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"Где есть любовь, там есть жизнь." (Махатма Ганди)

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14 февраля празднуют не только влюбленные парочки. В этот день (или накануне) во многих школах устраиваются праздничные мероприятия для детей разного возраста. Как отпраздновать День святого Валентина в школе? Обычно любой школьный праздник состоит из двух частей: праздничное представление и конкурсы. День святого Валентина в школе — не исключение. Данное внеклассное мероприятие предназначено  для обучающихся старших  классов,посвященно дню св.Валентина.Проводится в форме игры. Способствует развитию  интереса к изучению английского языка и творческих способностей учеников.Праздник святого Валентина – один из самых занятных, нежных и любимых дней среди учеников и студентов. ... Ребятам он наверняка понравится и станет одним из воспитательных мероприятий в школе.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«"Где есть любовь, там есть жизнь." (Махатма Ганди) »

Good evening, dear friends! Today we are speaking about love. What role does this feeling play in our life? We just can’t imagine our life without love! Perhaps it’s one of the strongest feeling that can live in our souls and in our hearts. People have created a lot of works of art about love: pictures, books, songs, films. Every person falls in love at least once in his or her life. And it’s wonderful! So, let’s dedicate our meeting and this evening to “Love at first sight”.

Today is the day when boys and girls, husbands and neighbors send greetings of love to each other. They do it with a Valentine card .The first Valentine was a bishop, a Christian martyr who, before he was put to death by the Roman, sent a note of friendship to the blind daughter of his jailer. The Christian Church canonized him and chose February 14 for this saint day. Earlier February 14 was an old pagan festival. On that day young Roman girls threw decorated love letters into an urn. Their boy-friends were to draw out those letters.

  1. Now let’s see how well you know the history of this holiday.

St. Valentine’s Day Quiz

1. Where did St

Valentine live?

a) in Greece

b)in Rome

c) in Great Britain

2. According to a popular belief, why was St Valentine beheaded?

a) because he secretly married young couples

b) because he ran away with Emperor Claudius s daughter

c) because he was always in love with someone

3.When St Valentine was in prison, who did he fall in love with?

a)his prisoner s daughter

b) his prisoner s wife

c) his prisoner s sister

4.The girl St Valentine fell in love with was

a) deaf

b) blind

c) blind and deaf

5. Which Roman God is one of the symbols St Valentine's Day?

a) Eros

b) Cupid

c) Apollo

6. Which are the most common flowers given on St Valentine's Day?

a) roses

b) sunflowers

c) snowdrops

7. What greeting is often on this day?

a) Happy love life!

b) Good luck!

c) Happy Valentine's Day

II. And what do you know Valentine symbols?

1. What do rice and ting mean on the Valentine’s Day? (Wedding)

2. What is to get a red mitten on Valentine’s Day? (It means that his/her girl/boy doesn’t like him/her.)

3. What is Cupid with his bow and arrow? (It is a symbol of love.)

4. What is lace on a Valentine’s Card? (It means you have caught my heart in a net.)

5. What was the name of the first English actress who began to make and sell the first Valentines in England? (Kate Greenaway in the 18th century.)

6. What is the ribbon on a Valentine Card? (It means you are tied up, you are my girl.)

7. Can you say anything about the magic, which was tried on Valentine’s Eve?

(One young lady pinned four bay leaves to the corners of her pillow and one in the middle. Then she dreamed of her sweetheart. She thought that meant she would be married to him soon.)

(St. Valentine’s Day came to be celebrated in most of the countries of Europe. Sicily is an island south of Italy. There a young girl would stand at her window for half an hour before sunrise. If no one went by, she believed that year she would not marry. If she saw a man pass, she thought she would marry him or someone who looked like him.)

(In Germany girls try another way of learning whom they would marry. They planted onions on St. Valentine’s Day. Each girl tagged several dry onions in a corner near the fireplace. She thought she would marry the man whose onion sprouted first.)

For all the times poets spoke about love in their poems. We offer you to listen to some of them in English and Russian introduced by our students.

  1. Thank you. Now you have a chance to join the long list of poets who have written poems about love. Here is a poem that you can complete yourself! All you have to do is insert some words and phrases of your own, following the guide. Try to be as poetic and romantic as you can!

For (name)
When I look into your eyes
I see (colour) (season) skies.
When I see you walking past
My (part of the body) starts (verb) fast.
You are like sunshine in the (opposite of sun-shine),
The (noun) that sooths the pain.
I love the way you (action)
And the (noun) that you wear.
Your (noun) is like (noun)
Your lips taste like (drink).
You make me (verb or adjective), you make me (verb or adjective).
Please say you’ll be mine.

  1. We are beginning our grammar competition! Assistants, bring the cards, please! Each girl will get a special card written on Valentine’s Day. Your task is to read the card carefully and find any mistakes there.

Deer, Mary!

I hope that Falentine’s Dai shall bring you lots ov fun! I thinks you’re extra-specially nice. And so does everione!

Best wesh, John.

  1. Guess the words connected with St. Valentine's Day:

A part of your body - heart

A kind of sweets - chocolate

A kind of flower - rose

A boy who shoots arrows - Cupid

A heart-shaped card - Valentine

A man who cared for people - St. Valentine

  1. And now we’ll see how good you are at literature and art. You must match the famous couples.


    N. Chavchavadse





    John Lennon




    Rat Buttler


    Sophia Loren

    Carlo Ponti


    Scarlet O’Hara










    Don Hose

  2. Another valentine tradition is a tradition of singing songs of love.

(Команды исполняют песни.)

Dear friends, thank you for our nice holiday! Let’s call upon the Jury to speak.

How wonderful to love and to be loved! In spite of all your problems and hardships love makes you every day be with a smile on your face, light in your eyes and desire in your heart. The capacity for creating a world filled with love is a special gift. And it happens that this gift is given not to everybody but everybody dreams about it all the life. So I wish you to love and to be loved!!!

Использованные ресурсы:

1. Сценарий вечера «Любовь с первого взгляда» на английском языке ( в рамках школьной предметной недели английского языка) Party “Love at first sight”

2. Тематический вечер St.Valentine’s Day Составитель преподаватель иностранного языка Ахумян М. В


3. Сценарий конкурса "St. Valentine's Day" (для старших классов общеобразовательной школы)


4. The Best Valentine


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"Где есть любовь, там есть жизнь." (Махатма Ганди)

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