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New Year’s traditions of all the world

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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия, посвященный теме Нового года и новогодний традиций разных стран

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«New Year’s traditions of all the world»

New Year’s traditions of all the world


  • Развитие познавательной деятельности межкультурных знаний учащихся о новогодних традициях разных стран и народов;


  • Совершенствовать коммуникативные навыки учащихся межкультурного общения;

  • Развить творческие способности учащихся;

  • Воспитать интерес и уважение к традициям других стран и народов;

Starring: all students of the group, teacher of English, guests;

Stuff: posters, video, presentation, New Year suits, paper plates, grape, cakes, coins, New Year soundtrack «Jingle Bells», quiz list;

[Music «Let it snow»];

Leader 1: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… can you tell me, what it means?

Leader 2: Winter is coming?

Leader 1: No! It’s already winter. Think better.

Leader 2: New Year is coming?

Leader 1: Correct! But what do you know about this holiday?

Leader 2: A Christmas tree, a lot of gifts, Father Frost…Oliv’e, of course.

Leader 1: And do you know anything about New Year’s traditions?

Leader 2: I know when the watches hit 12 times, people make their wishes. Some of them, even, write their wishes on paper, then burn it, put its ash into champagne and then drink it. If they are late, the dream will not come true. But why do you ask?

Leader 1: I ask about it, because our event is connected with this amazing holiday. And I would like to share New Year’s traditions of different countries with our guests.

Leader 2: Nice idea! Let’s do it!

[Video «25 Strangest New Year's Traditions From Around The World»];

Leader 1: You know, I prepared some surprises for our guests.

Leader 2: What are they?

Leader 1: First of all, I invited the most important New Year person – Father Frost. And he will tell our guests about New Year’s traditions of their countries.

Leader 2: You invited 25 Father Frosts?????

Leader 1: No, of course. I invited only the most curious. And the first is from the United Kingdom.

[Comes the British FF]

- Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I am Father Frost from the United Kingdom! Nice to meet all of you! As the majority of countries, the British people celebrate New Year on the 31st of December. But unfortunately we have ordinary traditions. (to audience) Do you know anything about the British traditions? Would you like to find out? Ok, I’ll tell you;

We write the list of aims and plans for the future year, clean the house and take the trash out. But when there is chime, we open the back door to let the old year go and when there is the last bell, we open the front door to let New Year in. and we believe that the first person who comes, can bring happiness in next year. And everybody knows that we keep our gifts in the stocking under the chimney.

New Year is coming to the city
The streets have never been so pretty
And on this magic New Year’s night
I want to have you by my side!

I hope this year will bring happiness, luck, health and harmony into your house.

Leader 1: Thank you, Father Frost. Visit us next year!

Leader 2: Where does next FF come from?

Leader 1: Well, he’s from a warm country and runs away the bulls!

Leader 2: Is it Spanish FF?

Leader 1: Yes, it is.

Leader 2: Let’s invite him!

[Comes FF from Spain]

- Hola, amigos! I’m Spanish Father Frost. We also celebrate New Year on the 31st of December. And my country has a very delicious tradition. During twelve hits, our people must eat twelve grapes and make twelve wishes. If you do this, you will be happy all year. Special for that, I brought you grape. Eat twelve of them and be happy, my Belarusian friends.

*(Help yourself, please! Don’t forget about your wish. Each grape means your desire)

[chime sound]

Did you like our national tradition? I wish you the luckiest and happiest New Year. Adie’s, amigos!

Leader 2: Thank you, Spanish FF! We wish you Happy New Year too! Who’s next?

Leader 1: There are….drum sound… Father Frosts from Denmark. Let’s meet them!

[Come Father Frosts from Denmark]

FF-1: Happy New Year everybody. We are Father Frosts from Denmark. My name is Julemanden (Юлеманден).

FF-2: And my name is Julenisse (Юлениссе). Our country has two Father Frosts. And we live in GreenLand.

FF-1: (to audience) Do you know our New Year’s traditions? No? Can you tell them?

FF-2: Of course, I can. First of all, we celebrate New Year as you do. We celebrate it on the 31rd of December. And the brightest New Year tradition is smashing plates. Everyone in the family takes a spoiled plate and smashes it.

FF-1: And the stronger sound the happiest year you have.

FF-2: Let’s follow this tradition with Belarusian guests?

FF-1: Great! (Gives the audience the paper plates). Let’s do it!

FF-1 and FF-2: (Together): One, two, three! Happy New Year!

I want to give you lots of love
And want to say right here:
Have a Happy New Year Day
And then a Happy Year!

Greet New Year with a big smile,
Forget about loss and fail,
Just close your eyes and wish
To live your life like in a fairy tale!

FF-1: We wish you merry Christmas and Lucky New Year!

FF-2: Thank you for inviting. See you next year. Good bye!

Leader 1: Thank you, FF. We wish you the same! Next I’d like to invite FF from Belgium!

[Comes FF with the cow]

[cow sound]

- Happy New Year, everyone! We have the strangest New Year tradition ever! We mustn’t forget not only about people, but even about our cows! We believe that it brings luck. Let’s wish something my cow. I’m the first. I wish you cow green and fresh grass in summer. (to audience): what about you? Wish my cow something;

Thanks to all of you. My cow will come true all your dreams. Good bye and have a Happy New Year.

Leader 1: Let’s invite next FF.

Leader 2: This FF is from Bulgaria.

[Comes Bulgarian FF]

- Happy New Year, Belarus! I’m Bulgarian Father Frost. And I’m going to tell you my tradition. We bake cakes with a paper-prediction. These predictions tell what you are waited during all year. I brought you some cakes.

*(to audience) Choose any of them and tell me: Have you found your paper with any wish in your cake? Amazing! I believe that this wish will come true next year! Thank you for inviting. Be happy and good bye!

Leader 1: We really hope that this wish-paper will bring you happiness. And finally we have the last FF today.

Leader 2: What is it?

Leader 1: Where?

Leader 2: There…on your shoulders, back, hands…in your hands?

Leader 1: Aah, that’s sand.

Leader 2: Sand? Where did you find sand in winter?

Leader 1: Curious story – I was talking to the Brazilian Father Frost! Nice man!

Leader 2: Brazilian?

Leader 1: Yes.

Leader 2: Father Frost?

Leader 1: Yes, he is! You don’t believe me?

Leader 2: No, I don’t!

Leader 1: Ok, check it out! (calls Brazilian FF) Father Noel, come here;

[comes Brazilian FF]

– (to leaders) Hi, guys! (shakes the leader’s hand) Yo, bro! Happy New Year! (to audience) Happy New Year to all of you! I wish you be healthy and wealthy this year, my Belarusian Friends! You don’t still believe in me?

Leader 2: Ok, he really exists! Can you tell us about your hot New Year!

FF: With a great pleasure!

Brazil is located in the southern hemisphere and December is the hottest month. We decorate trees, houses, offices, shops and streets. Because of our climate, we celebrate New Year in the streets or beaches. Our traditional New Year suit has white color. And during the first minutes of new year you must jump seven times to be happy and lucky all the year. I suggest doing it right now! Colleagues, you too! Ready? One, two, three! Jump!

Happy New Year, everybody! Thanks for inviting!

Leader 1: The same to you, Brazilian FF! And who’s the last FF today?

Leader 2: This is our native, Belarusian FF. Let’s call him! Father Frost! Father Frost! Father Frost!

Belarusian FF: I hear you, friends!

[Comes Belarusian FF]

- Happy, happy New Year! Here I am! I’m glad to be here and wish you only positive emotions and feelings. All you know about celebrating of our New Year. And all you know who brings gifts. But you are not children and don’t believe in me, but I really hope that you believe in magic. And I think that magic gift will bring you the most perfect year in your life!

[Everybody comes out and sings the song “Jingle Bells”]

Leader 2: We were really happy to tell you about different NY’s traditions of the world.

Leader 1: And of course, we wish you merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Leader 1 and 2: Thank you for your attention. Have a splendid holiday! Good bye!

[Let it snow song plays]

Then guests play the Quiz;

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 9 класс.
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New Year’s traditions of all the world

Автор: Чакур Татьяна Викторовна

Дата: 01.03.2020

Номер свидетельства: 541566

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