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Театрализованное представление на английском языке "Золушка"

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сценарий театрализованного представления по английскому языку

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«Театрализованное представление на английском языке "Золушка"»

Произведение №2.


Part I. (Music)

Mother: Good morning, Cinderella.

Cinderella: Good morning ,mother.

Mother: Are you working?

Cinderella: Yes, I am.

Mother and

daughters : I am very glad. I want you to sweep the floor, to clean the clothes, to cook the

dinner and to wash the dishes.

Cinderella: O.K. I’ll do as you want.


Servant: A letter from the king. This is the invitation to the ball tomorrow evening. The

King wishes to see you and your family on the ball.

Mother: Thank you very much.

Servant: Good-bye.

Mother: Good-bye. Cinderella!

Cinderella: What’s the matter?

Mother and

daughters : I want you to sew the new dresses for me and my daughters. We are going to the

ball tomorrow evening.

Cinderella: I’ll try.


Mother: Are you ready?

Cinderella: Yes, I am. These are the dresses.

Mother and

daughters : They are beautiful. This is mine. This is mine. And this is mine.


Mother and

daughters : Oh, I have some little work for you. You must clean the rooms, wash the dishes,

cook dinner and choose this corn.

Good-bye, Cinderella. We are going to the ball. See you later.

Father : Good- bye, my dear.


Fairy : Good evening, Cinderella. Why are you so sad?

Cinderella : Good evening, Fairy. I want to see the ball but I have a lot of work.

Fairy : That’s not a problem. You are a good girl and you will go to the ball.

This is the new dress for you. And this is the car. You may go to the ball but

Remember at 12 o’clock everything will disappear. Remember this.

A boy: Oh, wait a minute. I have some present for you. And I think it will bring

happiness to you. These shoes are magic. Take them and be happy.

Cinderella: Thank you very much.

Thank you , dear Fairy.

Fairy: Remember at 12 o’clock all disappear.

Cinderella: Thank you. Good – bye.

Part II

( At the ball ).

Cinderella: What a beautiful palace !

King: Dear, lady. Dear, lady.

Cinderella: Good evening.

King: Good evening.

You are so beautiful. Who are you? You are so delightful.

I want to introduce you to my son.

Prince, prince.

Prince: What’s the matter?

King: Look at this beautiful lady.

She is super special.

Prince: you are delicious. You are delightful. You are delicate.

All together: Don’t say a word. Let’s go dancing.

( Music)

Cinderella: Oh, it’s time. It’s time to go away. ( She is running.)

Prince: What’s happening? Father. Father.

King: What’ the matter?

Prince: She disappeared! I don’t know her name.

King: She disappeared ?

Prince and

King: She disappeared.

( Music ).

Prince: This is her shoe. We will be able to find her.

King: Servant, servant!

Servant: Yes, the king.

King : Go and find the lady who can put this shoe on. This lady will be

the prince’s wife.

Servant : Yes, the king.

Listen to everybody . A lady who can put this shoe on will be

the prince’s wife. ( 2 times )

Part III

( Music )

Cinderella: Father, I am so unhappy. What should I do?

Father: What’s the matter, my dear?

Mother: Cinderella. Cinderella?

Cinderella: Bye, father.

Father: Bye, my dear.

Cinderella: What do you want, mother?

Mother: I want you to put this shoe to one of my daughters.

Cinderella: I can’t do this.

Mother: Why not? If you don’t do this I’ll go away your father.

Cinderella: I’ll do as you want.

Mother: O.K. Let’s go.

( Music )

Daughter: I will be a prince’s wife.

Mother: I am proud of you.

( Music )

Prince: Father, she is not that lady. I don’t want to merry her.

Daughter: It does not matter. The shoe is on my leg.

Mother: The prince has to merry my daughter.

King: O.K. Let’s dance. (Everybody is dancing ).

Prince: It is not your shoe. It is not your size.

( The father and Cinderella are coming).

Prince : It is she. It is your shoe. Put it on.

Cinderella: Thank you.

Prince : What is you name?

Cinderella: My name is Cinderella.

Prince : What a beautiful name. Be my wife.

Cinderella : O.K.

( Music )

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс

Театрализованное представление на английском языке "Золушка"

Автор: Федулкина Анастасия Геннадьевна

Дата: 18.02.2019

Номер свидетельства: 500374

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