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Викторина "Around the United Kingdom"

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Викторина "Around the United Kingdom"»

« Аround the United Kingdom».

We are glad to welcome your three teams at our competition.

Our jury will be ……………………… . They will judge your knowledge and decide what team is the best and get a present .

Let’s start

Вызываются команды( 2 группы и 1 сборная)

The first task is:

  1. Find these geographical names on the map:

Wales England Northern Ireland

Scotland The strait of Dover English Channel

The North Sea The Irish Sea the Atlantic Ocean

Ben Nevis loch Lomond Belfast

London Edinburgh Manchester

The Thames

  1. Draw the flags in the correct colour

Scotland England Ireland

(white cross with (red cross on a (red cross on a white

Blue ground) white background) background)

And Union Jack- call teams

(red white cross on blue background)

  1. Role play situation:

You are on board the ship, which is sailing to Great Britain. Make up short dialogs.

  1. Complete the sentences:

    1. The official name of Great Britain is (the UK)

    2. It is…….. to the northern of Europe( situated)

    3. It is washed by…… ( the Irish sea, North sea, English channel, Atlantic ocean)

    4. It’s territory is…… (244 sq miles)

    5. The capital city is……(London)

    6. It is inhabited with the population of……(56,8 mln)

    7. …… spoken there (English)

    8. …… are spoken there( Irish, Welsh, Gaelic)

    9. It has got a …… climate (temperate)

  1. Wrong information. Correct it

    1. Great Britain is situated on the continent( on the islands)

    2. All the rivers in Great Britain are very long and not deep (not long but deep)

    3. The highest mountain is Lock Lomond (Ben Nevis)

    4. Great Britain consists of 2 parts (4 parts)

  1. Northern Ireland occupies the western part of Ireland (northern)

  2. Thanks to Golf Stream the climate is cold (mild)

  3. The weather is often sunny ( raining, foggy)

  4. Summer is very hot , winter is very cold( not very hot, not very cold)

  1. the official name of the country is Great Britain (the UK)

  2. London situated on the Severn (Thames)

  3. The mountains of Scotland are very high( not very)

  4. The biggest lake is Lock Ness( Lock Lomond)

6. What can you say about:

Scotland Wales Ireland

  1. When people think of foreign country they picture in their minds different things. What do you usually imagine when you think about Great Britain

Write a list of things:

  1. Gill in the table

Country Capital People Language

Great Britain (London) (the British) (English)

England (London) (Englishmen) (English)

Scotland (Edinburgh) (Scots) (Gaelic)

Wales (Cardiff) (Welsh) (Welsh)

Northern Ireland (Belfast) (Irish) (Irish)

  1. Choose the correct answer:

    1. More than…… mln people live in Great Britain

a)65 b)46 c)56

2. …… are the biggest industrial cities in the centre of England

a) Manchester & Leeds b) Liverpool & Manchester

c) Leeds & Birmingham

  1. Many sailors & fishermen live in Liverpool

a)Plymouth & Portsmouth

b) Sheffield & Portsmouth

c) Portsmouth & London

4. …… is the birthplace of famous Shakespeare

a) Bristol b) Manchester c)Gratford- on- Avon

5. In some parts of …… and Wales people speak other languages besides English:

a)England b)Scotland c)Britain

6. Everyone in the UK speaks English

a)clearly b)in the same way c)differently

10. Answer the questions:

1. How many of Britain inhabitance are fishermen (20000)

2. How far from the sea can any British town be (80 miles)

  1. Where do the British get the oil they need (the North Sea)

  2. What is the name of the British flag? Why?( It is mage of 3 crosses, Union Jack)

1. What are the national colors of different parts of the UK (E-white S-blue W-red)

2. Why do people of Great Britain call themselves British (the population is multinational and makes unity)

11. Match the following:

Guy Tawkes Day November,5

Bank Holidays Christmas & Easter

Christmas December,24

Boxing day December,26

St. Valentines Day February,14

Halloween October,31

New Year January,1

12. Answer as many questions as you can during 1 minute:

Блиц- турнир/ for the 1st team

  1. What is the Union Jack? (flag)

  2. What is the national calendar of the UK? (Gregorian)

  3. What is the unit of currency of the UK? (pound)

  4. What is the longest river of the UK? (the Severn)

  5. Who lives at 10 Downing Street? (Prime Minister)

  6. What colors are London cabs? (black)

  7. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

  8. Who is the Duke of Edinburgh? (Prince Phillip)

  9. What is the most famous moment of pre-Celtic civilization in England? (Stonehenge)

  10. What Germanic tribes came to invade Britain in 449 AD ( the Jutes, Angles & Saxons)

Блиц-турнир для 2 команды

  1. Where did the Great Fire of London happen? ( 1666 September)

  2. Which district of London is famous for its fashionable life? (the West End)

  3. What people are considered to be real Londoners? (Cockneys)

  4. Where does every royal coronation take place? ( Westminster)

  5. What has become the symbol of London? ( St. Paul’s Cathedral)

  6. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? (Belfast)

  7. What birds live in Tower? (Ravens)

  8. Who is the author of “Canterbury Tales”? (Chaucer)

  9. Where is the huge London Zoo situated? ( in Re-Park)

  10. What is Heathrow? ( airport)

Блиц-турнир для 3 команды

1. What is the national anthem of the UK? (God save our Queen)

2. What are the main religions of the UK? (Catholics and Protestants)

3. When did Normans conquer England? (1066)

4. Where did Nelson Column situated? (Trafalgar Square)

5. Who guards the Tower of London? (the Beefeaters)

6. What does the Lord Chancellor sit on? ( a sack of wool)

7. Who founded Westminster Abby? (Eduard the Confessor)

8. What is the heart of London? (the city)

9. Who built London? (Romans)

10. Who reigns the UK nowadays (Elizabeth the second)

Our competition is over. Jury will declare the results. Thank you participation.

The strongest team is………

Your score is………

The second team is………

Your score is………

The third team is………

Your score is………

Our lesson is over, Good bye.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 9 класс.
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Викторина "Around the United Kingdom"

Автор: Лавренова Марина Владимировна

Дата: 03.01.2021

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