  • Hello! Can I help you?

  • I’d like to buy 2 cartons of milk.

  • Here you are. Anything else?

  • Give me a loaf of white bread and аpacket of tea, please.

  • Hereyou are.

  • Thank you.

  • I’d like a big packet of tea, please.

  • Here you are. What else?

  • A small jar of coffee.

  • Hereitis.

  • Thanks a lot.

3) Toy shop

  • Can I help you?

  • We’d like to buy some toys for our children.

  • What kind of toys do you want?

  • Not very expensive.

  • Maybe this doll? It can sing songs.

  • Oh, it looks very good!

  • What else?

  • Have you got something for boys?

  • Yes, we have new models of cars.

  • Our son will be very glad to have it.

  • Anything else?

  • No, that’s all.

  • It costs 400$.

  • Here it is.

5. Evaluation.Homework: to write an essay about your favorite shop in your town.

Thank you for your work, you were very active, it was such a pleasure to work with you.

Have a nice day! Good bye!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 5 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

планирование урока по теме "Enjoy shopping"

Автор: Кушаева Жанат Тураровна

Дата: 10.06.2014

Номер свидетельства: 100227

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